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25 States with the Highest Firearm Counts for Second Amendment Defenders

Gun ownership has always been a hot topic, and perhaps never more so than now. But in some states, guns are more common than others, which is mostly because of different attitudes towards these weapons. Here are 25 states with the most firearms in the country. This data comes from a RAND Corporation study. 


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According to this 2020 study, Texas takes the top spot with 1,006,555 firearms. That makes sense since everything’s bigger in Texas, including their gun collections. Guns are a huge part of Texan culture, and you’ll see plenty of Texans showing off their gun skills by hunting or sport shooting.


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In the Sunshine State, Floridians are making sure they’re prepared for whatever comes their way with 518,725 guns. It doesn’t matter if they’re from the swamps of the Everglades or the sandy beaches because most people in Florida love to exercise their right to bear arms. Most of them won’t leave the house without a firearm by their side.


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Most people think that Virginia’s for lovers, but it turns out that it’s also for gun fans. There are 423,707 guns in the state, which Virginians use when they’re walking through historic Richmond and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s a whole lot of gun-loving people in the Old Dominion.


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California’s a place for sun, surf, and apparently shooting, as there are 406,360 in the state. Even with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, it’s clear that many Californians take their Second Amendment rights very seriously. You just might not be able to use your guns as openly as you can in other states on this list.


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Whether it’s in the City of Brother Love or Amish County, people in Pennsylvania are pretty big on having guns, as they have around 348,167 firearms. They’re ready for anything that life could throw at them, and many people in the Keystone State are proud of their firearm heritage. Sadly, the data shows that roughly 1,600 Pennsylvanians were killed by gun violence in 2019 alone.


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Forget about the peaches because Georgia is about so much more than that. There are approximately 304,124 guns in this state, meaning that Georgians are keeping their firearms as sweet as their tea. Some of them use their weapons for personal protection, while others just practice shooting at local ranges.


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The only thing that compares to Arizona’s scorching desert heat is its scorching firearm statistics, with roughly 258,691 guns in the state. One major reason for this is that the state has some pretty lenient gun laws that allow more people to own guns. At the same time, the Grand Canyon State’s wide-open spaces make it perfect for all firearm fans.

North Carolina

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There’s no denying that North Carolina has a pretty diverse geography, including mountains and coast. But if there’s one thing that unites these places, it’s the variety of shooting opportunities, as there are 222,166 guns here. Many North Carolinians exercise their right to bear arms through gun traditions and taking part in outdoor adventures.


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Many Ohioans take firearms pretty seriously, mostly because the state has a healthy mix of rural and urban areas. There are plenty of places and ways for people to use the 208,661 guns here, such as plinking tin cans in the backyard and joining a local shooting club. There’s something for everyone in Ohio.


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Alabama is a state that has always had a strong respect for gun rights, which is one of the reasons why it has 194,920 guns. To many Alabamians, firearms are a way of life and, sometimes, a family tradition passed down through the ages. It’s pretty common to hear the sound of gunfire as people hunt deer in the Black Belt or shoot clay pigeons in the Wiregrass.


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Even though it’s a pretty progressive place, there’s still a huge gun culture in Washington, as there are 165,534 guns here. Lots of people here care about their personal freedom and enjoying the great outdoors in places like the Cascade Mountains. It’s a truly beautiful state with the gun rights to match.


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Like some of the other states on this list, Indianans have the right to concealed carry, which could be one of the reasons there are so many guns here. There are approximately 157,546 guns in the state, and each one is important to Indiana’s tight-knit communities. Most people don’t even need a license to buy a gun here.


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Louisiana is perhaps best known for its Cajun culture, but it should also be famous for its people’s love for bearing arms. There are 152,061 firearms in the state, and lots of people here see guns as a tool for work and play. After all, how else are you supposed to hunt ducks in the marshes?


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There’s no denying that Tennessee is one of the most stunning states in the country, and the only thing more beautiful is their sense of personal freedom. There are 151,536 guns here, so don’t be surprised to see a gun show in Nashville or people using rifles in East Tennessee. They take firearms pretty seriously.


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One of the biggest reasons that guns are so popular in Colorado is that people support the outdoor lifestyle here. Many Coloradans go hunting and practice shooting sports regularly, so it makes sense that there are 149,382 firearms here. Statistics show that this state alone has more than 350,000 hunters.


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Like Washington and California, there are some pretty tight gun relations in Illinois, but that doesn’t stop people from loving their firearms. The state has 144,749 guns, and Chicago’s often a hot spot for debates on gun control. While some residents are pushing for more gun restrictions, others argue that gun ownership is part of their traditions.


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With 142,247 firearms, it’s pretty clear that Wyoming has a real love for shooting. After all, with so much wilderness around, ranchers have to protect their livestock somehow. There are so many open spaces here, too, which are perfect for hunting or even enjoying the great outdoors with a gun by your side.


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Maryland’s 136,257 firearms are part of the state’s balance between gun regulation and Second Amendment rights. It doesn’t matter if you visit the busy cities or the beautiful coastlines because you’ll find that gun control is a hot topic here. Just be careful who you talk to because people take gun control and their gun rights very seriously.


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Like in a lot of states, hunting is a way of life for many people in Arkansas, which is why there are 133,981 firearms in this state. Some of them use their guns for family traditions, while others take part in community events with them. But one thing’s clear, and that’s that Arkansans have a love for guns.


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You’ll need a gun to do a lot of things in Minnesota, no matter if it’s ice fishing or hunting. There are approximately 129,825 firearms in the state, and they’re popular with all kinds of people, including novice gun owners and experts. Thankfully, though, firearm safety is a big priority for people here.

New Mexico

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New Mexico has approximately 122,968, which is a sign that the people here are big on self-reliance and individualism. Many people use guns for survival and protection in this state, which makes sense since there’s so much wildlife here. A lot of them see owning a firearm as one of their basic American rights.

South Carolina

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As you might expect, most places in the South are filled with guns, and South Carolina is no different. This state has approximately 119,205 firearms that are either passed down through the generations or bought for personal protection. Either way, they believe that the right to bear arms is an important part of Southern culture.


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Nevada has quite a firearm-friendly culture, so it’s no surprise that guns are pretty popular here, with 119,007 of them in circulation. Hunting is a common pastime for people here, and there are plenty of gun shows and stores across the state. Getting your hands on a firearm is easier than hitting a jackpot in a casino.


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Utah is almost like the promised land for gun lovers, as its laws celebrate people’s individual freedoms. There are 118,408 guns in the state, and there are plenty of shooting ranges where you can practice using these firearms, like the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range or the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range. If you’re looking to hunt, though, you will need to buy a license.


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Lastly, we have Missouri, where there are approximately 113,351 guns. Many people here think that owning a firearm is something you just have to do if you want to protect your home and family. But can you blame them? The state has some of the highest numbers of property and violent crime in the country.

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