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18 Things You Shouldn’t Have To Endure in a Relationship Regardless of Age

Relationships are hard work, and they will only sometimes be joyous. Sometimes, we are unhappy with our partner, and arguments can still happen in long-term relationships. There are, however, certain things that nobody should have to put up with in a relationship. We explore 19 red flags that will make you think twice about staying with your partner:

Being Disrespected

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Respect is an important aspect of every relationship as it allows people to feel safe and valued. Constant disrespect creates a breeding ground for frustration, anger, and resentment. 



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Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that involves manipulating someone into questioning their reality. It’s is not always obvious and it can leave victims feeling confused and insecure. Sometimes gaslighting can lead  to people questioning their sanity.


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When you enter a relationship, you expect your partner to be faithful and respectful. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, it can feel devastating, and it is not something that you should have to put up with in a relationship. 

Controlling Behavior

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A healthy relationship involves mutual respect, trust, and open communication. However, some individuals may exhibit controlling behaviors, such as preventing you from speaking with friends or checking your cell phone without your permission. These behaviors can create a harmful and unhealthy dynamic.

Lack of Support

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A partnership should be equal, which means you being there for your other half when they need help and them being there for you when you need support. If you feel your relationship is only one way, it may be time to rethink your time in the relationship.

Constant Talk of Past Relationships

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It is common for our partners to have been in previous relationships, but it is a red flag when they talk about their exes all the time. You deserve to be the main focus of your relationship, and you should never be compared to an ex. 

Lack of Communication

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It is essential to have open dialogue with your partner throughout your relationship. When communication is limited, it can lead to one or both partners building up resentment as they cannot talk through any issues. 

Alcohol Dependency

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If your partner is dependent on drugs and alcohol, it is essential to seek help as soon as you notice there is a problem. There are medical services that can support you and therapy available to you and your partner. If they are reluctant to get support and you feel that you have done everything possible, evaluating if the relationship can be continued is essential. 

A Lack of Trust

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Trust is essential in relationships as you need to know that your partner believes in you and that you can relax knowing your partner is honest with you. When doubts arise, it can create tension and distance within the partnership, leading to the relationship breaking down. 

Feeling Lonely

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We all feel lonely occasionally, even when we have a close network around us. However, if you constantly feel lonely in a relationship, you may need to be with the right person. Your partner should want to spend quality time with you, and you deserve to be addressed. Research has shown that loneliness can be infectious. Therefore, neither of you is content in your relationship. 

Feeling Unfulfilled

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Feeling fulfilled in a relationship should be the goal of all couples. If you struggle to feel happy with your partner and constantly have to try hard to make things work, it may take time. 

Having to Apologize All of The Time

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It is good to apologize to your partner when you have done something wrong. Still, if you walk on eggshells and apologize multiple times a day, your partner may not be giving you the freedom you need in a relationship.


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If your partner is constantly shaming you, whether it be criticizing your clothing in front of others or telling you that you are ugly, it will have severe adverse effects on your self-esteem. A partner should provide compliments and reassurance, so do not put up with such hurtful comments. 

Make Excuses For Them

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If your partner never turns up for a meal with your friends or is always missing from family events, you should not have to keep making excuses for them. If your partner truly cared for you, they would attempt to attend events with you and excuse themselves if they had a good reason not to. 

Excessive Clinginess

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You are entitled to your space even if you adore your partner and love spending time with them. From time to time, we need to see friends and family or spend time doing the things we love to do solo. 


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Nobody should ever have to suffer endless lies from a partner. If lying becomes the norm in your relationship, then the trust has gone, and it is time to move on to a more honest relationship before it negatively affects your self-esteem, as some studies show. 

Controlling Your Finances

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Many couples have joint bank accounts for home expenses and joint days out, but you should still be able to have financial control over the money you earn. It would help if you did not have to deal with your partner monitoring your personal bank account or checking how much money you send each day. 


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If your partner expects you to do all the chores at home and will not support an even split of responsibilities, you are not in an equal relationship. It is important to tell your partner that you expect them to pull their weight and only commit to continuing the relationship if they do so. 

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