21 Forgotten Features of Victorian Homes Lost to Modern Design

Mary Anna Thomas

There is something joyous about exploring old houses to see how people used to live before mod cons came along. Victorian homes are particularly intriguing as they contain intricate details that we no longer see in modern homes. We take a look at 21 features of Victorian homes that are now obsolete: Calling Bells Before … Read more

25 States Witnessing a Surge in Residents Leaving Permanently

Andrew Parker

A lot of states have recently been dealing with a huge number of people leaving them. But what’s going on? There are quite a few reasons for this, including economic opportunities and lifestyle preferences. Here are 25 of those states that are affected and the reasons behind these shifts. California California is well-known for having … Read more


23 Boomer Habits Gaining Popularity Today

Mira Silverwood

After years of hearing remarks such as “they don’t make them like this anymore”, young people are breathing new life into old-fashioned habits. Much to the surprise of Boomers and Gen X, the way of life that defined their youth is making a comeback, from vintage clothes to home cooking. Here are 23 vintage habits … Read more