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25 Social Issues Gen Z are Determined to Cancel

Gen Z isn’t exactly a shy generation, and they’re pretty keen on shaking things up. Many of them are questioning things we think are absolutely normal in our world because they think these things shouldn’t exist anymore. Here are 25 things Gen Z wants to cancel.

The Old 9-to-5 

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Why stick to the old 9-to-5 when you could work when you’re at your best? Gen Z is pushing for flexible hours that let them work when they feel most productive, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night. They’re strong believers in the idea that work should fit into life and not the other way around.

Rejecting Rigid Beauty Standards

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Gen Z is pushing back against narrow beauty ideas and rejecting beauty standards. Why? Because they think beauty comes from diversity and being yourself instead. They’re supporters of all skin tones and body shapes, which shouldn’t be a surprise since they’re the ones who started the body positivity movement.

No More Paper Receipts

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To Gen Z, paper receipts are too 2000s for 2024, and they prefer getting digital ones. Not only are they easier to keep track of, but you don’t have to fill your wallet with endless bits of paper. They’re also much better for the trees, making it a win-win-win situation that Gen Z just can’t get enough of.

Cutting Down on Email

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Gen Z prefers quick chats and text over long email threads that just clutter up their inboxes. They want the information to be fast and to the point so they can move on to the next big thing. This generation cares way more about being efficient and direct when they communicate. Usually, a simple, instant message will do the job.

The Plastic Problem

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According to Forbes, this generation is also one of the most eco-minded out there, so it’s no surprise they’re trying to get rid of single-use plastic. After all, why should you settle for plastic forks and spoons when there are so many reusable options like bamboo or steel? Gen Z would rather bring their own containers, and they avoid those with too much plastic packaging.

Rethinking College

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Most people think that college is the only way to succeed, but not Gen Z. Some are trying alternatives like trade schools or online courses, while others are jumping straight into work. They’re not huge fans of those massive student loan bills, and they’ll do anything to avoid them.

Unisex Products

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They don’t understand the point of having gendered products because many unisex ones work just as well, so they’re huge fans of a one-size-fits-all approach, within reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s beauty products or toys because Gen Z is big on being more inclusive. They’d like to say goodbye to the products that box us in.

Less Meat, More Greens

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It’s no surprise Gen Z is keen on the whole no-meat diet because so many of them prefer veggies or meat alternatives. They think it’s better for their health and the planet’s health, too, especially since it reduces their carbon footprint. And can you blame them? Some of those new vegan burgers are really delicious.

Streaming Over Cable

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To Gen Z, cable TV is just as outdated as dial-up, and they don’t understand why someone would pay for a zillion channels when you can stream exactly what you want when you want. Flexibility and convenience are very important to them, so they like having so many choices at their fingerprints.

Off the Clock

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Being available 24/7 is a big no-no for Gen Z because they value their downtime just as much as their work time. They’re strong believers in a good work-life balance, which means they’re not afraid to log off when it’s time for them to recharge. They will actively look for employers who respect their personal time and have flexible working conditions.

Electric Dreams

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Manual cars are taking the backseat because Gen Z is gearing up for the future with electric or automatic cars. They see electric vehicles as a powerful way to reduce emissions while also saving money in the long run. And, of course, there’s the fact that these cars look pretty darn cool, too.

Hanging Up

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Landlines are practically antique for Gen Z, and they don’t understand why you’d have a phone stuck to a wall when your smartphone does it all and then some. They love the mobility and functionality of modern smartphones. They don’t see any reason why you’d want to be trapped in one place just to make a call.

Dress Down Every Day

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Stuffy suits and high heels at work? Not for Gen Z, because they care much more about comfort and self-expression in their work clothes. To them, if it’s clean and decent, then it’s good to go. They’re big believers in less formal and more casual work environments because they think it’s better for creativity.

Turning the Page on Print

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Gen Z practically grew up with their lives on a screen, so it’s no surprise they’re not into newspapers or magazines. They’d rather get their news with a swipe of a finger because it’s fast and easy. Plus, with digital media, you can get real-time updates and interact with the content you’re reading about.

Hesitant Homeownership

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Owning a home is the dream for many generations, but not Gen Z. Since property prices are so high, they’re not sure if it’s worth the hassle, especially since they love living on the move. Research shows that a majority of Gen Z rent their homes, which gives them the chance to move easily whenever they want.

Terrible Tobacco

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Gen Z is pretty health-conscious, and many of them don’t support smoking, although vaping is a different issue. On the whole, they support smoke-free policies and care about clean air like no other generation before them. Even fitness and healthy eating have become a huge trend for them.

Digital Dollars

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Who even visits bank branches anymore? Gen Z handles all their finances from their phones, no matter if they’re transferring cash or just paying their bills. There’s no waiting in line or restrictive bank hours when you can manage your finances on the go, especially since it’s so much more convenient.

Subscribe and Save

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Gen Z doesn’t buy software the old-fashioned way, but it’s not because they don’t want it. Instead, they’ll subscribe to get the latest updates automatically or to spread out the costs. They like the flexibility of dropping a service whenever it stops working for them, with no strings attached.

Digital Note-Taking

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To Gen Z, notebooks are for history classes, and they think using all that paper is just a waste of resources. They’re tapping away on their tablets and laptops so they can sync their notes across their devices. Plus, sharing and collaborating on notes is just a click away, so group projects are a breeze.

Flattening the Hierarchy

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Forget climbing the corporate ladder because Gen Z is reshaping the workplace to get rid of it. They’d rather work in a place where they can voice their ideas openly and their bosses are more like coaches. Gen Z thinks everyone should feel valued at work, and good leadership shouldn’t just be command and control.

Turning Off Voicemail

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Voicemail feels completely outdated to Gen Z. Why leave a message after the beep when you can text or drop a DM instead? It’s much quicker, and, let’s be honest, nobody really wants to listen to a bunch of rambling messages. Gen Z is big on being direct, which could be because they have such short attention spans.

Early Morning Classes

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Early morning classes are a big no for Gen Z because they know just how important sleep is for us. They’re pushing for classes to start later in the day to fit their natural sleep cycles so they’ll be happier and more alert. It sounds weird, but they’re not wrong because science shows that starting later can be better for us.

No Luxury Brands

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Gen Z is changing what luxury means as they’re moving away from big brands to those that are more sustainable. They prefer products from companies that are transparent about their products and try to make a positive impact on the world. They don’t believe in flaunting expensive logos.

Less Formal Dining

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This generation is swapping stiff and traditional sit-down meals for something a little more laid back. To them, the food and company are more important than any clothes or fancy silverware skills. They believe that get-togethers should be a place for everyone to relax and eat without worrying about etiquette.

Long Commutes

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Gen Z isn’t into wasting hours stuck in traffic, and they’d rather work from wherever they can plug in their laptops. And with the rise of remote and hybrid work, they don’t need to be in an office to get stuff done, which saves a lot of time commuting. What could be better than less traffic time and more me time?

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