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3 Critical Marketing Tips For SaaS Companies

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In the digital era, SaaS companies are thriving. Tips for SaaS companies need to be followed and enacted. More and more businesses and individuals depend on technology, the demand for new software services increases. On the one hand, this is great news as it means the demand for what you do is always rising. On the other hand, it means there will be lots of competition out there – how can you make your business stand out?

Selling SaaS is somewhat tricky, but these three marketing tips should help you conquer your industry:

Promote your customer service

A huge part of your marketing should focus on your customer service. Customers want to know that they will have constant support if they download your software. If you can boast about offering 24/7 support and multiple ways of getting in touch with your customer services team, the chances of people paying for your software will go up. 

How can you make these promises a reality? Realistically, the best approach is to work with an inbound contact center and outsource your customer services to them. Now, you can carry on with other parts of your business while a dedicated team answers all queries and solves problems for your customers. 

Offer free trials is one of the better tips for SaaS companies

In this day and age, you have to offer a free trial to customers. It’s somewhat expected, and it is a great way to reel people in. Some SaaS companies shy away from this, worrying that people won’t sign up after the trial ends. If you have confidence in your product, this won’t be a concern. People should use your software for the trial period, then realize they can’t live without it! 

Most people that use a free trial were probably going to pay for the software anyway. However, it is a great way of attracting people that might not have thought about buying what you offer. But, the trial convinced them it was worth it, so you’ve landed a sale. People will always take notice when they see something for free – it’s a classic marketing tactic. 

Use social media ads

The internet offers many advertising opportunities, but social media ads tend to work the best for SaaS companies. This is because you can learn so much about users and target your ads to the right people. If you offer accountancy software, you can target ads to people who have been searching for this online. 

Why social media ads instead of Google Ads? A couple of reasons, firstly, people spend a lot of time on social media, so there’s more chance of seeing and clicking on the adverts. Secondly, a lot of people use AdBlock on their desktop PCs, negating the effectiveness of Google Ads. However, there’s no adblocker for smartphone devices, so they will see all the ads on social platforms!

Do you want to accelerate your SaaS business and generate more sales? Apply these three marketing tips to your strategy and you will lure more people to your website. From here, you need faith in your product, and it will help you generate lots of continuous sales. 

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