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Stubborn Boomers Refuse to Part Ways with 25 Outdated Nostalgic Items

The times might be changing, but some things stay the same, at least according to some older people. They saw the world change from rotary phones to smartphones, and they would like to stick to some of those things. Here are 25 things anyone over 60 probably doesn’t want to let go of, no matter how much our world changes.

Sweet Sounds

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Vinyls aren’t just for hipsters because Boomers love them, too, since they remember the times when they were the only way to listen to music. There’s something magical about the whole experience of flipping through the artwork and setting the speed of the player. And that moment when you hear your favorite song? Truly breathtaking.

Retro Viewing

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Believe it or not, some Boomers still have their old cathode-ray tube TVs, even though they’re so big and bulky. Even though you’ve got to get up and change the channel, there’s something comforting about that old flickering screen. It’s a memory of simpler times before everything went digital and remote-controlled, so no wonder they’re making a comeback.

Traditional Ticking

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Even in the digital age, some older people just can’t give up the soothing tick-tock of an analog clock. But can you blame them? Those fancy wall clocks and heirloom grandfather clocks have a story to them that digital clocks will never have. You’ll never be able to use a digital clock as a decoration like you can with analog.

Time in Style

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Speaking of clocks, many Boomers have a soft spot for pocket watches. To younger generations, they’re just timepieces, but to older people, they’re a reminder of a more sophisticated and punctual era. They love the craftsmanship and history that comes with each one, which keeps them connected to their family history.

Crafting Hands-On

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Forget electric because manual tools like hand drills and saws are the way to go for some older people. They love the feel of actually working with their hands, and that sense of accomplishment from doing things manually can be pretty addictive. And best of all? These tools don’t need any electricity, so you can work anytime and anywhere.

The Family Cruiser

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Many Boomers still drive their old station wagons because they remind them of the old days of family road trips and adventures. They might not be as fast as other vehicles, but they’re for people who want to enjoy the ride, not just the destination. Don’t be surprised if you see some older people packing their wagons out for a picnic or a weekend getaway.

Brewed to Perfection

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Coffee percolators are still a big thing in some kitchens, mostly because some older people swear by the taste of coffee brewed this way. They enjoy the ritual of making it just like the old days, and that includes listening to that familiar percolating sound. You definitely need some patience, but for them, the result’s worth the wait.

Stitching With Love

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Fast fashion might rule today, but some Boomers are still sewing away on their trusty machines. They’ll mend clothes and make new ones because they enjoy the personal touch of doing it themselves. After all, is there a better way of expressing yourself? Plus, using a sewing machine can give you some pretty hefty savings.

Tuning Into the Airwaves

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Even with all the streaming options, lots of older people enjoy turning to their favorite radio stations for the news and weather. They love the community feel of live broadcasts and the background sound of the radio while they go about their day. The radio connects them to the world in a way that’s way more personal than digital media.

A Point of Precision

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Boomers appreciate the precision of a well-sharpened pencil for writing notes or doing crossword puzzles, unlike most younger people who prefer using styluses and screens. But there’s a certain satisfaction of getting that point just right so you can write smoothly. Using a pencil sharpener gives some older people a sense of order and readiness to deal with any task.

Ceramic Keepsakes

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Even if they’ve kicked the habit, some Boomers will hold onto ornate ashtrays, although they’re more for decor now. These ceramic ashtrays are usually beautifully crafted and make us think about days gone by when you’d see smoking pretty much everywhere. But these days, most people use them to hold their keys or loose change.

Green From the ‘70s

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Houseplants that were popular in the 1970s, like spider plants and philodendrons, are still thriving in most Boomer homes. They’ll take care of these plants like they’re a part of the family because they like the process of watering and watching them grow. And sprucing up your home with a bit of green also has some psychological benefits.

Old-School Partying

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Fondue sets used to be the highlight of every dinner party, and you might see them in some Boomer kitchens. They’ll get them out for special occasions, turning them into a retro dining experience. After all, there’s nothing quite like melting cheese or chocolate and sharing it with your family.

Totally Groovy

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Some Boomers will still use lava lamps to light up their spaces, and who can blame them? These groovy gadgets are a blast from the past that’s like none of the lighting options we’ve got today. If you want to add a splash of color or warmth to any space, a lava lamp will give you all that and more. 

Hearty Meals Made Easy

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Crockpots are a great way to create comfort foods that you can leave all day to simmer. Instead of just putting them in an air fryer, Boomers dump the ingredients in the morning and wait for the mouth-watering taste at the end of the day. They love coming home to a meal that tastes like you slaved over the stove, even if all you did was set it and forget it.

Collectible Kitsch

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Many Boomers keep their metal lunchboxes as cool keepsakes from back in the day. They’ve usually got pictures on them of old superheroes or pop bands that have long since ended, reminding Boomers of their school days. They might’ve just been for carrying food, but now, they’re time capsules of childhood.

Heirlooms On Display

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For Boomers, china cabinets are like a mini-museum, where special dishes come out for the big holidays or when it’s time for a fancy dinner. They keep these traditions going to make their modern homes feel connected to their past. After all, it’s always nice seeing things on display so elegantly.

Pop of Color

Editorial credit: Joe Crawford / Wikimedia Commons /CC BY 2.0

Most younger people have no clue what blacklight posters are, but many Boomers still have them. Under UV light, these posters make any room pop with wild colors, and they’re a throwback to when things had a bit more edge. They’re sure to start a conversation about the “good old days.”

Click, Print, Enjoy

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Boomers had a blast with instant cameras, especially since taking pictures that pop out ready in minutes used to seem so futuristic. You can share a photo with them on the spot, no matter if you’re at a party or a family get-together. Each photo is a physical memory of a moment they can reminisce about at any time.

CB Radios

Editorial credit: Junglecat /Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Whenever some Boomers hit the road, they’ll get out their CB radios to get a feel for that old road trip magic. As long as there are other CB users out there, they’ll be able to keep talking and get the scoop on traffic. Or better yet, they’ll share some laughs with their fellow truckers and travelers alike.

Tunes for Road

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Speaking of the road, some Boomers still rock their old Walkmans, complete with classic cassettes, and get lost in the music. They like taking a break from the rush of today’s digital world with their own personal music bubble. It gives them the thrill of listening to their favorite albums from start to finish without all that extra nonsense on streaming.

Vintage Vibes

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To some people, travel trunks are just practical things that you’ll tuck away in the closet when you’re done, but not for Boomers. For them, these trunks are part of the decor, and they’ll use them as end tables or something similar. They add a bit of character to any room by making it look a little more lived-in.

Timeless Touch

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There’s something special about writing with a quill pen, and some Boomers can’t get enough of it. Perhaps it’s the process of writing each word carefully, or maybe it’s the feel of ink flowing onto paper. Either way, it turns something as simple as writing down a note into a moment to flex your creative muscles.

A Cut Above

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Some Boomers prefer the old-school charm of using a rotary lawn mower to any of the newfangled ones we’ve got today. They like the quiet clacking sound and the way they can feel the cut when they’re keeping the lawn tidy. Plus, it’s an easy way to get outside and get moving, which is especially important when you’re older.

Time Capsules

Editorial credit: Cacio Murilo / Shutterstock.

Who doesn’t love looking at old photos? But Boomers would much rather use 35mm slide carousels to revisit the past, and they love setting up the old projector for a family slide show. It’s a way of coming together to share stories and remember those classic moments, which you just can’t get from a photos app. 

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