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25 Baby Boomer Habits Younger Generations Don’t Understand

Have you ever seen a young person looking confused at something you think is completely normal? Don’t feel upset because, as the older generation, it’s completely normal, and there are plenty of regular things we do that they just don’t understand. Here are 25 of them.

Writing Checks

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A lot of us older folk still write checks at the grocery store. Young folks may get through faster with their digital wallets, but there’s something so satisfying about writing out a check. It feels like we’re actually paying instead of just swiping our cards. Young people will never understand how much nicer it is.

Cold Hard Cash

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And if we don’t pay with a check, we’ll use cash instead. We like to see the money we’re spending, which might seem old-fashioned when we see everyone else tapping their phones. It’s a good thing because handling cash gives us a better idea of what we’re spending. Research suggests it can actually help us spend less.

Picking Up the Phone

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When we’ve got something to say, we pick up the phone to call someone without any of this texting back and forth. It might take a little longer, but you can’t beat the warmth of a real conversation. You get to hear another person’s voice and their subtle tones, which makes everything feel more personal. 

Watching Live TV

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We love watching a show as it airs because it makes us feel like we’re part of an event. We remember the days when this was the only way to watch TV, before all this streaming nonsense. Plus, it helps us feel part of the world in real time and share our moments with millions of other people who are watching the same thing at the same time.

Our Morning Routine

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Most of us like to start the day not with TikTok or Twitter but with a coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Clicking a link on our phones will never compare to feeling the rustle of pages or the smell of ink and paper. After all, nothing wakes us up faster than drinking a cup of coffee while catching up on the news.

Sticking to the Landline

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Why get rid of something that works? Our landlines are reliable, and we don’t need to worry about lost chargers or reception. If there’s ever a power outage, then the younger generations will understand why we love using them so much. You don’t need to have any fancy apps when you’re just making a call.

Privacy Over Convenience

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We’re a little more careful about who gets our personal info, unlike younger people who don’t mind swapping their details for rewards. After all, we remember a time when privacy was the norm, and people kept things to themselves. We understand just how important privacy is, and we don’t like to share everything about ourselves online.

Lovely Leftovers

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Waste not, want not, right? We don’t see the point in throwing out perfectly good food when it can make for a tasty meal the next day. We understand how to be creative with our leftovers to turn them into an even better meal. It’s a win-win since we can reduce our food waste and save some money.

Radio GaGa

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It doesn’t matter if it’s news or classic hits because we’ve always got the radio on. We know that younger people prefer podcasts and playlists, but there’s something so special about radios. It’s always there with just a press of the button. And when we get to hear our favorite song? That’s the best kind of surprise.

Full Service

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At the gas station, we actually like it when someone else pumps the gas because it’s a small luxury that reminds us of days gone by. This service makes things seem a little more personal, and it’s a nice break from the self-serve routine, so we can just stay in our car and relax for a few minutes. What’s wrong with that?

Sending Real Birthday Cards

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No email will ever compare to the happiness we feel when we get a real card in the mail. It’s a small gesture, but we understand the thought and care that goes into it. It’s something we can keep forever as a reminder of the other person’s love and friendship. You just can’t get that from a text or e-card.

Dressing Up

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It doesn’t matter if we’re going to the store or out to dinner because we love wearing a nice outfit. Casual has its place, but a sharp look never goes out of style. Dressing well makes us feel good, and you’ll never catch us wearing sweats outside the house. Honestly, it’s a habit we wish the younger generation would pick up.

Evening News

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Our evenings usually wind down with the evening news instead of a night of scrolling on TikTok. It keeps us up-to-date with world events and helps us feel connected to those around us. Plus, we can also watch it with our family and have actual conversations about what’s going on. That’s something we’ll always love.

Trusting the News

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Unlike a lot of younger people, we still trust traditional news outlets because they’ve worked for us in the past. Through the years, they’ve given us reliable information, and their familiar faces help us to make sense of the more complicated news stories. We understand that fake news is a thing, but we can’t deny the power of consistent reporting.

Collecting Our Favorites

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Our collection of vinyl and DVDs reminds us of lost times. Each one tells a tale, like that concert we’ll never forget or a movie we watched a dozen times. When we look through the collection, it feels like we’re traveling back in time, and it’s a feeling that you’ll never get from a Spotify playlist.

Brand Loyalty

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We stick to brands that have never let us down because, over the years, they’ve proven to us that they’re worth sticking to. We know they work, and we feel a connection to these brands, almost as if they’re part of the family. We trust them to deliver the goods without any surprises.

Pen and Paper

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Unlike young people, we don’t need tech to do a job because a pen and paper work just fine. No charging and no glitches, just the simpleness of writing things down the old-school way. What could be better than that? Plus, research shows that it can be really good for our psychological health.

In-Person Banking

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We love the personal touch, so it’s no surprise we love going to the bank and seeing familiar faces. This way, we don’t feel like another account number, and we have someone there to help us right away. It’s something that you can’t get from automated or even online banking services.

Shopping in Stores

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Similarly, we understand that shopping doesn’t have to be a chore but a chance to try and pick the perfect items. Online shopping is convenient, yes, but you don’t get to feel the fabric or experience the fun of finding the right fit. Shopping in malls is also a great excuse to get out and enjoy a day in the real world.

Physical Photos

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Each photo in our photo albums tells a part of our story, and flipping through them brings our memories right back to life. We get to live through those moments again and share them with others, not just stick them online. These photos are completely real, mostly because they haven’t got any filters.

DIY Repairs

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Fixing things ourselves saves us a few bucks, but it’s also much more than that. It doesn’t matter if we’re tightening a loose hinge or patching up a wall because we get a real sense of pride in doing it ourselves. It keeps us sharp and shows the world we’ve still got it. Plus, we can customize things to be exactly how we want.

A Real Book

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Nothing can match the feel of a real book in our hands because, turning those pages, you get lost in another world. Feeling the weight of a book in our hands? That’s just truly magical. Having a well-stocked bookshelf helps turn a house into a home, and it also makes us look smarter, even if we’ve never read any of them.

Maps and Encyclopedias

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Speaking of books, we still rely on good old maps and encyclopedias for the real deal because physically searching for information feels more real. We can learn something new without any distractions, although the information might not be completely up-to-date. Digital searches just can’t match.

Trusting Travel Agents

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It might be easy to find deals online ourselves, but we prefer going to an actual travel agent to sort things out. Why? Because then we can just kick back and look forward to the fun parts. They’ve got the know-how to get us the best deals and make everything smooth. It’s hassle-free travel planning at its best.

Cable News

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Cable news is our go-to for when we want to know what’s happening around the world. It’s all there in one place, and it’s the first thing we turn on in the morning. It’s part of our daily routine and helps us to feel a sense of continuity. In a world that’s always changing, that’s something you can’t put a price on.

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