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Thanks to the Economy, These 18 Jobs Are Dying Out Completely

It’s no secret that job markets are changing, but lately, it feels like we’re on a whole new level. With so many advances in technology and changes in the economy, even the most popular jobs are starting to fade into the background. Today, we’re looking at 18 jobs that are disappearing and why they’re doing this.

Coal Miners

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As lots of people are so eco-conscious today, coal is the odd one out when it comes to energy sources. It’s messy, not great for the environment, and, quite frankly, getting too expensive. Coal mining jobs are becoming rare, and many of these workers might have to reconsider getting jobs in the solar and wind energy markets instead.


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Big agricultural companies are dominating the farming market, which has made it hard for small-time farmers to keep up. They’ve got to fight the high prices of seeds while also dealing with supermarket deals that seem to favor the big guys. It’s a tough situation for many farmers, and it means that their jobs might be extinct in a few years’ time.

Travel Agents

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Back in the day, planning a vacation meant sitting down with your travel agent and letting them do all the heavy lifting, but not anymore. Thanks to sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor, anyone with an internet connection can be their own travel agent. We’re seeing fewer travel agent desks and more people creating their dream vacations on their own laptops.

Print Journalists

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Think about the last time that you picked up a newspaper. It’s probably been a while, right? More people are reading the news online, which has made things harder for print journalists as newspapers have gone completely digital. Even small-town papers have moved online, meaning that traditional print journalism is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Bank Tellers

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There used to be a time when you had to visit the bank to deposit a check, although now, you can do it all from your phone. Just take a picture, verify the amount, and it’ll be in your account within the next few days. As a result, bank tellers are becoming a rare breed as more of us do everything online since it’s far more convenient.

Textile Workers

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In America, textile jobs are getting harder to find. Why? Because it’s a lot cheaper for companies to make clothes and other goods in other countries as they can pay their workers lower wages. This means they can make more without spending as much, and it’s really hurting the homegrown textile industry.

Postal Workers

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Email and online communication have pretty much eliminated traditional mail entirely because there’s not as much stuff to deliver anymore. Companies like Amazon are even starting to use drones to deliver their packages, which is bad news for postal workers. Soon enough, this job will probably disappear completely.

Video Store Clerks

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Instead of Blockbuster nights, people would rather watch Netflix and stay at home. The rise of streaming services has pretty much wiped out video rental stores and, with them, all of those video store clerks. Of course, it’s sad to say goodbye, but who doesn’t love being able to watch what they want when they want?

Manufacturing Workers

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Automation is all the rage these days, and manufacturing is no different. Why pay a person when a robot can do the same work 24/7 without a break? While it’s certainly making the production lines more efficient, it’s not great for the people who used to work on them. Many factories are investing in this technology and it’s pushing actual humans out.

Taxi Drivers

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Today, you can just tap your phone instead of hailing a cab, which means that traditional taxi drivers are seeing fewer customers. However, even the drivers of apps like Uber and Lyft are in danger because of the rise in self-driving cars. Maybe one day, all taxis will be automated, and the job of being a driver will be completely outdated.

Data Entry Clerks

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Data entry used to require a human touch, but today, the software can handle every part of the process, including sorting forms and organizing files. This tech is quicker and less likely to make mistakes, which is why so many companies are using these software solutions. Sadly, this means there are fewer jobs for data entry clerks.

Call Center Operators

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Lots of companies are moving their call center operations overseas because labor’s a lot cheaper there. This way, they can cut costs and stay competitive in a global market. Unfortunately, call center operations in the USA are now having to compete against people who can do the same job but for a fraction of their salary.

Middle Management

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When companies face economic problems, they’ll start cutting the fat, and that usually means saying goodbye to some of the middle managers. Businesses are flattening their structures so they can save money and make decisions even faster. This has left many middle managers out of a job and trying to decide what to do in a slimmed-down corporate world.

Traditional Craftsmen

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“Handmade” should mean something special, but these days, it’s hard for traditional craftsmen to keep up with the IKEAs of the world. Cheaper and mass-produced goods are squeezing out those handcrafted pieces, as well as the people who make them. When people’s wallets get a little smaller, everyone suffers the consequences.


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Practically everyone uses spell check these days because it makes things a lot easier, although this does mean that proofreaders are losing some of their gigs. Computers are doing a lot better at correcting grammar and catching typos, while artificial intelligence knows almost exactly what we want to say. We still need proofreaders for the tough stuff, but there’s just not as much work to go around.

Meter Readers

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Since there are smart meters in practically every home now, there’s no point in having meter readers. These tools can send your utility usage straight to the company without needing someone to come to your house, which is super convenient. As such, it’s no surprise that jobs in this field are disappearing.


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More and more stores are letting us be our own cashiers with self-checkout stations, and it’s making the whole shopping process a lot easier. While the up-front cost might be high for them, hiring less staff and cutting down on waiting lines are definitely important benefits. There’ll still be a few cashiers hanging around, but not many.

Sports Coaches

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Many schools are scaling back their budgets, which means that any “non-essential” classes, like sports programs, get cut. This means fewer jobs for sports coaches because they’re usually the first to go. No matter how passionate they might be about training young athletes, there are not enough opportunities for them to do what they love.

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