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25 Things That Become Increasingly Intolerable with Age

Remember when turning 30 felt like a big deal? Well, times have changed, and so have you. And that means the stuff that felt very important to you in your 20s and 30s is not as relevant anymore. Here are 25 of these things.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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Back in the day, climbing the corporate ladder may have been everything to you. We’re talking late nights and coffee runs as you’re eyeing that corner office. But now, you’ve probably realized there’s more to life than just meeting rooms and performance reviews as your work-life balance becomes more important.

Being a Social Butterfly

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During your 20s, you probably RSVPd yes to everything because the fear of missing out (FOMO) was just too real. But when you get older, you’re more likely to choose the couch and a good book over a wild night. It turns out that real friends are down for a chill night, and you’re totally here for it.

Wearing Heels

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Fashion over function? That was the younger you, and these days, comfort wins. Switching to flats or comfy shoes has been a godsend for your feet and back because walking down the street is no longer a punishment. With so many different types of comfortable shoes, you no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Getting the Latest…Everything

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Once upon a time, you just had to have the newest phone or tablet, but now you’ve realized that if ain’t broken, don’t upgrade it. Your phone’s camera is good enough as it is, and you’d rather stick to a model that works perfectly fine than getting the latest gadgets. Plus, learning how to use new tech isn’t exactly appealing.

Constantly Connected

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Speaking of tech, when you were younger, you probably felt like you had to check your phone every five minutes. But now, that’s pretty much eased up, and it feels nicer to focus on the people you’re with without the constant pings from your phone. Real conversations beat scrolling through your feeds any day.


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Traveling used to mean hopping from one exotic location to another ASAP. As you age, you’d rather soak in the sights and revisit your favorite spots because you prefer quality over quantity. It’s not a race to stamp your passport anymore. You’d rather take your time to plan trips where you can relax and create meaningful memories over good Instagram pics.

Dreaming of a McMansion

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Your idea of a dream home has changed from the bigger, the better to less is more. After all, a huge house is lovely, but do you really want to clean all that? Definitely not. It can be pretty liberating to downsize and choose a home that fits your needs instead because, let’s be honest, you don’t want to have many unused rooms.

Eating Out 

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It was the norm to eat out because it tasted good, and you didn’t have enough time to cook. Fast-forward to today, and there’s absolute joy in making your own meal or discovering a new recipe. Hosting dinners is a substitute for those nights going out, allowing you to show off your cooking skills. One Forbes study found it’s around five times more expensive to eat out than to cook from scratch.

Expensive Gym Memberships

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Remember the days when you’d pay a small fortune just to work out in a place where you barely went? Nowadays, a jog in the park or a yoga mat at home is much your speed, and it’s much better for your wallet. You’ll realize that staying fit doesn’t mean you need to have expensive equipment or even a gym membership.

Looking for Approval

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Most of us spend our younger years worrying about what other people think about us, but when we get older, we care more about making ourselves happy. And that’s fantastic. This newfound confidence means you start making choices based on what you enjoy instead of expectations, so saying “no” has become much more manageable.

Getting the Latest Cars

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A nice car is always a status symbol, although you don’t care much about it when you get older. If it gets you from point A to B without breaking down, you’re in love with it because you’ve come to appreciate the reliability of your current ride. Being part of that endless upgrade cycle feels completely pointless now.

Premium Cable Pacakge

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Who needs all those cable channels when you’ve got streaming. You’d much rather pick what you want to watch these days than channel surfing. It’s a lot cheaper, and you don’t end up paying for a bunch of channels you don’t watch since you get to see your favorite shows on demand.

Nightlife and Clubbing

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Those days of hitting the club until the early hours are completely gone. A great night might mean having a few close friends over or even just kicking back with a good movie at home. You understand that it’s not the buzz of a place that’s important but the company you’re spending your time with. And with the average cost of a night out at $81, it’s better for your wallet, too.

Getting a Higher Degree

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Getting another degree felt like the key to everything when you were younger, but that changes when you get older. You’d rather learn stuff that interests you and is helpful in your daily life than chase diplomas. So many online courses and even real-life experiences can teach you without the drama of exams or student loans.

Huge DIY Projects

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Remember that time you thought you’d redo the entire kitchen by yourself? Well, that’s not so tempting anymore. Instead, you’d like to do those little projects you can finish on the weekend or call the pros to help you with the big stuff. There’s no shame in admitting some things are best left to the professionals.

Fast-Paced Sports

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Those days of doing sports that get your adrenaline pumping are starting to give way to activities that don’t leave you aching for days. We’re not saying you stop doing sports, but you’d rather go hiking or biking at your own pace. After all, staying active and enjoying sports is much better than any competition.

Brand Obsession

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As a youngster, you might’ve been obsessed with the logos of the things you bought, whether they were clothes or tech. But now? Well, it’s quality and value that really matter. You understand that finding a brand that lasts is way more important than a flashy label. And let’s be honest, nobody cares as much about the logo on your shirt as you thought.

Credit Cards

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You used to juggle a bunch of credit cards because you wanted to get the best rewards, but as you age, you’d rather simplify. Having what you actually need is much nicer because it means less debt and fewer bills to track. Plus, it’ll also give you more peace of mind, knowing you have much less to worry about.

Impulse Shopping

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You’ll also start to get much less of a thrill from impulse buys when you start appreciating the satisfaction of purchases you’ve planned for. Saving money is always a nice perk, but it’s also so much more than that. You’ll value the things you’re bringing into your life and have less random junk in your house.

Long Commutes

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Spending hours in traffic every day just to get to work? No thanks. Research shows most Americans spend five days a year just commuting, so working closer to home or getting a job that lets you work remotely is important. It means more time for you and less stress from road rage. The best kind of commute is the one you don’t have to make.

The Best Home Entertainment System

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Having a great home entertainment system is nice, but that urge to get the newest one will soon cool off, especially when you realize more straightforward can be better. Honestly, you only need a comfortable couch and a decent TV to have a great viewing experience. Who you’re watching with is the focus, not how many pixels are on the screen.

Building a Network

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In the past, you probably felt like you had to meet everyone because you never knew who would be the friend that’d open doors for you. But now, you’d rather keep a circle of contacts that matter to you because quality, not quantity, is important. Each of them actually improves your life instead of just being a means to an end.

Financial Planning

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Instead of spending, you’re looking at the big financial picture. You’re finding ways to manage your retirement fund and minimize your taxes, perhaps even considering estate planning. Sure, you always knew saving was important, but now you’re putting those savings to work.

The Latest Fitness Trends

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Jumping onto every new fitness trend doesn’t give you the excitement that it once did, and you’d rather find what works for you so you can stick with it. You forget all about the latest crazes because you want to stay fit and healthy on your own terms. And, sometimes, that involves taking it a little slower than you did before.

Silence Over Noise

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The biggest change of all? Well, that’s probably the sound or lack of it. You’ll start cherishing the peaceful moments, which will become an escape for you to hear your own thoughts and just be. Science backs this up, as sitting in silence has a ton of health benefits for your mind and body.

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