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The Essential Number 1 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Blog

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Today, social media marketing is easily one of the most popular forms of digital advertising out there. 

But did you know that social media and paid marketing campaigns aren’t the only way to increase website traffic or sales leads? 

With over 6,912,000 blog posts published per day, it’s no wonder that to stay competitive, every business now needs a blog. 

Need more proof to help us convince you? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

In the following article, we’re looking at the #1 reasons why every business needs a blog. 

Thought Leadership

Writing blog posts on content related to your business is the perfect way to demonstrate thought leadership. 

Thought leadership shows consumers and other entrepreneurs in your niche that you’re an expert about your topic matter and that you genuinely know what you’re talking about. 

It also shows that you know where your market is headed in the future. 

Blog posts that cater to a knowledge-seeking, forward-thinking audience help to increase consumer interest in your business. 

Eventually, you’ll start to notice readers returning to your blog for expert advice, giving your business a massive boost because you’ve gained your audience’s trust.

And when your audience trusts you, it’s considerably easier to make that next sale!

 Search Engine Optimization

Search engines love business blogs because having blogs on a site gives them insight and context into what the website is about. 

Unlike you and me, search engines rely on copy, keywords, and meta descriptions to understand what they’re looking at. 

Plus, when search engines hunt for content to show to a searcher, they’re usually on the lookout for the newest and most up-to-date content available. 

Which is one of the #1 reasons why every business needs a blog. 

Publishing blog posts consistently means that search engines like Google will see and rank your content closer to the top. 

And when you pair this tactic with using the right keywords, you’ll find your blog posts can easily attract plenty of free, organic search engine traffic. 

With search engine optimization, consumers find your business first. That’s a great way to grow your online presence. 

Product & Service Demos is why every business needs a blog

Another of the #1 reasons why every business needs a blog is that it gives you the chance to share details about your products, services, and other offerings.

Writing a blog post about a specific product and the problem it solves draws readers to your website. 

In other words, blogging is the perfect opportunity to create a link between your business and your customers!

If they like what they read, these consumers are likely to contact you for more information. 

Don’t forget you should also promote your business on and offline by using business cards, flyers, brochures, and other types of advertising. You can create printable business cards using BusinessCards.

Creating Communities

Blog posts generate a community of readers interested in the content you’re writing about. 

Most blog platforms also allow your readers to leave a comment, which is perfect for getting your site visitor engaged with you while also gaining valuable feedback about your content. 

Because of this, readers will often get involved in a discussion about your blog post. They can also ask questions or state concerns. 

Plus, as mentioned, the feedback your readers provide via your blog will allow your business to evaluate, tweak and come up with better products, services, and more. 

Start Your Business Blog

Developing a business blog takes time. However, owning a business blog shows consumers that you’re a leader within your niche market. 

Consistently posting on a business blog significantly boosts your website through search engine optimization. It also allows you to show off your products and services and create a thriving community. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started. Build your business blog today!

This article was written by Matthew Blake.

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