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21 Reasons Why Atheists Are Turning to Christianity

Atheists don’t believe in the existence of gods or deities, regardless of the religion. But, some atheists are beginning to realize that Christianity has its merits, with many converting to it later in life. We explore 21 reasons atheists switched to Christianity.

The Search for Meaning 

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In times of confusion, religion can offer a sense of the meaning in life, answering questions about our existence. Writer Jonathan Noyes spoke about how thinking about the universe being made from nothing didn’t make sense to him. But when religion came into the mix, he had a sense that there was “something” that created the world we live in.

A Sense of Community 

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Religious communities provide a strong social network for one another, offering a sense of belonging. From chats after church services to fundraising meetings and coffee mornings, Christians come together to create lifelong connections that atheists may not get from other sources.

Spiritual Connection

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The concept of having a personal relationship with God is central to Christianity. Many Christians experience a deep spiritual connection through prayer and scripture. The belief that there is something larger than oneself offers peace to many atheists who feel something is lacking when they don’t believe it. 

Moral Framework

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Christianity offers a moral framework emphasizing fairness and treating others with respect and dignity. While non-believers can have these morals, religion offers a support network when certain decisions must be made. 

Finding Comfort in Prayer

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Many atheists turn to Christianity in times of despair, for instance, when somebody close to them dies. The comfort in prayer that people experience opens new doors to exploring religion. 

A Love of Rituals

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When feeling lost, some atheists have found religious practices like prayer, meditation, or attending services offer a sense of purpose and comfort. This has been the case for people suffering from lows or depression who benefit from the routine religion can bring. 

To Find Themselves

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Through prayer and belief in God, many atheists find themselves and feel good about their lives. In a survey by The Pew Center, 68% of people said they attend church to “make them a better person.”

Life-Changing Experiences

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Life-changing events, especially negative ones like illness, loss, or trauma, can leave people feeling lost and in need of comfort. Religion can provide solace, hope, and peace during challenging times.

Family Influence

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For some non-believers, the influence from family or partners is enough for them to change their minds and turn to Christianity. Religious beliefs are often passed down through generations, shaping a person’s worldview from a young age and going through phases of believing and then not believing. 

Intellectual Exploration

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Some people are drawn to the intellectual aspects of religion, finding depth and meaning in theological concepts. Spending time researching religion and listening to people’s stories is enough for previous non-believers to turn to Christianity.


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Many Christians and atheists share the value of helping others. Working together on charitable projects can create a sense of common ground and mutual respect and eventually lead to conversion. 

Religious Figures

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Certain religious figures can be inspiring and significantly influence someone’s decision to convert. Listening to influential people talk about Christianity may put a different slant on religion that atheists can connect with.

Beauty in Religious Practices

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Music, art, and architecture play an important role in religion, often attracting non-believers who begin to appreciate the work on a different level. Once the beauty of Christianity is realized, many atheists don’t look back.

Interfaith Marriage or Partnership

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One-fifth of Americans were raised in mixed-faith homes. Sometimes, people convert to a partner’s religion to strengthen their relationship or to raise children in a particular faith tradition.

A Move Away From Materialism

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Some atheists feel compelled to turn to Christianity to combat the materialistic world they have been consumed by. By researching how to live more morally, atheists begin to see religion in an altruistic way.

Letting Go of Needing to Know All the Answers

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Some previous atheists have been confused about being determined to prove they are right in their disbelief of religion. In searching for answers about proof of religion, they were not open to the possibility of things they couldn’t comprehend. Religion found a way in when they let go of their need to be right about everything.  


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Some people believe they’ve experienced a miracle that any scientific fact cannot explain. In addition to events that people personally believe are miracles, the church often talks about experiences that cannot be explained by anything other than being God’s influence. 

A Personal Experience

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Some people do not believe in God because their parents have never introduced them to religion. As they grow and become influenced by different people and experiences, many atheists wish they had known Christianity all of their lives. 

Holding onto Faith Amid Skepticism

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For a lot of people, atheism and religious belief are not black and white, with some people moving through life-changing their minds. When they are ready, some finally settle on Christianity and feel glad they have waited to be sure. 


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Many people report having changed their mind about religion when they have had a life-changing illness, and they realize the depth that life offers. An epiphany after a life event is common, leading many people to be Christians for the remainder of their lives.


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Many religions offer hope for a better future, either in this life or the next. Believing in an afterlife or a divinely guided future can provide comfort and motivation, especially when facing hardship.

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