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25 Reasons Gen X is Frustrated with Modern Trends

Things have changed quite a lot since the days of discos and big hair, but not everyone’s so happy about these changes. A lot of people from Generation X aren’t exactly the biggest fans of modern times. We’ve got 25 reasons to let you know exactly why they’re feeling this way.

Too Many Gadgets

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Remember when phones were just for talking? Gen X does. All those updates and new tech are hard to keep up with if you’re still missing your flip phone. And don’t get them started on figuring out those smart home devices that are supposed to make life easier but somehow make things even more complicated.

Social Media Blues

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With so many different social media platforms out there, it’s just a challenge trying to keep up. Lots of people in Gen X miss the days of catching up over a cup of coffee instead of through a screen because face-to-face beats typing any day. After all, watching everyone’s highlight reel does get boring.

Money Issues

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It used to be pretty easy to get into the job market back in the day, but now? All those freelance jobs and unstable contracts are enough to make anyone miss the days of steady paychecks and benefits. There’s a lot of room to make money, but the lack of job security can wear on you when you’re planning for your future.

Work Culture

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Speaking of work, many Gen Xers value work loyalty, and they’re finding it hard to deal with this culture of jumping ship when things get hard. They’re used to sticking to a job and advancing through it, with promotions as rewards for dedication. It’s hard for them to figure out how to deal with this constant hustle instead.

Too Much Arguing

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Pretty much everyone agrees that politics are a hot mess today, but the conflict is hitting Gen X particularly hard. They remember the days when you could have a debate and still be friends without the need to pick sides like today. They’re longing for the days when political discussions didn’t ruin dinner parties or friendships.

What Happened to the Neighbors?

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Back in the day, communities felt like big families where everyone was involved. Sadly, now, everyone’s just a username, and nobody knows each other. Gen X misses the times when community events were the highlights of the week. They miss the days when people caught up through potlucks instead of status updates.

Educational Issues

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The cost of college and the constant stress of tests are enough to make any parent nervous. It’s no surprise that Gen X feels frustrated. And with all the technology in classrooms, they’re worried that kids are learning more about screens than the real world in front of them. They’re unhappy with how the education system’s changed, and they’re concerned about its future.

Health Care Headaches

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Trying to figure out insurance and where to get the best care without going broke is difficult for anyone. As many members of Gen X are beginning to need more medical care, the challenges of the healthcare system have become a headache. Just trying to understand your plan feels like a full-time job.

Health Fads

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Similarly, kale smoothies and hot yoga are fine for some people, but other generations miss the days when healthcare was a little more straightforward. With all these options, knowing what to choose can be pretty difficult. Why can’t we just stick to healthy eating instead of all these trends and fads?

The Good Old Days

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Sometimes, simpler was better. At least, that’s how it feels when you’re hit with all the noise of the modern world. Gen X feels nostalgic for the times when life was a lot easier, and people cared about the real world. They wish people could actually be together in the same room physically and mentally instead of just online.

Good News, Bad News

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Reading the news just doesn’t have the same feel as sitting down with the paper. Plus, who knows what to believe anymore? There’s so much fake news and misinformation flying around that we’re not sure if we can even trust our own eyes. Physically turning the pages of the newspaper made things feel a lot easier.

So Much Stuff

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All the ads seem like they’re just for millennials or boomers, and it can be annoying for Gen X. They buy a lot of stuff, too, so why aren’t the marketers targeting them? Many of them feel like brands are ignoring them and that there aren’t enough products that cater to their specific preferences.

Parenting Problems

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These new parenting styles, like gentle parenting, are a bit too soft for some from Gen X. They remember a time when discipline was the norm, and they worry that kids today aren’t learning enough respect. They’re concerned that, since everything’s about making things easy for the younger generation, they won’t understand what it’s like to be resilient.

Buy, Buy, Buy

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It feels like everything today is about buying the newest and latest thing. Whatever happened to fixing what you’ve already got? Gen X appreciates buying things that last and are actually useful. They can’t understand why younger generations always throw things away so quickly or why they’re replacing gadgets every year.

Confusing City Life

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Cities are overcrowded, and living there…let’s just say it’s pricey. The charm of city living has pretty much disappeared, thanks to high-rise buildings and the constant noise of people. At the same time, the cost of living keeps climbing, and the sense of community has disappeared. Gen X wishes we could go back to the times when urban dreams still felt possible.

TV Troubles

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Today’s shows don’t hit the same as those classic sitcoms and dramas. Streaming has completely changed how writers approach storytelling and characters for the worse. Many members of Gen X would rather watch a re-run of their old favorites than deal with the latest Netflix series.

Missing Secrets

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With all this online sharing, it feels like nothing’s private anymore. Gen X knows that a little mystery is nice. This culture of oversharing has them nostalgic for the days when not everything you did was public knowledge, and you could make mistakes in private. The idea of personal space and privacy has definitely changed, and Gen X thinks it’s for the worse.

The World’s Shrinking

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Globalization is great, but it can make the world feel a bit too big and impersonal. Gen X thinks it’s cool to connect across continents, yet they miss the days of local and personal connections that felt more genuine. For all the benefits of the global market, it also brings some serious difficulties.

Retirement Problems

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Some members of Gen X are worried if they’ll have enough in the bank for when they retire, which is enough to keep anyone up at night. They’re caught in the middle of trying to care for their aging parents while also saving for their own future. No wonder they’re finding finances so difficult.

Always On Call

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Lots of jobs expect you to be reachable almost 24-7, and Gen X hates that. Life’s about more than just your job. This always-on culture is exhausting, and many members of Gen X wish those clear boundaries would come back, where work and personal life were completely separate from one another. They remember when the end of your workday truly meant the end.

Fast Fashion Failures

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Fast fashion might be good at first glance, but Gen X understands that there’s so much more than that. They know that cheap clothes will cost you more in the long run and that it’s not exactly great for the planet, either. It’s hard to justify something that won’t last more than a season or two if you’re lucky.

Going Green

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Speaking of going green, Gen X cares about the planet as much as any other generation, but the slow progress on fixing things? That’s super frustrating. They want to see real changes to help our planet instead of just talk. They’re hopeful about younger generations being more active, but they wish they’d do it faster.

Student Debt

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Many Gen Xers went to college, which has meant they’ve got some pretty hefty student debt. It’s something that has caused problems for their current financial standing and has made them worried about whether they’re going to be ready for retirement. It’s no surprise since dealing with debt usually means saving less for the future.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

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Gen X understands the importance of cultural diversity and inclusivity. But their frustration comes from the fact that the louder voices of the younger generations tend to overshadow their efforts. They feel unappreciated for the work they’ve put into promoting equality and diversity, as they believe many younger people aren’t grateful for this.

The Middle Child

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The biggest problem of all? Being the middle child. Gen X is often sandwiched between the larger Boomer and Millennial generations, who both have much louder voices. Because of this,  members of Gen X feel overlooked or forgotten. They wish they were actually treated like the valuable members of society that they are.

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