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25 Reasons Zoomers’ Exodus Back Home Intensifies Burden on Elderly Parents

More Zoomers than ever are living with parents, becoming part of a group known as the “adult boomerang kids”. For generations, becoming an adult meant leaving the nest and living independently, but times are changing. Here are 25 reasons why those born between 1997 and 2012 are moving back in with their folks. 

Rising Mortgages

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Buying a house of your own requires economic resources, with many young people having to take out a hefty mortgage. But decade-high mortgage rates are making these traditional housing loans simply unaffordable. For Gen Z, living with parents provides an opportunity to put money aside for a future house. 

Student Loan Debt

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With the average student loan debt in the US around 35,000, it’s no wonder Zoomers feel overwhelmed. The prospect of paying back a student debt alongside life’s other expenses is a lot to juggle. This leads many young people to move back in with their parents, using money that would go on rent to make a dent in their loans. 

Financial Dependence

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Due to the rising cost of living in the US, many people in their 20s have never experienced financial independence. Instead of sacrificing their apartments to move back home, a large percentage of Gen Z couldn’t afford to fly the nest in the first place. 

The Cost of Living

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Thanks to rising inflation, groceries and household items are becoming pricier than ever. Studies show that in the past 12 months, the food index has increased by a jarring 9.4%, and this is impacting countless American families. For young people, the higher cost of living makes moving home and sharing groceries more appealing. 

Expensive Rent

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Saving money on rent is among the primary reasons why Zoomers choose to live at home. While their parents may ask for a housekeeping sum every month, this will be dramatically cheaper when compared to the cost of renting an apartment. 

Rebuilding A Nest Egg

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Whether it’s saving for a house deposit, paying off debt, or building a nest egg for a rainy day, saving money is a crucial part of adult life. For most young people living with their parents, saving money is top on their list of priorities. 

They Won’t Be Alone

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Living alone as a young adult might be exciting at first, but it can come with some serious downsides, and isolation is one of them. Living with parents can come with its challenges, but it provides a crucial source of social interaction and company. 

Parental Perspectives

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Having been on the planet for longer, parents are often endless sources of wisdom for their children. You’re never too old to benefit from the advice of Mom and Dad, whether it’s support on a practical matter or emotional guidance. 

Redefined Adulthood Milestones

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For previous generations, the first major adult milestones included buying a car, getting a job, and swiftly moving away from home. But with shifting perspectives and less rigid expectations, these milestones are being redefined. Moving out tends to happen much later for the members of Gen Z. 

Spending Time With Loved Ones

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While the pandemic came with far more lows than highs, one advantage of lockdown was spending more time with family. As their parents age, Zoomers are keen to spend some quality time with them, and the best way to do this is by moving back home. 

The Expense Of Raising Children

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Raising children is a pricey endeavor, with the average child around $310,000 from birth to the age of 18. This means that young couples planning a family need a large savings pot and may move in with their parents to get the funds together. 

Cultural Changes

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In 2023, one study found that nearly half of young people in America still live with their parents. Rather than being judged for reclaiming their childhood bedroom, Zoomers are encountering far less stigma. This shift has meant young people no longer feel immense pressure to move away, especially when it doesn’t make financial sense. 

Millennials Are Doing It Too

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It’s not just Gen Z that are living with their parents long term, Millennials are doing it too. Increasingly, those in their late 20s and 30s are moving back home, causing Zoomers to feel less guilty about making the same decision. 

They Crave Familiarity 

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In a fraught world that’s difficult to navigate, young people are craving familiarity and stability. Moving back into their family home is providing Gen Z with the nostalgic familiarity of their younger days when things were simpler. 

Helping Out Parents

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Since our parents spent so much time raising us, many people are keen to return the favor. For the young people of today, living with parents offers the chance to help them, and give back. 

Sharing The Housework

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Living independently means taking care of all the housework, which is something many young people aren’t used to. While sharing housework isn’t a reason in itself to move back home, it can benefit both parties and leave more time for hobbies. 

The Minimalism Trend

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In the past, material wealth was what defined success, and part of this was having an extensive list of possessions. Nowadays, young people are adopting a more minimal approach for aesthetic and environmental reasons. Moving in with parents is a great way to become minimalistic, as you cannot take everything home. 

They Want To Start A Business

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Rather than being tied to an employer, many young people want to start their own business venture. But this takes time and money, with start-up fees rising significantly. Saving money to start their own business is another reason for Gen Z to live with their parents. 

Recovering From A Setback

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Life is rarely smooth sailing and setbacks can happen at any time, whether they’re personal or financial. Recovering from one of adult life’s complications is a lot easier when you have parents to confide in. 

Recovering From Sudden Financial Loss

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While some financial losses accumulate over time, others are sudden, ranging from destructive housefires to thefts. When times are tough, many young people find emotional comfort and financial support in their childhood home. 

Personal Health

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Living alone and getting sick is far from an ideal situation. Whether it’s a minor cold or a more serious condition, living in the same space as parents can be a great comfort and source of practical health.

Going Through A Breakup

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Living with a partner for the first time is an exciting venture, but it can all change with a sudden breakup. If their relationship doesn’t work out and they can’t find another roommate, many Zoomers will return to Mom and Dad.

To Learn Important Life Skills

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Young adults often move away from home thinking that they have everything figured out. But as time passes, they realize that practical skills such as cooking and DIY are essential. Who better to teach them these important life skills than their parents?

Terrible Roommates 

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Living with people your age can be great until you notice their flaws. Whether they’re messy, party animals, or have no social boundaries, many Zoomers swap their terrible roommates for a life at home with their parents. 

Seeing Multigenerational Households Elsewhere

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Multigenerational households might be a new concept in Western culture, but they’ve been thriving for centuries in Asian countries. As Gen Z backpacks across the world, they encounter multigenerational households and take note of their many advantages.

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