Mike Gaudreau

My First Few Days At Wealthy Associate

So I have been a full member for several days now and have started two websites already. One is within the Certification courses where I have stopped training after the first 2 phases of training awaiting some traffic before I continue with the remaining training. But I will be adding content according to a publication schedule on a regular basis for now; a practice which I encourage everyone to follow.

While waiting for traffic I started the Affiliate Bootcamp series and have completed 2 modules. I have a?skeletal site?in place that will be built out as I proceed through training.

So far the best part of the courses has been the keyword research techniques which were much simpler than I had imagined. They really help you to focus on a meaningful audience and act as a guide to writing content.?On my first site?I have three posts so far and have written?2 articles?for?Street Articles. I have also submitted an article toEZINE?where I had already published earlier in my blogging career. I am also Social Bookmarking at Reddit, Delicious, and Stumbelupon; along with posting to my Facebook, Twitter, and G+ pages. I have also joined one forum within my niche

All in all a busy few days, but thoroughly enjoying the experience.

And the community is awesome; I have collected 60 followers in just a few days that can be of benefit to myself and to them further on.

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