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18 Misconceptions About What It Means to Be a True Christian

When you hear “Christian,” what do you think of? If it’s saints wearing halos or people going to church every Sunday, then you’re pretty off the mark. People believe in so many myths about being Christian that it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t. Luckily for you, we’ve got 18 of them here, and the truth behind all this fiction.

All Christians Are the Same

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Not all Christians vote the same or even pray the same. For example, in the South, there are plenty of Baptists who love gospels, while in the North, there are many Orthodox Christians who like waving around incense. Christians are a diverse group of people, and what connects them is their faith in Jesus. How they express this faith is another story.

Christians Hate Science

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Some people think, for one reason or another, that Christians hate science. But that’s simply not true as loads of Christians are scientists, too, as they believe that looking through a microscope or looking up at the stars just gives them a better view of God’s handiwork. They might see science and faith slightly differently, but many of them believe these ideas go great together.

Faith Alone is Enough to Be Saved

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Forget what you know about prayer because chances are that it’s not true. Strong belief alone is not enough to get you into heaven, and it’s just the start. Doing good things, like helping others and being kind, is far more important, and Christians believe acting on your beliefs is the most important of all.

Christianity is Only About Heaven

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Speaking of heaven, it’s definitely a big deal in Christianity, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Many Christians roll up their sleeves and get stuck into life here and now by helping the poor and loving their neighbors. They’re not just doing this because they think it’ll get them onto the Nice List but because they genuinely believe it’s the right thing to do.

Christians Never Doubt Their Faith

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Having faith doesn’t mean you never question anything, and doubt is part of being human. Many Christians will tell you that questioning their beliefs has been an important part of their sense of spirituality. They understand that growing as people and understanding things can help them find answers in the quietness of doubt.

Christianity Hates Other Religions

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It’s easy to think that Christians hate all other faiths because they’re not the same. While it’s true that some are less enthusiastic about their differences, many Christians try to build bridges and make peace with people of other religions. They want to understand and respect where these people are coming from instead of just hating them.

Christianity Hates Women

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Of course, some parts of Christianity haven’t exactly been great for women’s rights, such as the commands for women to be silent in church. But that’s not the whole picture, as plenty of Christian groups are very supportive of women’s leadership and equality. A Christian’s views on women depend completely on the church they’ve come from.

Christians Have to Go to Church

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If you think being a Christian means perfect attendance at church on Sundays, think again. Many people love these church meetings, but there are plenty who don’t go so often. In fact, many Christians believe that what’s in your heart is more important than where you are on Sunday morning. Church is just one way to live out your faith.

Christian Morals Are Outdated

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Some people see Christian morals as outdated and way behind the times. But for believers, these guidelines aren’t necessarily rules but just a way to live well with other people. They adapt this age-old wisdom to fit their modern lives instead of just taking them at face value. There’s nothing wrong with that.

All Christians Are Conservative

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You shouldn’t just assume that all Christians are conservative, as this idea simply isn’t true. Christians come in all kinds of political flavors, whether that’s conservative, liberal, or something else entirely, and their faith affects their political views in many different ways. You’re just as likely to find a church supporting the Republicans as the Democrats.

Christianity is Only for Old People

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There’s no denying that Christianity is popular with older people, and the stats prove this. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t young people in the church, as toddlers and twenty-year-olds often go to visit. Faith is for people in any state of their life, and many young people are TikToking while they’re praying.

Christians Can’t Have Fun

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Who said Christians have to be all doom and gloom? Lots of them are out there enjoying life to its fullest, and their faith just adds to their happiness. It gives them a sense of peace and fulfillment that makes their lives even better. After all, Christians love social events like any of us, which is why they’re always hosting church picnics or community concerts.

Christians Only Care About Themselves

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Many churches often hold charity drives and soup kitchens, so the idea of Christians being selfish is complete nonsense. Instead of just looking out for themselves, lots of Christians are pretty involved in their communities. They’re looking to lend a hand wherever it’s needed most, and they’re afraid to give it.

Christians Always Judge Other People

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While some Christians are definitely quick to judge, one of the key beliefs in Christianity is that we should be forgiving and as nonjudgmental as possible. Jesus cared a lot about open arms and second chances instead of finger-wagging. Many Christians work hard to live by this example, which is why they’re such compassionate people.

All Christians Do is Follow the Rules

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The idea that Christianity is just about following a bunch of rules is simply incorrect. It’s really about creating a relationship by getting to know God on a personal level instead of just ticking off a checklist of do’s and don’ts. This way, Christians can grow personally and create a stronger connection with their spirituality.

Christianity is Way Too Easy

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Even so, being a Christian isn’t a walk in the park as there’s so much commitment and tough choices to make. Christians have to live out their values as best they can, even when it’s hard. They’ve got to stand up for what’s right and be forgiving of other people, which isn’t always the easiest to do.

Christians Think They’re Always Right

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Forget what you’ve heard about Christians thinking they’re always perfect because they’re usually the first to admit they’ve made a mistake. Many Christians understand that the important thing is to get up and try again with some divine help, not to be perfect. To them, each day is a new opportunity for improvement.

Christianity is Only in the West

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It’s pretty clear that Christianity is pretty big in the West, but let’s not forget where it stated. It came from the Middle East and has followers all over the world, whether in Seoul or San Francisco. Each country has its own take on Christianity that makes it uniquely theirs, so assuming it’s just a Western religion is plain wrong.

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