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24 Things That Boomers Will Not Tolerate Jokes About

Boomers have it tough too, you know. There’s a lot we can change to make sure that we’re not infuriating beloved Boomer relatives by accident. With that in mind, here are 24 things that just drive Boomers crazy.

Kids on Their Lawn

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The only thing Boomers like less than kids on their lawns is jokes about how much Boomers hate kids on their lawns. Especially if that joke is made by a kid on their lawn. They just hate it.


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There’s always someone standing in the line at the bank looking around for someone to complain to about how much worse the bank has become in recent years. Approach with caution. 

House Prices

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House prices have skyrocketed in recent years. While some Boomers might be excited with the fact that their homes are now worth a lot more than when they bought them, the implications for their children are a huge cause for concern.

Streaming Platforms

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The ability to watch whatever you want at any time without ads? Sounds like a rip-off. Better off with the entertainment offered up on network TV.

Jokes About Losing Their Memory

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It’s all good fun, but this one can hit a little too close to home for Boomers. If you’re lucky, they’ll forget you ever said anything. 


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Most Boomers struggle to understand this breed of comedy. Especially when so many memes are designed to make fun of them. When posting memes, be prepared for a string of comments from Boomer relatives demanding an explanation.

Being Told They Had It Easy

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This is a surefire way to find yourself trapped in a half-hour conversation about how hard the late 70s/early 80s were, which, of course, they were, but that doesn’t mean that things have been hunky-dory since.

Confusing Technology

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You haven’t seen real fury until you look into the eye of a Boomer taking an accidental selfie when trying to access their email. 


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Anything more than a thumbs-up emoji can potentially send a Boomer associate into a fit of rage, culminating in a speech about how much better things were when we wrote letters to each other and how the English language is being destroyed by technology.

Midlife Crisis Jokes

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No one likes being laughed at. And no one likes to be told they’re halfway through life. If someone decides to buy a convertible out of the blue, who’s going to stop them? If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

Social Media

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Boomers and social media are a potent combination that can yield some pretty wild results. Things can escalate quickly. 


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This can get pretty tangled up with the previous list item. Boomers don’t appreciate their political position being taken lightly. And as the most politically powerful generation in America, they’re probably right.

Donald Trump

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Whether they are pro or anti-Trump, the former President tends to elicit strong feelings in Boomers. And despite stereotypes, Boomers’ opinions about Trump are not as united as other generations believe.


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There is a kind of intergenerational war going on between Boomers and Millennials. Both seem to feel like the other generation doesn’t have anything to complain about. The only thing that seems to unite them is a mutual hatred for Gen Z.

Noise at Night

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At some point in every house party, usually around 10 pm, there’s a knock on the door. There’s never any doubt about who’s arrived to remind the upstairs neighbor that it’s 10 pm and to keep the noise down or the police will be called.

Nasty Comments Online

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As the old saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a Boomer replying to trolls making fun of her nephew’s prom suit.” And honestly, this should be saluted. 

Other People’s Selfies

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Boomers are all too keen to remind everyone how much they don’t care about seeing pictures of their vacations, especially if it includes some smiling faces. The idea of taking thousands of pictures of your own face is something that older generations can’t help but see as self-indulgent.


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This is something that Boomers are still skeptical about, especially when told not to open their bag of peanuts on a plane. Their skepticism is basically because when Boomers were young, allergies were much less common than they are now, although this is probably because diagnoses were less common, rather than because fewer people were allergic back in the day.

Video Games

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The video game industry is booming. In fact, 26% of the global population are now gamers. There is a lot of money to be made as a pro gamer these days. But no amount of cash would be enough to get a Boomer to stop themselves from screaming at gamers to “get a real job!” 


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Trying to explain streaming to a Boomer is like trying to solve a 1,000-square Rubik’s Cube: confusing, time-consuming, and pointless. 

Voice Notes

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What really upsets Boomers about the idea of sending voice notes is how much they get laughed at for leaving messages on the answering machine. It’s pretty much the same thing, so why is one acceptable while the other will only provoke ruthless mockery?

Poor Customer Service

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This is another characteristic of Boomers that the rest of us can appreciate. While no one likes bad customer service, only Boomers get angry enough to try and do something about it. Managers will be asked for. 

Bad Grammar

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Is it who or whom? Affect or effect? Less or fewer? The best way to know for sure is to speak and wait for a Boomer to appear and tell you you were wrong. But that doesn’t mean Boomers don’t have some grammatical quirks of their own that drive everyone else crazy too.

“Okay Boomer”

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This is possibly the quickest way to make an enemy of anyone born before 1964. The meme illustrates a pretty dismissive attitude younger generations have about Boomers, which inevitably made Boomers pretty angry after going viral.

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