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25 Simple Pleasures That Are Now Out of Reach for Most People

Remember the days when a trip to the doctor didn’t need you to take a loan out or even just eat healthy without having to sell a kidney? Good times. Once upon a time, we could enjoy the simpler things in life without a second thought. But now, a lot of those everyday conveniences or basic things have become much more expensive and have priced out a lot of people from being able to enjoy them. Today, we’re looking at 25 of these things.

Tattoos and Piercings

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Once upon a time, a simple tattoo or piercing wasn’t that expensive. But now? Well, they cost more than even a fancy dinner, so getting tatted up or pierced is only for the rich. If you’re looking to get some new body art, you’ll need to save up because it’s not just simple pocket change anymore.

Amusement Parks

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What happened to the days when a trip to the amusement park didn’t mean saving up for months? Ticket prices are through the roof, and don’t get us started on the cost of a soda and a hot dog. Now, every ride feels like you’re spending a small fortune just to scream your lungs out for a minute or two.

Art Collecting

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In the past, you could snag a cool piece of art without breaking the bank, but nowadays, you’ve got to choose between buying a painting and paying rent. According to Vox, a large painting can be between $10,000 and $15,000. Art has become a high-end hobby, and you’re unlikely to find any pieces that are affordable. 

Creative Costs

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But it’s not just buying art that’s become expensive because even a trip to an art supply store feels like you’re going to a luxury boutique. We’re talking premium paints and sketchbooks that make you afraid to even doodle. Creating masterpieces might be priceless, but the shock of the sticker might just stifle your inner Picasso.

Fine Dining

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If you want to treat yourself to a fancy meal out, then you better make sure your wallet’s ready for that kind of commitment. We know it’s meant to be “fine dining,” but now it’s become so expensive that it feels like we can’t even do it on special occasions. Are they putting gold dust on our food or something?

Concerts and Games

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Getting tickets to see your favorite band or team feels like you’re bidding at an auction now, and with the prices to match. It’s an unforgettable experience, but so is that huge dent in your bank account. It didn’t use to be this way, as snagging a last-minute ticket was part of the adventure instead of planning and saving.


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Forget having accessories because even the simplest pieces of jewelry are an investment now. Wearing bling makes a statement, both in style and for your bank statement. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ring that needs an insurance policy or just a watch that costs more than a car because jewelry shopping is just for the brave.


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Every new tech release comes with a price tag that’s twice as big as the one last year, which makes even the most hardcore tech fans think twice before upgrading. Gadgets come and go, but the financial commitment to keep them is definitely here to stay. Remember the days when a new iPhone only cost $200?

Musical Instruments

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If you’re picking up a musical instrument as a hobby, then you might want to prepare your wallet for a shock. It doesn’t matter if it’s strings, keys, or something else, because getting quality sound comes at a premium. Each chord and melody you want to play has become a huge investment.

Board Games

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Since the pandemic, board games have suddenly become very popular again, but with the price tag as a catch. They used to be a low-cost entertainment option for the evening, yet now it feels like you’re buying a piece of high-end technology. And let’s not get started on those deluxe editions and Kickstarter exclusives.

Beauty Products

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It used to be pretty simple, going down the beauty aisles to find something that’d match your skin perfectly. Sadly, keeping up with the latest skincare and makeup trends isn’t just a matter of personal care anymore, as it’s become a huge line item in the budget. If you’re looking for the perfect potion, be prepared to pay the price for it.

Getting a Diploma

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Getting a degree is no joke with the rising cost of tuition fees, as average college fees rose by around 4% in 2023 alone. It’s becoming a lot harder to justify the cost of college now because it means having to struggle with debt for decades. For many people, the dream of higher education is now out of reach.


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Healthcare was once about, you know, care. What a crazy idea, right? Now, it’s more like a luxury item with the prices going through the roof, leaving you crossing your fingers that it’s just a cold. It’s a tough situation to be in, especially when you’ve got to choose between your health and your financial stability.


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We all miss the days of affordable cab rides because, thanks to surge pricing, every trip feels like you’re hiring a limo. When Uber and Lyft first came out, they were a convenient option for getting around, but they’ve now become a budgeting nightmare. You’ll probably think twice before you hit that “request ride” button.

Boutique Fitness

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Fitness is all the rage, but those boutique gym memberships have practically become a status symbol now. Workout classes cost as much as a small fortune, and it means that staying in shape isn’t just about health anymore. Instead, you’ve got to have enough to afford the trendiest way to sweat.

Streaming Services

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The internet and streaming services have become essential, but the prices don’t exactly reflect this. There’s a very clear digital divide that’s split us between those who can afford to stay connected and those who can’t. According to the Pew Research Center, wealthier Americans are much more likely to have a lot of technology than poorer ones.

Travel Trouble

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If you’re looking to travel, good luck because travel’s gotten pricier, and it’s made spontaneous trips into something that needs six months of planning. Oh, how we miss the days of budget traveling. It’s very quickly become a luxury for just the few rather than a leisure activity for everyone to enjoy.

Spa Days

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Nowadays, spa treatments sound like they belong in a royal palace, and the price tags have shot up to match them. You’ll need a spa day just to relax from seeing these costs. Dreaming of that hot stone massage? You had better start saving or find a royal title to back up that humungous spa bill.

Keeping Warm

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In some places, just heating your home in the winter is a luxury because energy prices have become so high, with average electricity prices between $0.173 per kWha and gas at $1.465 per therm. It’s an expense that’s forced people to think twice before turning up the thermostat. Who would’ve thought such a basic home comfort could be so expensive? 

Healthy Eating

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Unfortunately, if you want to eat healthy, you’ve got to prepare to pay up because there’s a premium on nutrition. The cost of maintaining a balanced diet means you need to make difficult choices about what to put in your grocery cart. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a hefty price tag that has pushed less nutritious options into our kitchens instead.

Starter Homes

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Many Americans dream of getting a starter home, and it looks like it’ll stay a dream for a long time. Being able to own a home has become more and more difficult because prices are rising beyond belief. For many people, they’ve got to get used to the reality of long-term renting, perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Home Gardening

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Speaking of homes, being able to garden used to mean growing your own food and flowers on the cheap. Sure, some seeds are still cheap, but once you start looking into organic soil and irrigation systems, you’ve basically spent a fortune. And let’s not forget all of those freak weather events that could lead you to round two of investment.

Pet Care

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Back in the old days, having a pet just meant you needed some kibble and lots of love. In today’s world, you’ve got to get that premium grain-free food and regular treatments for your furball to keep them healthy. Vet bills have always been pricy, but now we’re seeing bills that are higher than what some people pay for their own healthcare.

DIY Home Repairs

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There was a time when a trip to the hardware store and a free weekend were all you needed to deal with those home repairs. Now, starting a DIY project feels like you need a degree in architecture, along with a backup bank account. The costs of materials have shot up, and they just don’t seem worth it anymore.

Eco-Friendly Products

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It’s weird to think that the more natural stuff is more expensive than the ones with chemicals, but it’s true. Eco-friendly products are way more expensive now, which has made sustainability into something that only the rich have the choice to do. If you want to be green, you’ve got to spend a lot of green, too.

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