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9 Tips For Connecting With Your List

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It’s not the size of the list,  it’s the relationship you have

List building takes effortMost online marketers think that just by building a list is going to get them paid.  But building a list is the first step. it’s not what really pays you.

The size of a list is a factor, but the relationship is what’s infinitely more important. You do that through telling stories. Through entertaining.  Through being interesting.  Through having personality in your copy.  By being likable.

1- Market to the right people

A lot of people advertise many different products online, but then they send these prospects all to the same exact landing page instead of having separate landing pages for each product advertised.

If the product you’re offering on the landing page is totally unrelated to the ad they clicked, that means you’re not being congruent. And it will be a very hard sale to make.

2 – Frequency of your messages

Another reason why you might not yet be making money from this list is that you’re not contacting them frequently enough. You should be reaching out to your list, in my personal view, almost daily.

3 – Consistency is key

Consistency is just as important as frequency. How often do you email them? Is it every day, or two days, or three days? How often are you staying in front of your prospect? This is what consistency is all about.

4 – Don’t be forgotten

Many new online marketers get all excited about building their brand new list. But when they start emailing their new contacts, and they don’t notice immediate results, they put everything on hold.

They don’t email their list for a few weeks or in some cases, longer.

If someone subscribes to your list and they get a few emails from you, and then you don’t email them for a week, they’ve probably already forgotten you.

5 – Get “Paranoid”

It’s important you keep a healthy degree of paranoia about your list, because your list is a very important asset.

It is either improving in value or it is not. So if you are not actively taking steps and actions to improve the responsiveness of your list and improve that relationship with your list, it is dying out.

6 – Survey your list 

You can go to a site like SurveyMonkey.com. There are lots of other sites like this that allow you to conduct surveys. These sites allow you to do a free survey where you can ask them a bunch of questions. You send your new survey out to your list and ask them what kind of training or value they want.

7 – Make offers to your list 

You should promote an offer in just about every single email you do. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re just saying “buy this, buy this, buy this”. Point out a product you find useful and why. Use a relevant link in your text or a PS to show where the product can be found.

8 – Copywriting skills

You should really work on improving your copywriting skills. it’s a very important skill to master. The ability to put words on a page and influence is one of the most powerful skills you can posses.

9 – Use different marketing channels 

Use different channels to mix things up.  Sometimes you might do a webinar, which you invite them to from your emails.  You then teach them something on a webinar, and make an offer at the end.

Another channel:  bring them to a Facebook group you have, engage them there, and make an offer. Private message the ones who are interested.

In Closing

So there you go. I hope these 9 tips help you get better connected to your email list.


4 thoughts on “9 Tips For Connecting With Your List”

  1. This is very informative. I unfortunately do not know what to write to my list daily and I do not want to write to them for the sake of it, so I end up just blowing it off.

    • I am glad you find this of use. Try at least once a week at first, then build up to twice. Send a tip or advice one day and then send a note pointing out a great article you found. It’s important to stay in contact. Let me know if you need more help.

  2. A good article; helpful words for those building a list, and perhaps I will attempt my hand at list building. For now it’s just something to keep in mind 🙂

    • List building will end up being the best asset in the long run. If you need any help or have any questions it would be my pleasure to help you.


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