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4 Solid Ways to Boost Your Small Business Using Advertorial Techniques

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It can be rather overwhelming at times when you own and want to boost your small business and are not sure what potential tools could be beneficial to boost advertorial needs. So writing a list, to begin with, and identifying which areas of your business needs improvement will help. It can certainly be helpful to call on the advice of others in various areas of business, such as the advertorial and marketing sectors, to help boost your brand awareness online.

1 – Brand Identity to Boost Your Small Business

To be memorable to your customer you want your brand or slogan to be unique and visually impactful, particularly if you are in an area of business whereby the market is saturated with competition. This will allow you to stand out from your competitors. If you are able to establish a product or service that has not been marketed before this will also significantly boost your chances. 

Find out some more about branding here.

2 – Social Media Presence

Having an online presence in 2021 is very important to be relevant in the business world. In 2020 there were reported to be at least 223.03 million active Facebook users in the US¹, which is a significant number of people you could potentially be reaching out to. These users are likely to be scrolling past hundreds of advertorial posts on their Facebook feeds. Ideally, you want to be appearing on this platform to stand a chance of capturing new customers on a large scale. The fee that is needed to advertise will be worth it in the long run. 

Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is also key to attracting a large audience, given that many people use their smartphones to browse the internet. In 2018 the use of social media visits by people in the US increased by 21%². The use of social media platforms as an advertorial tool is likely to increase within the next few years and become the norm for businesses in the future, given that 91% of social media users utilize their smartphones³ on a daily basis as opposed to a fixed computer or laptop. 

3 – Capture an Audience

Establishing an online following can certainly help boost your small business profile. It will enable you to connect to other people in a more personal way if you build a website and create a blog. It can be particularly beneficial if you are providing a service to customers as they will be able to see your business journey and how you have developed your skill sets over the years. 

4 – Outsourcing IT Skills

If utilizing IT skills is not one of your strong points then you can always outsource this element to a managed IT agency. They would be able to deal with desktop support, organize important data backup, software issues, manage your email settings and use your mobile as an effective business tool. They might not be areas of business you are familiar with, so it is certainly worthwhile asking for some much-needed IT assistance to help boost business. 

¹ ² ³ Number of Social Media Users in 2021/2022: Demographics & Predictions – Financesonline.com

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