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LeadsLeap Review: Could This Be the Best Internet Marketing System?

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Leadsleap Review Introduction

Welcome to my Leadsleap review. LeadsLeap is a lead generation system, i.e., a system that will help you bring visitors to your website, or your various affiliate marketing offers.

LeadsLeap is a 6-part system. All parts work together to bring you traffic:

    1. Free Advertising
    2. Free Marketing Tools
      1. Autoresponder
      2. Page Builder
      3. Funnel Builder
      4. Link tracker and rotator
      5. Ad Bars
      6. Forms and Popup Builder
      7. Image and PDF hosting
    3. Exponential Lead Generation System
    4. Revenue Sharing
    5. Social Reviews
    6. Traffic Coop (just launched)

Free Advertising

The first thing you will do once you’ve signed up with LeadsLeap is to set up your free ad. It is a plain text ad with a link and graphic pointing to your offer.

This ad will be shown inside the LeadsLeap members area, the LeadsLeap blog and throughout more than 4,000 other websites.

The free advertising is a credit-based system. To be able to show your ad, you will need to click on other members’ ads to earn credits. That’s how the system can remain free to use.

Inside the members’ area you will see the “Members’ Links” column. Just click on the links and earn credits! You will also find links to click on inside LeadsLeap’s newsletter.

Credits can be used to show your own offers, or you can simply convert them into cash. You need to have at least fifty credits to cash them in. Those credits will earn you approximately ten cents.

If you have your own website, you can place the LeadsLeap ad widget on it. The widget will show other members’ ads on your website. Whenever someone clicks on a link on the widget, you will earn credits for that click. This widget is useful to help monetize pages built with the page builder tool.

So, if your website has some traffic already, you will earn credits on complete autopilot. Less clicking of ads, that’s a good thing.

Of course, you can also click on ads to earn even more credits if you want.

Free Marketing Tools

LeadsLeap offers you seven amazingly effective marketing tools designed with the serious Internet marketer in mind.

Email Marketing Tool

It is simply a complete autoresponder system. No need to pay a monthly fee anymore to build your list!

One important thing to note about these tools: they are FREE although some additional features are reserved for Pro members).

Called SendSteed, this system allows you to:

      • Build your marketing list
      • Schedule emails to be sent at regular intervals (Pro members only)
      • Send emails to multiple lists at the same time
      • Track the open rate of your emails
      • Track the click-through rate on the URLs in each email
      • Tag subscribers for more granular marketing

In short, you can do everything that a classic autoresponder allows you to do.

Link Tracker

Any serious marketer cannot do without a link tracker, to precisely know the origin of the clicks on his links, and especially if these clicks convert into opt-ins or sales.

And that’s exactly what LeadsLeap’s Link Tracker allows you to do.

For each link, you will be able to see:

      • How many clicks the link has received
      • How many unique clicks the link received
      • How many “real” clicks the link received. By real clicks, we mean clicks that resulted in a visit that lasted more than one second
      • By placing a code on your confirmation page, you will be able to know if the visit to the page resulted in a conversion, filling out a form for example

If you want more details, you can consult the consolidated statistics, which will give you details on the duration of each visit, the source of the traffic as well as the country of origin of your visitors.

There is also a powerful link rotator built into the tool as well as an ad bar generator which adds an ad bar to the top of your pages built in the page builder.

Page Builder

You can create landing pages like pro marketers! Choose from pre-designed templates, modify them to your liking, and you get a ready-to-use page in a few clicks!

In addition, the pages created with this system have their own tracking system. You can therefore have access to the same statistics as with the Link Tracker, without having to use it explicitly.

Here is an example of a page I created with the Page Builder: Free Traffic Resources

And the icing on the cake, landing pages can be added to a rotator, so they can be displayed randomly from a single link. You can even mix your landing pages with your links from the Link Tracker within the same rotator.

Another cool feature is that you can create several pages under the same link. This makes the page’s link behave like the rotator tool and is good for A-B testing since statistics are kept for each page under the link.


Funnel Manager

It is a bit of an extension of the Page Manager. The Funnel Manager allows you to group the pages you have created in the Page Manager, to create what is called a marketing funnel.

For example, you will create an opt-in page, a thank you page, and a page that allows people to download your product.

All these pages will be grouped in the same funnel, which will have a unique URL that you will promote.

You can also share your funnel with other people through a code, that the person will only have to enter in his own funnel to automatically recreate all the pages. Useful if you want to give a funnel in exchange for a subscription to your list for example.

Share codes can also be generated for autoresponder email series, pages built with the page builder, and to popup/form builder. This is enormously powerful.

Form/Popup Creator

This tool, called PopupXpert, allows you to create nice popup ads to incite the user to click on a link or to fill in a form.

You can even animate it and make it trigger according to the user’s actions, for example when the person wants to leave your page. My example page noted above uses this feature.

You can also link it to a list that you have created beforehand, to encourage people to subscribe to it.

A statistics tool is also included, to know how many people have seen your popup, and how many have performed an action (clicking a link or filling in a form).

Finally, a cookie generator is also included in the tool. I won’t go into detail on this here since I have not used it. Ample documentation is available within every tool that explains how they work.

Images and PDF Hosting

This tool allows you to store your own images that you may use on your pages, forms, or in emails. You can also store PDF files that might be used as a lead magnet or a bonus.

Exponential Lead Generation System

This is simply LeadsLeap’s referral program, like any other referral program. Whenever you refer someone to LeadsLeap, he will become your referral, and you will earn credits whenever they click on a link, or you will earn a commission if he purchases something from LeadsLeap.

But the twist here is that it works 10-level deep! So, if this first referral refers to someone, he will also become your referral on level 2, and so on.

As you can see, you just need to refer a few people to soon have many leads at your disposal!

If you are a Pro Member, you will notice that your Spillover Level will grow automatically. The system will automatically allocate followers to you. These are members with ‘vacant’ upline slots.

My downline is now growing on autopilot each week, new people are joining without me lifting a finger!

Revenue Sharing

There are four ways LeadsLeap shares its revenues with its members:

Daily Earnings

You must surf at least ten ads a day to qualify. LeadsLeap takes five percent of its average daily earnings, divides that sum by the total number of credits members have earned, and then multiplies it by the number of credits you’ve earned.

If you are a Pro Member, your earnings are doubled.

Weekly Earnings

LeadsLeap rewards people who send third-party traffic to LeadsLeap ads. This is done by using LeadsLeap widget on your blog, sending traffic via The Real Tracker or via your affiliate link.

Weekly earnings are based on LeadsLeap average weekly earnings in the past 4 weeks and the amount of traffic people send in that week.

Affiliate Commissions

Whenever one of your direct referrals (Level 1) upgrades their account to a Pro membership, you earn a commission. These are recurring commissions if your referral remains a Pro member.

Advertising Coop

The coop was recently added. You can earn money by advertising your coop link in 3rd party resources such as safelists and traffic exchanges.  For a full explanation, the owner Kenneth put together this nice overview.

Social Reviews 

You can write a review for any program you like and add your affiliate link to it. Whenever someone clicks on your link after reading your review, he will become your referral for that program.

Click here to see what social reviews look.

LeadsLeap Blog

LeadsLeap also has a blog where you will find lots of tips to improve your Internet marketing strategies.

I especially like the way it is written. It’s always clear information, with no false promises of earning thousands in a few days. No shiny objects here.

And the icing on the cake is that you can embed your referral link whenever you refer to a LeadsLeap blog post.

So, you can bring visitors to the blog, and if they like the information provided, they can subscribe to LeadsLeap under your link, becoming your referrals.

You can access the LeadsLeap blog here.

 LeadsLeap Premium Membership

Like many sites, LeadsLeap also has a paid membership. For $27 per month, you will have your ads running 24/7 on the entire LeadsLeap network, member area, blog and emails sent to LeadsLeap members, without the use of credits.

Your ads will have much more exposure, resulting in many more clicks, without you lifting a finger!

Pro Members also have unlimited lists, pages and popups, and access to several other advanced features not mentioned here. You can check it out in the Member’s Area.

I forgot to mention that if you upgrade within 24 hours of joining the monthly price drops to $19. forever.

My Final Thought on LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap offers you a unique lead generation system and amazing and completely free marketing tools.

All of this for free! If I were you, I would sign up right away! A no brainer, really.

Seriously, I think you really should try this system, not just because it’s free, but simply because it’s highly effective.

I ditched my autoresponder and link tracker that I was paying over $60 per month for.

At $27 a month for the Pro membership; it was a no brainer for me. I even upgraded within 24 hours and pay only $19 a month. This is regardless of how large my list will become or how many pages I create. No limits!

And I have saved $500 per year, and I get a full set of marketing tools plus advertising.

I strongly advise that you look at Leadsleap.

PS: If you are tired of all the reviews you see on the internet, don’t worry. They are still very important according to studies.

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