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21 Things Boomers Were Annoyingly Right About All Along

It is not always easy to admit that we get things wrong, but there are some things that Boomers have been telling Gen X for years that have turned out to be true. We look at 18 things that even the most woke Millennials agree are right.

We are Too Reliant on Tech

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Boomers cannot stop moaning about how younger generations are addicted to technology, and they might be onto something. We do need to rely on tech in some parts of our lives, but when over 33 million Americans are addicted to social media, tech is stopping us from getting outdoors and making real connections with people. 

Cars Can Be Too Distracting

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Boomers are not happy with touchscreens on cars, as they think they are a distraction, and they are probably correct. Tactile buttons and dials can help us better connect to our cars, which may lead to more focus and better driving. 

Not Everything Needs to Be Recorded

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Younger generations love recording everything, whether on video cameras or smartphones, but Boomers are begging them to be present and enjoy the moment. By watching a concert on your phone, Boomers say you are missing out on the authentic experience.

It is Important to Be on Time

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When you say that you are going to be somewhere at a certain time, you should honor your intentions. Boomers were raised to be respectful and punctual, and they are calling upon Gen X to pay better attention to their timekeeping or risk losing their jobs or their friends. 

We Rely on Online Purchases Too Much

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Online life is convenient, but Boomers suggest that Gen X is too reliant on online purchases and needs to return to face-to-face shopping. With over 60,000 shops closing their doors between 2010 and 2020, Boomers encourage people to keep the tradition alive before it’s too late. 

Voice Recognition is Confusing

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Gen X loves the convenience of using Alexa and Siri, but Boomers find them more trouble than they are worth. Finding out information without having to move is great, but sometimes, good old traditional communication and looking things up in a book are more satisfying than arguing with tech. 

Handwritten Notes are Charming

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Emails are convenient and much faster than sending mail in the post, but they are nowhere near as romantic. Boomers are hanging on to sending letters and postcards to their friends and family, and more Gen X people need to be here for it.

Hyperboles are Overrated 

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Gen X  loves hyperbole, as everything is epic or unforgettable. Boomers, on the other hand, are worried that with such extraordinary tags used for every little action, Gen X does not truly appreciate the big experiences life brings us. 

Buzzwords are Annoying

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Gen X habitually uses many buzzwords to sound cool and trendy. This may impress younger generations, but for Boomers, it is just plain old confusion. Even the trendiest teenagers struggle to keep up with buzzwords, so Gen X trying too hard is cringeworthy. 

QR Codes are Confusing

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Another thing that Boomers get confused by is QR codes. QR codes are everywhere, from return labels to restaurant menus, but not everyone finds them straightforward. A physical menu or piece of paper is much easier for Boomers to understand, and many other generations would agree. 

People Have Forgotten How to Drive

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Boomers love to complain about bad drivers, and they might be right. It seems there are so many people cutting people off, speeding, and ignoring road signs everywhere. With 35,766 fatal car accidents in 2020 alone, Boomers are right. 

Sexuality is Overly Complicated

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There are labels for all sexual orientations, and while Boomers embrace difference, they think that labels, such as being sapiosexual, have gone a step too far. Sometimes, Gen X overcomplicates things when they can simply say, “I like smart people,” for example. 

Experiences are Worth More Than Possessions

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Boomers encourage people not to miss out on experiences. While Boomers concentrate on making memories, Gen X is often preoccupied with material possessions that do not bring long-term joy. 

Quality Beats Quantity When it Comes to Friends

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Having a large list of friends and being a social butterfly is not all it’s cracked up to be, as many Boomers have learned through experience. Boomers want people to know that when it comes to friends, less is more, as friendship quality matters, rather than impressing people with how popular you are. 

Relationship History is Important

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Boomers believe that knowing about your partner’s past is a good way to ensure a healthy relationship. Gen X takes a “here and now” approach but may admit that if they had known about something from their partner’s past, it would have helped them deal with things that cropped up in their relationship. 

Saving Money

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Early and consistent savings are crucial for building a nest egg for retirement. As Boomers know, compound interest can significantly increase savings over time, allowing them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.

Being Mindful About Mental Health is Important

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Gen X has led the world by making people more aware of good mental health and getting people talking about their feelings. But Boomers are more cautious and worry that people are being overdiagnosed and putting every feeling down to mental health struggles. While they might not always be right, this shows that a balance needs to be met. 

Body Positivity is not Always Positive

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The Body Positivity Movement has been a refreshing change for people scrutinized and attacked for their appearance. While Gen X welcomes a more positive outlook on different body shapes and sizes, Boomers worry that attention is taken away from being healthy, so caution is needed. 

Home Cooked Meals are Best

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When you cook meals at home, you can choose healthier options and limit the unhealthy fats, added sugars, and sodium that can be present in restaurant meals. Eating at home can save you lots of money, so it could be time to listen to the “nagging” Boomers. 

Hard Work Pays Off

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Putting in the effort to learn and improve your skills makes you a valuable employee. Hard work can lead to increased knowledge, expertise, and experience, making you more competitive in the job market, something that Boomers have always known and that Gen X is now realizing. 

The Joy of Reading

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Reading allows you to travel to different places and times, encounter diverse cultures and perspectives, and learn about a wide range of subjects. Boomers have always told younger generations how it can broaden their horizons, and it seems they were correct.

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