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25 Reasons Boomers Don’t Want To Attend Church Anymore

Once upon a time, the church was at the center of everything, not just on Sundays. But times are changing, and for many people, so are their Sunday sermons. Here are 25 reasons why some people are skipping out on holy times. 

Politics in the Pulpit

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For many people, politics in the church is a real problem. When sermons start sounding like political rallies, they start feeling uncomfortable and unwelcome at church. So, it’s no surprise they start looking elsewhere for some spiritual guidance in a place that’s got more love than legislation. The San Antonio Report claims around 40 million Americans left the church in the last 25 years.

Issues With Offerings

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No matter where you are, it’s always difficult talking about money. In the church, the moment when the offering plate comes around makes some people feel stressed. They’ve got a bunch of questions, like how is the church using this money? How much money is the perfect amount to give? All of these questions push these people to leave the church.

Money Matters

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Similarly, some people aren’t happy with what they see as churches forcing people to donate. After all, research shows people donated around $135 billion in 2021 alone. These people think the focus should be on religion instead of what you can afford. It leaves them feeling misplaced somewhere where they believe they should feel community support. 

Digital Age, Digital Worship

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Of course, some people aren’t actually leaving the church, just the physical version of it. After all, why get up early and rush when you can get the same service with a click of a button? The rise of digital worship options means people can practice their faith at a time and place that’s way more convenient for them.

Flexibility is Key

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Traditional church services almost always have set times and structures, which can be pretty tough for those of us with a packed schedule and modern lifestyle. Some people start looking for a spiritual experience that fits into their lives instead of taking over it. They might’ve left the church, but they’re following religion in another way.

No Time Like Family Time

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Other people pack their Sundays with a bunch of activities, like family outings or their children’s sports. They’re so busy that trying to pack in a church visit on top of it all just feels more difficult than it needs to be. Add in the fact that many Americans are working over 43 hours a week, and then you can see why so many of them would rather spend time with their family.

Looking for Authenticity

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There’s no denying that most of the things you see on social media are completely fake, so it makes sense that many people are looking for something more genuine. They’re craving spaces where they can be themselves and feel connected on a deeper level. To many of them, churches focus too much on maintaining appearance, which leaves them feeling disappointed.

Beyond the Church Doors

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For some people, they’re not leaving because they’re less religious. If anything, it’s the opposite, as they’ve decided to switch to another faith. There’s so much information available at our fingertips, and this is leading some people to explore different faith options. They’re hoping this variety of spiritual paths will give them the answers they’ve been looking for.

More Open Discussions

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In today’s world, we value the freedom to openly question and critique everything around us. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can really do in many churches. People want to have meaningful discussions about faith and mortality without being judged. To some people, churches are too closed off, and this can stop people from wanting to attend.

Personal Spirituality Over Pew Sitting

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Many people are starting to see spirituality as something more personal than something that comes from traditions or rituals. They’re looking for a spiritual connection that helps them personally instead of as a group. They might turn to meditation or even nature to find this better connection.

Acceptance and Inclusion

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Everyone wants to feel wanted and accepted, but sadly, not everybody gets this in the church. For some LGBTQ+ people, the church just doesn’t accept them for who they are. Of course, not all churches are like this, which Forbes says is causing major issues. LGBTQ+ people would rather be somewhere where everyone can exist without being judged. 

Poor Leadership

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Over the last few years, several church leaders have been involved in scandals that have soured the taste of religion for many people. It’s not every leader, but it’s enough of them. People are questioning how some churches can let these controversies, and sometimes crimes, slide.

Cult? No Thanks

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Fancy a little brainwashing with your Sunday sermons? No? Didn’t think so. Today, people value their freedom more than ever, so a church that tries to micromanage its people is skating on pretty thin ice. Lots of people want a place where they can explore their faith without feeling like they’re being restricted.

Where’s Jesus in All This?

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For others, their issue isn’t with Christianity but with the church. They feel that Jesus’s powerful messages of kindness and forgiveness have become completely sidelined in many mainstream churches. They’d rather be part of places where these values are completely front and center. 

The Popularity of Disorganized Religion

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It’s not hard to see there are huge differences between traditional churches and more free-spirited approaches to religion. Some people are beginning to wonder if there’s more to faith than just following a rulebook. They want to explore their spirituality without being boxed in by too many rituals.

Looking For Youth

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One Gallup study found that most people going to church are those born before 1946 and fewer young people are even attending. It’s no surprise that the church can feel like it’s stuck in the past. People want a place that’s got a more youthful vibe, where they feel the youth are a main part of the conversation.

Changing Times

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Over the last hundred or so years, everything has changed in our world, and that includes our sense of spirituality and community. That old-school Sunday morning religious drill? Nah, it doesn’t quite hit the same way anymore. Some people are looking for fresher ways to connect with their faith, while other people want something that speaks to them right now.

What About the Kids?

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If you want to get the little ones into the whole spirituality thing, you’ve got to make it fun. Sadly, lots of churches just don’t do this. Instead of places that preach to their kids, parents want places that make religion enjoyable. This way, their kids will become genuinely interested in the big questions.

Being an Individual

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Nobody wants to feel like just another number. Unfortunately, this feeling of not mattering is all too real in some churches. It’s a real downer when you’re just a part of the crowd, without a voice, during a Sunday sermon, and this is pushing people to other communities. They want to feel a personal touch and be recognized, not just exist. 

Beyond the Numbers

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Similarly, some churches get way too caught up in the numbers game. Instead of helping their flock to feel seen and heard, they’re more concerned with packing the pews. That’s why some people are branching out to other places where they feel a real connection with those around them.

The “Right” Church

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Others just haven’t found the “right” church for them yet. Sure, the teachings are important, but so is the vibe and sense of belonging that they’re looking for. If they can’t find a place where everything clicks, lots of them will continue searching, which can even lead them out of the traditional and into something that just feels right.

Something More Simple

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In a world that’s becoming more complicated by the day, some people want a simpler take on religion. They’re looking for a place of worship with a clear message and a community that feels like family. For these people, all the drama and over-the-topness of some churches are a huge red flag.

Environmental Worries

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Then there are the eco-warriors. They’re worried about some churches preaching against climate change science, which is pretty bad among evangelical Protestants, according to the Pew Research Center. These environmental folk would rather spend their time at an animal sanctuary than a sermon.

Searching for Stories

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There’s a power in storytelling in making connections, and religion is no different. But some people believe sermons are too focused on following rules over telling these inspiring messages. They’re looking for a religious experience that’s telling tales similar to their own search for faith. 

Pressing Pause

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For some people, they’ve got no issue with the church or religion. Why are they leaving then? Well, because they can. They’re breaking away from the church because they’re looking at new territories for personal growth. But that doesn’t mean they won’t come back, even if it’s much later in life.

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