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25 Must-Have Items Every Household Needs in Case of a Doomsday Scenario

No matter what you might think, preparing for doomsday isn’t just for the movies. In fact, it can actually be pretty useful, even if those end-times never come. Here are 25 things to keep on hand if things ever go south.

Sleeping Bags

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A good sleeping bag is useful for camping, but it’s also perfect for keeping warm during those cold nights without heat. Choose the ones that are lightweight and have good insulation. It doesn’t matter if you’re bunking down in your living room or a makeshift shelter because a comfortable sleeping bag will make it much more bearable.


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We all know that water is a must, so make sure you’ve got plenty of stored away. You should aim to have at least one gallon per person per day saved and keep enough extra bottles to last for a few days. After all, you’ll be using it for drinking, as well as cooking and cleaning. Do you really want to run out?

Gloves and Hats

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Cold hands and a chilly head can make any situation worse, and during a doomsday scenario, you definitely don’t want that. Keep some gloves and warm hats so you’ll stay cozy even if you have to step outside or if the heating’s off. And best of all? They don’t take up much space, so you can store a lot of them.

Thermal Underwear

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Speaking of staying warm, thermal underwear will keep you feeling toasty without bulking you up by trapping heat close to your body. If you wear it under your regular clothes, you’ll stay warm even when the thermostat drops. You don’t want to feel weighed down in the cold by wearing too many layers.


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A whistle can be a lifesaver if you need to signal for help without using a lot of energy. It’s a simple and effective way to get your voice heard if you’re lost or dropped. A whistle is very lightweight, and you can carry it around your neck or on a keychain so that you’re always prepared.

Local Maps

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Even if you know your community like the back of your hand, having a detailed map of your local area can be a huge help during an emergency. After all, the roads will probably be blocked, and any landmarks you usually use as reference points might be destroyed. A good map will help you find another way to get to safety or resources.

Work Boots

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When the going gets tough, having a sturdy pair of work boots can protect your feet from all manner of things, especially when conditions become less than ideal. They’re certainly strong, but they’ll also give some support to your feet during those long hours. This can make all the difference during clean-up efforts.

Battery-Operated Fan

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If you’re dealing with a power outage in the heat, you’ll wish you had access to some kind of ventilation, and a battery-operated fan is a great way to do that. It’s small enough to carry around easily but powerful enough to make the air feel comfortable. Even outside of doomsday, these fans can make hot nights much more bearable.

Fishing Gear

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If you live near water, having some basic fishing gear could give you your own source of fresh food. All you need is a simple rod, a reel, and some hooks to go from being hungry to having a nutritious meal. Even if you’re not a fan of seafood, fishing is a great way to take a break from the stress of a crisis.

Notebooks and Pens

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Feeling a little low during the apocalypse? Then you should try keeping a journal or notes to document what’s happening and deal with your stress. You can also use it to manage your resources or maintain a routine, which will make things a lot easier to deal with. Plus, paper is pretty much your own way to communicate if cell service is down.

Solar Lanterns

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Solar lanterns are a great way to get light when you haven’t got access to batteries or fuel. They soak up sunlight during the day and give off light at night, which makes them perfect for any long-term outage. And best of all, they’re environmentally friendly, and you can use them night after night.

A Packed Pantry

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Fill your shelves with things that won’t go bad quickly, like canned veggies or dried beans. If that’s not your thing, perhaps you could get some pasta or rice, as they’ll last ages and they’re pretty easy to whip up into a meal. Just make sure you keep a variety of them because there’s nothing worse than feeling bored with your food options.

Portable Toilet

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In the event of the apocalypse, you can’t rely on indoor plumbing, and it’s these times that a portable toilet can really save the day. After all, it’s much more comfortable and hygienic than the other alternatives out there, especially if you want to maintain your dignity. You never know how long you might be without water or plumbing services.

Baking Supplies

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Most people aren’t thinking about baking during doomsday, but perhaps you should. There are lots of mental health benefits to baking, and preparing simple recipes like bread or cookies can feed your mind and soul. You’ll be able to pass the time and feel a little calmer than you did before.


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Binoculars are useful in more ways than one. You can use them to check out things happening far away or use the glass to signal to neighbors without leaving home. They’ll help you stay aware of what’s going on so you can spot help or threats from far away. Any doomsday prepper should have one.


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When it comes to surviving disasters, having some rope can make all the difference in managing your environment. You can use it to tow things or secure some tarp, as well as set up shelter and bundle up your gear. Plus, you can even use it to create a clothesline to dry your clothing.

Manual Can Opener

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Electric can openers won’t help you when the power’s out, so make sure you have a manual one because it’ll play a big role in meal prep. You’ll have access to canned goods, meaning you’ll be able to open whatever you’ve got on hand without a hitch. And some of the best ones also come with bottle openers and other tools.

Moist Towelettes

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Moist towelettes are perfect for quick clean-ups and sanitizing surfaces., and they’re especially handy when you haven’t got a lot of water. You can also use them for personal hygiene to stay fresh and clean without needing bathing facilities. They’re a lifesaver after handling anything that could be contaminated.

Children’s Needs

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If you have kids, remember to think about what they might need. Diapers, baby food, and snacks will keep the little ones happy and healthy, along with anything that can comfort them, like their favorite stuffed animals. Keeping these familiar items close will give them a sense of normality during those uncertain times.

Pet Supplies

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And don’t forget about your furry friends because they’re always depending on you, even when things get tough. Make sure you have enough food and water for them, along with things like toys and litter or anything else they might need. Their comfort and security are just as important as anyone else in your family’s.

Privacy Screen

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When you’re in tight quarters, privacy screens divide the space to give you a little personal privacy, which is particularly important in communal shelters or crowded homes. They’re pretty easy to set up, and you can move them as needed. You never know how much you value your privacy until it’s gone.


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If you want to stay in contact but cell phones aren’t an option, walkie-talkies are the next best thing. They’ll help you coordinate with your family or neighbors during an outage, even if you’re a little further away. They’re particularly useful if you’re trying to do a quick check-in or if you need to split up to explore somewhere.

Charcoal or Propane

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Having a backup supply of charcoal or propane can keep you cooking even when electric or gas stoves are off-limits. They’ll allow you to prepare meals without relying on utility services, so you’ll be able to eat under any circumstances. During stressful times, you’ll feel grateful for even a little bit of normalcy.

Herbal Remedies and Vitamins

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You can’t always rely on pharmacies during a doomsday scenario, so perhaps try keeping a stock of herbal remedies and vitamins. They’ll give you those extra nutrients you might not be able to get from your regular food. Staying healthy is the key to managing an emergency, so make sure you stock up.

Fire Extinguisher

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A fire extinguisher is something that every home should have, even when it’s not doomsday, because it can help you fight small fires before they spread. Knowing you can respond quickly to a fire gives you a better chance to keep everyone safe and stop your property from getting damaged. Just make sure you’re using the right kind of extinguisher.

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