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25 Lesser-Known Facets of the Amish Lifestyle

The Amish people are pretty well-known for living a very different kind of life, mostly because they don’t have any of our modern conveniences. But do you know just how different their lives really are? Here are 25 interesting things about the Amish lifestyle that you might not already know. There’s no judgment here, we’re just giving you some cool facts.

An Amish Icebreaker

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If someone steps out of line in the Amish community, then they might get the cold shoulder, which is known as Meidung. It’s their way of telling someone to stick to the rules, just without too much fuss. Think of it like a community timeout to make you rethink those life choices and perhaps make some better ones.

Too Cool For Rings

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When Amish couples tie the knot, you won’t catch them swapping flashy rings because they keep weddings short and simple. The focus is on love instead of bling, which is something we can all get behind. Just imagine how much they’re saving on the wedding budget, especially since the average non-Amish wedding in America costs around $30,000.

One and Done

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Speaking of marriages, Amish people believe in marriages being eternal. Divorce is basically unheard of because they believe that marriages are sacred and both people should work through their issues together. The only time someone can remarry is if their spouse dies, but they’ve got to wait a little while first.

Plus Ones

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Amish weddings aren’t just a place to celebrate love but sometimes to even find it because they’re matchmaking goldmines. Single Amish people will often sit together and might start a new romance over a slice of wedding cake. Sure, an Amish wedding is when two hearts join together, but it could also be the start of another.

Home Worship

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Forget all about your mega-churches because the Amish prefer to do their worship at home. They’ll hold services in community members’ homes, which makes every Sunday feel like a family reunion. Honestly, it sounds like a great way to connect to the community and make sure everybody’s involved in worship.

Kids, Kids Everywhere

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While your typical American family might have a couple of kids, Amish families are obsessed with having big ones. Six to seven children? That’s just the start. An Amish family is definitely a big family, which means more hands for chores and more than enough love to go around for everybody.

Unwritten Rules

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Some of the most important things for Amish people are the traditions that they pass down through the generations, which is a way of remembering the rules without writing them down. In a way, it’s kind of like a living document. They get to keep their community alive through daily practice and storytelling. 

Dress Code

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Lots of people recognize the Amish’s modest sense of fashion, but did you know it’s also pretty practical? They create all of their clothes themselves, and they avoid any logos or flashy trends. Like their lives, their clothes are meant to be simple and functional, where less is definitely more.

The Importance of Faith

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The Amish people are probably some of the strictest Christians you’ll ever meet, and their beliefs affect every aspect of their lives. But instead of celebrating their faith loudly like some Christians, they show their faith through quiet devotion. To them, deeds are far more important than any words.

School’s Out Forever

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Amish children only go to school until eighth grade or just before high school, but that doesn’t mean they stop learning. Instead, they learn some hands-on skills that’ll prepare them for life in the community in a more practical way. They’ll learn things like carpentry and cultivation instead of trigonometry.

Don’t Say Cheese

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In the Amish world, taking photos is a bad idea, and not just because they don’t have tech. They believe taking photos goes against their ideas of simplicity and humility. They want to protect their spirits over their images by making sure they live each moment properly. If you ever meet any Amish people, make sure you ask permission before you snap a pic.

South of the Equator 

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You might think the Amish are purely based in America, but that’s not exactly true. They’ve actually explored places in South America and set up communities there that follow the same principles as the ones back home. It doesn’t matter where they are because the Amish way of life knows no boundaries.

Beard Status

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For Amish men, beards aren’t just for looking nice, but they’re actually a way of showing their marital status. If an Amish guy is single, he’ll be clean-shaven, while a married Amish guy will grow a beard. It’s meant to be a way for them to communicate to other people about their personal milestones, but without saying a word.

Singing Hymns

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If you thought regular church hymns were long, you haven’t seen (or heard) anything yet. Amish hymns often last over fifteen minutes, and they’re meant to be a slower form of worship. The songs they sing help the Amish people to stay in touch with their faith and heritage while also feeling a sense of unity. It’s a good ol’ community sing-along at the end of the day.

Spring Break, Amish Style

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Rumspringa is kinda like the Amish version of spring break, but it’s got an actual purpose to it. It’s when Amish youth get to leave the farm and explore the modern world for the first time in their lives. They can choose whether to return to the community or stick it out in the modern world. Even with this freedom, around 85-90% of them will come back to the community.

Amish Sharks

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Those Amish people you see calmly looking after their farms and markets? Yeah, they’re actually pretty smart businesspeople. You won’t see them on Wall Street anytime soon, but they’re able to turn traditional skills into booming businesses. They’ve got a work ethic like no other, and they see opportunities when the rest of us see limitations.

Living Healthy

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The Amish people’s choice to live off the land actually has a number of health benefits, particularly since they’re eating fresh, organic meals every day. They’re also doing lots of physical work, which keeps them fit, and are forbidden from smoking or drinking. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from them.

In the Fast Lane

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This might surprise you, but not all Amish communities are stuck in the 1800s. Some of them have found a middle ground by letting members use a few modern things, such as cars, for practical reasons. Of course, their traditional values are still very important, but they understand they’ve got to adapt to the times to continue.

Tax Time

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Like all Americans, the Amish have to fill out tax forms like the rest of us, but theirs come with a twist as they don’t claim Social Security. Why? They’ve got their own support system that doesn’t need government help. The Amish people are big believers in self-sufficiency and strength from the community, which includes not relying on the government.

Clean Feet

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Foot washing sounds like something you’d get at a spa, but for the Amish, it’s a way to show their humility and service. Known as Maundy, it comes from biblical teachings, and it’s meant to show how they live a life of simplicity and respect. But honestly, we really can’t imagine doing something like this.

In Public, Please

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Forget the anonymity of online dating because, in the Amish community, dating has to be transparent and involve the community. They only date in public spaces so everyone can keep an eye on what’s going on. Yes, it sounds a little outdated, but for them, it means that every relationship has shared values instead of fleeting attraction.

Home, Sweet Home

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In the Amish community, everyone chips in to help build new homes, and we don’t just mean with their money. They’ll work together to create a home by filling it with community effort and support. Why do they do it? It’s mostly because they want to show that a home isn’t just a place to live but a place of love.

Baptizing Adults

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Unlike most Christians, Amish people don’t get baptized as kids because they believe you should make that spiritual choice as an adult. They’d rather have people fully committed to their faith and understand what they’re doing before taking the plunge. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty great idea.

No Faces

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In a world obsessed with selfies, Amish children play with faceless dolls. Like with their approach to photos, Amish people believe dolls with faces go against their ideas of humility and equality. It’s actually kind of cool since it teaches kids to value what a person’s like instead of how they look. 

Modern Meds

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A lot of Amish communities aren’t as against modern healthcare as you might think. Some of them visit the dentist, while others will take modern medicine. They do all this to make sure everyone gets the care they need without breaking the need, which is part of their main focus on taking care of each other.

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