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25 Boomer Skills That Make Millennials Green with Envy

As our world continues to move ahead, it’s easy to be impressed at the Millennials leading the charge. But there are a bunch of skills that people in the 1940s-1960s generation have which Millennials are envious of. Here are 25 of those skills that they just wish they had.

Handwriting You Can Actually Read

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Remember when you could read a handwritten note without squinting? Boomers have some excellent handwriting, mostly because they’ve spent so many hours perfecting their cursive and print. Even though Millennials spend so much of their time stuck at the keyboard, they wish they could create such elegant and readable writing.

Traveling Without a GPS

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Before GPS became a part of almost every device, people had to use paper maps and road signs to guide their way. You couldn’t just ask Siri if you got lost. Being able to plot a course without digital help is a skill that many Millennials admire, especially since so few of them can actually even read a map.

Cooking from Scratch

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Anyone born before the internet can make a feast from just a few ingredients in the pantry, but Millennials? If it doesn’t come with instructions or a microwave beep, they’re lost. Being able to toss together a homemade meal with whatever is on hand saves a trip to the store, and it lets you be creative.

Fixing It

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Leaky faucet? That’s no problem for the older generation because they’re experts at home repair. After all, they know how to fix things instead of buying new ones, unlike Millennials, who are used to buying and replacing them. They’re jealous that Boomers know the power of a little know-how and elbow grease in home maintenance.

Using Tools

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Before you get started with fixing things, you’ve got to be able to use tools. For Boomers, this is pretty easy because they know how to fix anything that breaks. With just a twist of a wrench or a hammer swing, they’re able to breathe life into old things in a way that Millennials just never could.

Remembering Things

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Maybe it’s because Millennials have such a short attention span, or maybe it’s because they’re just not used to remembering things, but either way, older generations know how to do it all. They can remember birthdays and phone numbers without needing a billion reminders to do it. Now that’s pretty cool.

A Love for Letters

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People born before computers write letters and, yes, that’s with paper and pens. For them, it’s a normal part of life and a more personal way to communicate with your loved ones. But for Millennials, it’s a throwback, even if they can’t remember the last time they bought a stamp. They’ll never understand the art of writing a letter.

Repurposing Things

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Boomers can look at an old dresser and see a new coffee table because they understand how to make do and repurpose. Millennials are trying to get there, as they understand how much better it is for the environment, but they’ll need a ton of YouTube tutorials before they do it. The Boomer approach? Yes, it’s smart.

Being Social Butterflies

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Older generations know just how to have face-to-face chats over coffee, as they’ve got social skills that go beyond emojis and likes. They understand there’s no substitute for the feeling of an in-person conversation. Sometimes, Millennials wish they could feel less awkward without a screen in front of them. 


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Boomers can do budgets with just paper and pen, without any fancy apps, and somehow, they manage to save money. Millennials wish they could do this because they’re not used to this hands-on version of budgeting or financial discipline. It’s something that’s sorely missing in our culture of swipe-and-go.

Financial Planning

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Speaking of budgeting, older generations have the ability to make money work for them, not just now but way into the future. They understand smart saving and investing in a way that Millennials wish would just come naturally to them. While they’re trying to figure out the latest financial app, Boomers are planning their next move.

Living in the Moment

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Here’s a groundbreaking thought. Older people can sit through a whole concert without filming, just watching and listening to soak it all in. They know how to be fully present and enjoy the beauty of a moment because they live for the experience. Crazy, right? For Millennials, if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen.

Green Thumbs

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Boomers have gardening down. They can grow their own food without much help, and they know how to do it well. Lots of Millennials wish they could do this, mostly because they want to be more sustainable. Plus, it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day in our digital lives. 

Going to the Library 

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If they need information, older people would rather hit the library than Google things. After all, there’s something so magical about finding answers in a book instead of a quick search online. For many Millennials, the experience of flicking through the pages and the smell of old books is something they don’t know.

Sewing Superstars

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A button pops off, and Boomers just sew it back on. Millennials? They just buy a new shirt because learning to sew is on their “should do” list. Older people can take pride in looking after what they own, and they understand that there’s so much more than the disposable culture we’re so used to today.

The Patience Game

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Older people get that not everything awesome is going to land in your lap in two seconds, so they’re happy to wait it out a little. Unfortunately, Millennials are so used to instant everything that waiting feels ancient. But there’s something about chilling and letting things happen eventually that makes you appreciate the end game so much more.

Vinyl Vibe

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Boomers really know how to rock a record player, and they’re able to sit and enjoy that vinyl crackle like no other. Yes, young people are catching on to this, but Boomers definitely have cooler collections. Dropping a needle on a record just hits differently than hitting play on a playlist, so it’s no wonder Millennials wish they had this skill.

Board Games

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Nothing beats a board game night, with all the laughs and good food but without any screens. Honestly, it’s a blast, and it gets everyone talking face-to-face. Many Millennials struggle to remember there’s a whole world out there that doesn’t involve tapping or clicking, and they really want to host game nights themselves.

Quiet Time

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Older generations understand the sound of silence. No buzzing phones or constant notifications, just pure peace. Millennials are trying to get the hang of it, but it takes a lot of effort that they’re not used to. It’s important to find those quiet moments to clear your mind, and research shows just how useful it can be.

Dish Duty

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Don’t be surprised if you see a Boomer elbow-deep in soap suds, zoning out as they scrub the dishes. It’s their way of pressing pause on the hustle and bustle by finding a piece of calm in the soap bubbles. Honestly, turning a boring task into a mini-meditation session is pretty smart, and Millennials wish they could do it this easily.

Flipping Through Photo Albums

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There’s something so special about photo albums, and maybe it’s because they’re like physical time capsules. When you flick through the pictures, it feels like you’re traveling back to the past, with each one a doorway to the “good old days.” Unlike a Millennial’s digital photo feed, these photos have a weight and presence that screens can’t capture.

Party Planning

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Older generations have party planning down to a tee with every detail. They’ve got a knack for making everyone feel they’re exactly where they should be, which might be because they know how to nail the invites and the decor. Sadly, Millennials only know how to send an invite on social media, and they wish they were this good at party planning.

Balancing a Checkbook

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While everyone’s tapping and swiping, Boomers can balance a checkbook with vintage flair. Yes, it might be something that’s not useful anymore, but it shows a skill for spending that Millennials just don’t have. Plus, it’s a lesson in oversight and intention that we could all learn from.

Telling Stories

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Without a single swipe or click, Boomers can tell a story that’ll hook everyone. They can take us to places we’ve never seen, and times we’ve never known through just their words alone. Forget about pictures or videos because older generations just need their voice and heart to tell a good story.

Working Hard

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If you look “dedication” in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of a Boomer. Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea. They’ve shown us time and time again that the sweetest victories are those drenched in sweat and hard work. Yes, Millennials work hard, but their ability to roll their sleeves up and get started is nothing compared to a Boomer’s.

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