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22 US Locations That Do not Entice Visitors

With diverse geology, stunning architecture, and countless national parks, America boasts plenty of photo-worthy locations. But in such a sprawling nation, exceptions to the rule are inevitable and could leave visitors wishing they hadn’t made the trip. Here are 22 US locations that are considered unsightly. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Known for excitement, gambling, and neon lights, many people would be surprised to hear Vegas described as ugly. Surrounded by a dusty desert community, this city is often described as “bleak” and “soulless,” with visitors bemoaning the seediness of its main strip

Los Angeles, California

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Despite its glamorous reputation and promise of the American dream, the City of Angels hasn’t aged well. Tourists often leave LA feeling underwhelmed after witnessing littered streets, homelessness, and numerous run-down areas. 

Gary, Indiana

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While named “the city of the century” in 1970, Gary has witnessed a harrowing decline and said goodbye to its glory days. Nowadays, this city is known for its violence, derelict neighborhoods, and run-down architecture. 

Jacksonville, Florida

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It might boast an impressive sandy beach, but the city of Jacksonville has been branded an eyesore. Periodic flooding and pet control issues, alongside high crime rates, have taken their toll on the city, leaving little in the way of beauty. 

Camden, New Jersey

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Frequently named the worst city in the US, Camden attracts more criticism and fewer visitors each year. Its concrete skyline, run-down estates, and unkempt downtown area rarely make a decent photo opportunity. 

Youngstown, Ohio

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Once a thriving economic hub, this Rust Belt city is becoming more unsightly with the passage of time. Its location at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains gives Youngstown a stunning backdrop, but the city itself is rather bleak

Stockton, California

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Numerous magazines have bashed Stockton as a miserable city, and while this might seem unfair, there’s a lot of truth in these statements. Downtown Stockton has a dire homelessness issue, and crime rates are high. While there are still cultural gems to be found, the center of town is best avoided. 

Holbrook, Arizona

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Despite nearby forest parks, hiking trails, and natural wonders, Holbrook City has little to offer in the way of charm. Described by many as “the armpit of Arizona,” Holkbrook has a less-than-ideal reputation. Frequent winds carry dirt and dust through the dilapidated streets, making it easy to see why land is cheap. 

Albany, New York

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Albany has been described as a “perfectly fine city,” but it can get quite bleak in this corner of New York. Fierce winters seem to drag on forever, visitors bemoan the lack of things to do, and the locals are notoriously unfriendly. 

Nome, Alaska

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Stunning landscapes might surround this remote Alaskan town, but the settlement has been referred to as bleak numerous times. Not only is Nome expensive and bitterly cold for much of the year but there’s also a growing crime problem that makes certain areas unsafe. 

Aberdeen, Washington

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Once an economic hub, this town is struggling to claw back its lost glory and seems to face more issues every year.  Streets are lined with empty buildings, substance abuse victims roam aimlessly, and the sky is often grey. Only diehard Kurt Cobain fans would make the effort to visit this town. 

Liberal, Kansas

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Located in the semi-arid state of Kansas, Liberal doesn’t live up to the happy connotations of its name. This city is known for being a bit rough around the edges, as well as lacking in things to do for visitors. 

West Memphis, Arkansas

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This city might have a great food scene, but its overall vibe leaves much to be desired. With its above-average crime rate, bleak neighborhoods, and various socio-economic struggles, West Memphis rarely makes it onto a tourist’s bucket list. 

Youngstown, Ohio

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Once known for its steel industry, Youngstown has struggled to rejuvenate since the mills closed for good. With nearby Cleveland boasting far more in terms of culture and activities, Youngstown often falls by the wayside.

St. Louis, Missouri

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While St. Louis residents praise the city for being a great place to raise a family, it rarely attracts visitors. Unlike other cities, St. Louis doesn’t offer much in the way of Instagrammable spots, exciting activities, or visitor-friendly facilities.

Baltimore, Maryland

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Baltimore was once frequented by tourists and visitors, but this wave of business is becoming a relic of the past. These days, Baltimore is known for its violence, gang-related crime, and substance abuse problems.

Springfield, Massachusetts 

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Sharing its name with the iconic Simpsons town, Springfield should, in theory, have a lot more going on than it does. Visitors often leave here feeling disappointed by the concrete skyline or perturbed by crime rates in downtown areas. 

Bluefield, West Virginia

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While nestled in the heart of Appalachia, Bluefield is often skipped entirely by those on their way to the mountains. High rates of poverty, disheveled streets, and drug-related crime are all strong deterrents for tourists. 

Eastman, Georgia

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The “Candy capital of Georgia” might sound harmless, but it has its fair share of crime, poor air quality, and poverty akin to many cities. Eastman also lacks visitor-friendly activities, scenic architecture, or the amenities that make a successful tourist city. 

Lowell, Massachusetts

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As a University city, Lowell has a huge selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants. However, these establishments are located in sketchy neighborhoods, with many residents claiming that they don’t feel safe. While affordable, Lowell is known for criminal activity and has earned a reputation for seediness. 

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

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Named the poorest town in Pennsylvania, Johnstown faces debilitating economic struggles, including poverty and homelessness. There’s also a wave of extreme politics that dominates the town, discouraging more liberal-minded visitors. Residents complain about the blighted buildings and seemingly neverending drug crimes in public housing. 

Anchorage, Alaska

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Alaska is known for its sprawling forests and incredible snowscapes, but its most populous city is far from perfect. While appealing to many tourists, a lot of Anchorage can be bleak, lacking in color and things to do. Visitors admit that it’s a good base from which to experience the Alaskan wilderness, but isn’t an appealing destination in itself.

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