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25 Grim Reasons the Wealthy Are Fleeing California

There’s a huge movement of well-off people ditching California’s beach views for somewhere new. But what’s going on? There are quite a few reasons for this change of scenery, and today, we’re digging into 25 of them.

Taxes? Ouch!

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First, California has some pretty huge taxes. If you’re making big bucks, you’re also paying big bucks to the state, so it’s no wonder some people would like to move out. After all, who doesn’t want to hold onto their hard-earned cash a little bit tighter? So many nearby states have no income tax, so jumping ship is more tempting than ever.

Upcoming Tax Changes

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Speaking of taxes, many people are unsure about what will happen with Californian taxes in the future, and that’s enough to make anyone feel nervous. Nobody likes surprises, especially regarding finances, so many people would rather move somewhere where the tax scene is a little steadier. Wouldn’t you?

The Cost of Living Large

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Living in Cali is pretty pricey. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a house or getting your groceries because it all adds up, and some people are saying it’s just too much. You can’t exactly stretch your budget in a place where your wallet feels light from the basics. Other areas can give you the same vibe without the price tag.

Business Challenges

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Have you got a business? California’s rules and regulations can make it feel much more complicated than it needs to be. There are so many hoops to jump through, and the idea of having an easier time somewhere else can be pretty tempting. Places like Texas are much more welcoming, and they’re pulling Californians in pretty quickly.

Techies Taking Off

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Silicon Valley is not exactly the only tech playground anymore, and many rich people are waking up to that. Remote work is on the rise, and lots of techies are looking for new places where the Wi-Fi is just as strong but the living is a whole lot easier. With so many opportunities and communities staying in California seems pointless.

Quality of Life

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California is full of traffic jams and crowded spots, making life much harder. Did we mention the noise? Some people are looking for a place that’s a lot quieter and far cleaner, especially since they can’t find it in the buzz of the big city. When your morning commute becomes a competitive sport, moving out is a pretty good choice.

The Freedom of Remote Work

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Thanks to remote work, living in Cali for the job isn’t a must-do anymore. Why not move somewhere where your money can go a little further, and you can work in your PJs with a nice view? It’s not that difficult to leave traffic jams and office politics in the rearview mirror, which is one of the reasons so many people are leaving California behind.

Problematic Politics

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California’s political scene isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Some people lean a little more right, and they’re packing up for a place where their views feel more at home. According to one study, Republicans are three times more likely than Democrats to leave Cali. They want to be part of a community that shares their values and agrees with what they’re saying. 

Schools and More

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Some parents want the best for their kids, and that includes finding top-notch schools. They believe the best way to give their little ones a great start is by going to the less crowded classrooms outside the state. After all, who wants to enter a lottery to get into the best schools? Not us.

Wildfires and Quakes

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If it’s not the people, natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes have some Californians rethinking their stay. Safety first, right? California’s got some pretty beautiful views, but the yearly fire season and the occasional physical shake-up remind people that Mother Nature has a lot of power.

Thirsty For Water

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But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg with their issues. Droughts and water restrictions are common problems in Cali, and the search for a place with a little more splash is too real. After all, who wants to stay somewhere you feel like your time in the shower is on a stopwatch?

A Slower Lane

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Life in California is fast-paced, which can seriously wear you down. Some people are looking for a different rhythm where they can actually hear themselves think, and they’d rather go somewhere they can take a deep breath to chill. There’s a natural charm in communities where people know your name and your coffee order by heart.

Keeping Wealth in the Family

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Some people are thinking ahead by moving to places where they can pass on more to the next generation. They want to leave a legacy without a hefty tax bill, and who can blame them? There are plenty of states that’ll give you a smile, where setting up for a future seems a lot sweeter.

Health Care Problems

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Even with Cali’s great hospitals, getting the care you need can be difficult. Many people are looking towards states with shorter wait times and more personalized care. After all, knowing your doctor, and not just the waiting room wallpaper, makes a huge difference in your health and happiness.

Going Green Elsewhere

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California’s got some green rules that are great for the planet, but they’re pretty tough on the wallet. Some people seek a better balance elsewhere, where eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean eco-expensive. They’d rather live sustainably without feeling like every green choice drains their bank account.

New Social Scenes

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Who doesn’t love a new place with some new places? The social circuit in some other states draws in Californians looking for fresh friendships and fun. Sometimes, a change of scene is all you need to make a new connection and find people who laugh at your jokes, even the terrible ones.

Real Estate Roulette

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The housing market in California is challenging. In fact, it’s more like a high-stakes competition, and many people are cashing in their chips to look for better odds elsewhere. They want to live where the real estate market doesn’t have to be so difficult, and putting down roots can be fun.

Adventure Awaits

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It’s almost a fact that the great outdoors in California is crowded, so it’s no surprise that some richer folk with a wild side are looking for new adventures outside of the state. They’re looking for a place where nature doesn’t come alongside bumper-to-bumper traffic. In California, that’s a real problem.

Simplify, Simplify

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Sometimes, less is more, particularly when it comes to life. A simpler life with fewer things to worry about is a big draw for people feeling the crunch of California. They’d instead enjoy the small things, like a night under the stars in their own backyard, than live in a state as busy as Cali. As life gets simpler, their daily grind becomes daily gratitude.

Safety First

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There’s also a huge concern about safety in California, especially since the number of violent crimes is rising. Many wealthier folk are looking for peace of mind in places where the streets feel a little bit safer. They want to live in a place where neighborhoods where kids can ride bikes and play until the streetlights turn off.

Private Lives

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In California, privacy is hard to come by, and many people are looking for a place where the spotlight isn’t always on. Would you like to grab your morning coffee without worrying about who’s snapping a picture or overhearing your conversation? A little privacy can go a long way in helping people feel at home.

The World At Your Doorstep

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For anyone bitten by the travel bug, being so close to an international airport that can connect them to the world is very important. Bye-bye, California, hello world. They understand the thrill of a last-minute weekend getaway to a new country, and Cali is something that doesn’t give it to them.

Finding a Connection

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Feeling connected and part of a community is essential, and the science backs it up. It might be time for a change when your neighborhood isn’t feeling your vibe. There are plenty of places where you can be yourself and be celebrated for it, so it’s no wonder that so many rich folks are jumping ship.

A Better Work-Life Balance

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The pandemic has completely changed how people look at their work-life balance, including California’s high-earners. Many of them are looking for a place where they can have a good quality of life without paying as much. They want to go somewhere that matches their priorities a lot more.

A New Chapter

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Who doesn’t love the idea of starting fresh? A new place can mean new opportunities and new adventures. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a new job or a new lifestyle because turning the page to start a new chapter has its magic. Moving away gives you the chance to reinvent yourself, so many Californians are taking this chance.

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