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23 Boomer Habits Gaining Popularity Today

After years of hearing remarks such as “they don’t make them like this anymore”, young people are breathing new life into old-fashioned habits. Much to the surprise of Boomers and Gen X, the way of life that defined their youth is making a comeback, from vintage clothes to home cooking. Here are 23 vintage habits that are becoming increasingly popular. 

Buying Clothes Secondhand

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Owning preloved clothes and cherishing hand-me-downs is an old-fashioned concept that’s gaining popularity. Due to environmental concerns and the questionable ethics of fast fashion, young people are visiting thrift stores more than ever before. Impressively, the second-hand clothing market is predicted to hit a value of $84 billion by 2030. 

Vinyl Records

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Without apps such as Spotify to stream music, older generations made do with their beloved vinyl collections. While the invention of CDs saw the near-death of vinyl records, the industry has made an astonishing comeback and is now the highest-grossing physical format. 

Handwritten Letters

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For a few decades, it looked as if the age of pen pals and ink-stained fingers was behind us. But these days, technology-weary young folk are becoming increasingly fascinated with writing letters. People are once again craving the personalized touch of a handwritten note, particularly in postcard form. 

Home-Cooked Meals

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After years of dining out and enjoying takeout meals, young people are rediscovering the joys of home cooking. Since Covid removed the option of eating out, people are realizing how healthy, cost-effective, and fun cooking at home can be. 


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To the surprise of grandmothers everywhere, knitting and crocheting have experienced a surge of social media attention. With countless TikTok profiles dedicated to this old-fashioned hobby, men and women everywhere are picking up their knitting needles. 

Communal Living

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The 1960s were all about hippie communes and free living, but few people expected co-living to make a comeback. Due to extortionate housing prices and the desire for low-carbon living, communal housing is more popular than ever, from long-term hostels to warehouses. 


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The post-war generations were known for their thriftiness, but subsequent economic booms created a cultural shift. With times getting tough, it seems the days of overspending have come to an end, with more young people adopting the thrifty attitude of their grandparents. 


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Whether it’s searching the countryside for mushrooms or gathering wood for the fire, foraging has taken place for centuries. Nowadays, the desire to be close to nature and live sustainably has made foraging the latest food trend. 

Buying Local Produce

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Before the days of supermarkets, sourcing produce from local markets and farmers was a necessity rather than a trend. Older people were no doubt surprised when the “Buy Local” trend became popular in the US, with 40% of consumers aware of the term. With lowering carbon footprints an increasing concern, it’s no wonder people are heading to their local food markets in droves. 

Reading Print Newspapers

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For years, older generations were concerned that print news would be lost forever in the digital age. But with health concerns over excessive screen time, reading paper news is becoming popular again, and is unlikely to die out anytime soon. 

Multigenerational Houses

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Back in the day, families merged finances and lived together, with multiple generations under one roof. With the current housing and cost of living crises, this practice is looking to make a comeback. Young people are moving back in with their parents to save money and spend quality time. 


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Once associated with retirees, gardening is becoming a youthful hobby and an interest in plants is on the rise. According to studies, 83% of young people now describe gardening as “cool”, with the appeal rooted in mindfulness and nature appreciation. 

Board Games

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Despite the rise of technology, board games have become increasingly popular, with young people preferring games of Monopoly over their online counterparts. TV shows such as The Queen’s Gambit and Stranger Things have catapulted vintage favorites firmly into the spotlight. 

Community Involvement

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During the late 20th century, civic engagement and community building was a priority for most families. Now that young people are urging each other to make a difference, volunteer work and charity donations have seen a huge increase. 

Investing Money

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As Gen Z enters adulthood, they’re becoming more business savvy than ever, seeking to invest and save where possible. To optimize their investment opportunities, they seek financial advice from older family members who spent their youth putting money aside. 


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It’s no secret that today’s youth are more likely to struggle financially, with inflation and housing costs on the rise. To save money, young people are adopting the thrifty habits of their predecessors, spending less on things they want and more on what they need. 

In-Person Communication

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Meeting friends, family, and colleagues face-to-face is garnering new appreciation in the digital age. This once-normal way of interacting had an uncertain future, but Millennials and Gen Z are appreciating the intimacy of in-person communication. 

Living Off-Grid

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Before the rise of technology, “living off-grid” was the norm, and homes functioned perfectly well without electricity. After years of living at the touch of a screen, people are embracing a more holistic, self-sufficient approach.


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Getting close to nature is more in-trend than ever before, which means activities like hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are growing in popularity. In the absence of technology, outdoor activities were the go-to pastime of Baby Boomers and Generation X. But now, young people are turning off their screens and heading to their nearest hiking trail.

Home-Brewing Alcohol

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Home-brewing beer and spirits became popular during Covid, with bars everywhere closing their doors. But even after the pandemic, people are continuing to make bathtub gin and brew their artisanal ciders. 

Wearing A Watch

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In the age of compulsive phone-scrolling, manual ways of checking the time have become less popular. That’s until the humble watch made a reappearance, becoming another Gen Z-coveted accessory. From vintage leather to titanium designs, the watch industry has enjoyed record profits in the past few years. 


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Driven by eco-friendly practices and mindfulness trends, sewing is experiencing a resurgence. From tailoring clothes to creating customized bags, men and women alike are picking up sewing to harness their creativity. 

Buying Flowers

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The age-old romantic gesture of buying fresh flowers is making a definite comeback, much to the delight of florists everywhere. These days, freshly cut bouquets and floral arrangements are perched on most kitchen counters, all year round. 

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