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25 of the Most Conservative Places To Settle in the US

The most conservative places in the United States aren’t just places where people learn right politically. They’re communities where people celebrate traditional values and respect the military in every part of their lives. Today, we’re looking at 25 of the most conservative places in the United States.

Provo, Utah

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In Provo, Utah, family and faith matter most. Many here are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the community spirit is immense. You can see it in their family gatherings and church events, filling the entire community calendar.

Lubbock, Texas

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Lubbock, Texas, is a slice of traditional American pie because it’s here that folks value their freedoms and support small businesses. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows each other’s names and takes pride in their community. This is the one for you if you’re looking for an example of true Texas conservatism.

Jackson, Mississippi

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Down in Jackson, Mississippi, people keep things close to their roots and celebrate Southern traditions. Here, conservatism is a way of life that respects the past and values hospitality through local policies. There are many events where people gather to celebrate their heritage through music and food.

Waco, Texas

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Waco, Texas, has Chip and Joanna Gaines, but it is also a solid conservative community. We’re talking church potlucks and school fundraisers. The people here think education and family are the most important, which helps them create a more conservative environment.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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It’s no surprise that Colorado Springs, Colorado, is conservative since it has a robust military presence and a vast evangelical community. People here greatly respect authority and celebrate their freedoms near the Rocky Mountains. Several churches and military organizations also help support the area’s traditional values.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Oil is a massive part of the economy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has led to a mix of entrepreneurial spirit and conservative values. But the city keeps things simple by focusing on family and community connections over more liberal ideas. It’s a place where traditional values meet modern industry in the best way possible.

Montgomery, Alabama

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Montgomery, Alabama, is an important city in American civil rights history, but today, it’s a place of traditional values and conservatism. People here live a community-oriented and right-leaning lifestyle while remembering the city’s historical legacy. Their conservative principles guide them each step of the way.

St. George, Utah

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St. George, Utah, is a beautiful and fast-growing city, but don’t let that fool you. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors and conservative ideas, like low taxes and small government. The local government supports financial growth to help the city develop in a way that respects the residents’ conservative values.

Ogden, Utah

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Hidden in the mountains, Ogden, Utah, is a place where land and gun ownership are respected more than anything. The city encourages a lifestyle with a robust outdoor recreation economy, supports local businesses, and protects the natural environment. What could be more conservative than that?

Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Spartanburg, South Carolina, is where people preserve the old while also welcoming the new. The city has a rich history, but it also has its own modern take on conservative living, making it a good place for people who care about tradition. People here take their city’s legacy seriously and are keen on celebrating their shared values.

Amarillo, Texas

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Keeping traditions alive is vital in Amarillo, Texas, especially regarding their love for cattle and cowboy culture. You can’t miss the rodeos and fairs because they’re where everyone comes together to share a laugh and celebrate their roots. These events keep the community tight-knit and true to its conservative values.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is on the rise, drawing people in with its business-friendly approach and conservative foundations. Families and businesspeople are flocking here since it’s a place where they can live without compromising on their values. The city’s government encourages this growth while keeping traditional values in check.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, might be a place that flies under the radar, but we can’t really understand why. After all, it’s a place where conservative values and community spirit come together to make a special place to call home. Local businesses get a lot of love, and everyone here’s big on helping out and sticking together.

Knoxville, Tennessee

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Thanks to the university crowd, Knoxville, Tennessee, is always busy but still has a solid conservative heartbeat. The city’s a balance of lively events and business, along with traditional values that keep the community grounded. There’s no place in America quite like this one.

Arlington, Texas

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In Arlington, Texas, people bleed their team’s colors and hold their conservative values close to their chests. If there’s a sports team to support or a community event to attend, you know that everyone here will do it. Their love for sports is just as big as their support for conservatism.

Mesa, Arizona 

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Mesa, Arizona, is the kind of place where you can kick back and enjoy a quieter life while also holding onto your conservative values. It’s a popular place for retirees and people who appreciate a strong sense of community or even those who are big fans of religious and family events. The city’s parks and community centers are always packed with events to keep the conservative spirit alive.

Wichita, Kansas

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Wichita, Kansas, has a strong aviation history, which perfectly complements its conservative values. The local businesses and schools encourage a community that values hard work and family, making it a truly uplifting place to live. And if you want to see some excellent air shows, there’s no grander palace than this one.

Corpus Christi, Texas

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We’re back in Texas for this one; this time, we’re looking at Corpus Christ. This city is proud of its naval history and marks this with traditions that honor the military and community. Don’t be surprised to see events celebrating the armed forces, as this mix of respect and tradition is an integral part of the local lifestyle.

Anchorage, Alaska

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It’s no surprise that Anchorage, Alaska, is so conservative since the tough environment requires self-reliance. Independence and conservatism are important parts of local policies and community lives, even with the challenges that come with the territory. And don’t forget the local markets and winter sports events, which are a sight to behold.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has a strong local economy and warm community, primarily thanks to its conservative approach. These right-leaning policies support every part of everyday life, including family-friendly regulations and business initiatives. Here, everyone feels part of the local scene.

Lincoln, Nebraska

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Life in Lincoln, Nebraska, is pretty easygoing because of the city’s mix of universities and conservatism. Even with all the noise of a college town, the residents stick to their roots, strongly focusing on agriculture and community activities. It’s where tradition and a slower pace of life are fundamentals, not luxuries.

Peoria, Illinois

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The manufacturing industry is growing quite a bit in Peoria, Illinois, but one thing that’ll never change is the town’s strong conservative morals. Everyone pitches in and looks out for each other, so it’s an excellent spot for anyone who shares those values. And the Peoria Riverfront Jazz and Art Festival? Simply beautiful.

Topeka, Kansas

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In Topeka, Kansas, you’ll find a place with many community events and traditions that keep everyone connected. The city truly comes alive during the Veteran’s Day parade and Memorial Day Celebrations. It’s a time for the people to show their respect for their history and shared conservative values.

Bakersfield, California

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Even in a state as liberal as California, there are still strongly conservative areas, and Bakersfield is the perfect example of this. People here come together at community barbecues and country music events, which are fun, but they’re also a way to celebrate Bakersfield’s farming past. It’s a piece of tradition in a state that’s always looking forward.

Pensacola, Florida

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Lastly, we have Pensacola, Florida, which contrasts peaceful beaches with a strong military. The community incredibly supports military families, and many people participate in local civic activities. Patriotism is a huge deal here, especially during the Blue Angels air show, and it’s something you just can’t miss.

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