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Use Your Personal Laptop For Work? How To Stay Protected At All Times

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If you like to use the same laptop for both your personal and professional life, you could be putting yourself at unnecessary risk. However, not every business owner or remote employee has the funds to buy a different device, especially if they’re just starting out! So if you’re stuck having to double up with a laptop, we’ve got a few ideas for protecting you and your business data while you surf the web. No matter why you’re logged on, you can stay safe! 

Don’t Install Any Unknown Software

If you’re working for a company and they ask to install software onto your personal device, it’s important to say no. You don’t know what software they’re going to use, what it’s going to track, and how long they’re going to use it, especially outside of work hours. If you’re running your own business, always double-check and cross-reference the software you’re thinking of using before you download it. Better to be safe than sorry, and you don’t want to pay for software that’s a scam in hiding! 

Use an Adblocker 

An adblocker isn’t just for preventing pop-ups and distracting banner ads, but it can also prevent nasty viruses from being present on web pages via the use of filters. As such, using an adblocker is very good for your online safety, no matter what device you’re using. You can download and install such an extension on various browsers; you can find an adblocker for Safari right here, and you can check out the Chrome and Firefox extension stores for more options over there. 

Install a VPN

A VPN is very good for both personal and business use, as it protects your online connection and prevents malicious intrusion from finding out where you really are. If you’re working from home using a personal laptop, a VPN could be the last line of defense between you and the person or site trying to steal your data. A VPN adds another layer of encryption, as well as IP blocking, and that makes for a very safe way to use the internet! 

Think About Buying a Separate Device

This is the safest way to work from home. If you’ve only got a personal device to use to connect to your work portal or the website you run yourself, think about buying a second one that you can dedicate to your professional career. 

You can buy a second-hand item off eBay, or you can invest in a refurbished laptop or tablet that’s just as good as new (just without the premium price tag!). You can then do whatever you like with your personal device without fear of being tracked, losing data to interceptions, or breaking down when it’s the only connection you’ve got! 

If you use a personal laptop for work, make sure you’re being as safe as possible. Protect yourself using the tips above, try to get yourself a second device, and always be mindful of your activity. 

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