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How do people learn how to earn money online?

I have found after a great deal of research that you need credible training and a support system. You can read all kinds of articles about marketing on the internet, but you need mentoring and encouragement to succeed. There are not too many good programs?(see my review of a good one) out there that I would suggest.?You can probably count the best ones on five fingers.? Let me explain.

Like many of you I consider myself quite tech savvy so I decided to start a website in the autumn of 2012 shortly after my retirement. Not only was I going to start a web site but I wanted to earn money to supplement my retirement income and also have some fun doing it as well.

So I searched around a bit and fell for a sales pitch about a “web business in a box”. Intrigued I ordered their sales material which arrived by courier a few days later. After digging some more into the offer I discovered that this “web business in a box” was part of a huge multi level marketing campaign where I would have been at the bottom of the pyramid; probably earning little while my “coach” higher up in the pyramid was going to make most of the money and get rich off my work. Did not seem to be fair to me so I abandoned that idea.

I joined affiliate programs in the hopes of making some commissions. Never earned a dime. I tried dropshipping and an Amazon Affiliate store. Several hundred dollars spent on sites and not a penny of revenue.

I got discouraged until I discovered?Wealthy Affiliate? (see my review). Now with the training, support, and resources my first site launched half way through the training got traffic and legit comments within a few days. I never got a legit comment on my original ?site I created in 2012. All my keywords I selected by following the methods taught??ranked number one or two in Google less than a week after I launched the site. This astounded me.

?I recommend Wealthy Affiliate?(here is?my review)?to anyone who is serious about being successful on the internet.

A quality training program has the following characteristics.

1 ?- You have help when you get stuck. You have access to a group of people going through the same things and facing the same issues like you. Solutions may be available from this community or solutions can be brainstormed.

2 ? You own your own web sites. No web site = no chance. Building a quality web site can be started in a matter of minutes;?FOR FREE.?It?s not that difficult any more.

3 ? You continue to learn by having access to up to date training.

4- You stay motivated by interacting with your peers who all want to succeed.

Sample discussion group I started

A Discussion I started At Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to start succeeding online ?you can?start now for $0?and no credit card is required.

Try the program and if you like it then you can upgrade to unleash even more resources. Or you can stay with the basic program as long as you want. It’s all up to you.

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