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The Top 25 Cars That Thieves Can’t Resist in America

Nobody likes to imagine their ride getting stolen, but for some people, it’s an unfortunate reality. Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to stop this from happening to you, like making sure you keep it locked and fitted with an alarm. But did you know the model you have might put you at higher risk? Here are 25 of the most stolen cars in America, in no particular order.

Ford F-350 SuperCrew 4WD

Editorial credit: Fancey Media / Shutterstock.

This information comes from a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Big and bold, the Ford F-350 SuperCrew 4WD is like a magnet, and that’s mostly because it’s a beast on the road. Car thieves love those huge wheels and that beefy engine, so it’s no surprise they’re swiping it for a pretty penny.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Editorial credit: Darren Brode / Shutterstock.

Lots of people think of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat as a dream ride, and we’re not just talking about people with good intentions. People looking to make a quick buck or go for a joyride love its roaring engine and sleek design. Add in its horsepower that turns heads, and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect stolen car.


Editorial credit: NothingIsEverything / Shutterstock.

The BMX X6 4WD gives you the best of both worlds with luxury and power, so it’s no surprise it’s such a hot target. Its flashy appearance and pricey gadgets make it the kind of car that stands out in a crowd and in a chop shop. Many thieves know they can turn a hefty profit from its high-tech features and parts.

Nissan Maxima

Editorial credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.

The Nissan Maxima is a pretty popular car, and people are always looking for parts, which makes it a favorite on the streets. On the underground market, they’ll pay quite a bit for its engine and electronics. But it’s not just on the inside, as the car makes for a sporty and smooth ride, too.

Kia Forte

Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

It’s small, but the Kia Forte is proof that powerful things can come in small packages. Honestly, its size is what many criminals like because it means that you can see it everywhere and snatch it in the blink of an eye. Any thieves looking for a less obvious target that’ll still give them good returns will probably go for the Kia Forte.

Dodge Challenger

Editorial credit: Aspects and Angles / Shutterstock.

Who doesn’t love a classic? The Dodge Challenger is the perfect example since its iconic look and powerful engine make it a steal, literally. People always love classic American muscle cars that they can sell for a premium, and the Dodge Challenger is certainly no different. It gets everybody’s heart racing.

Honda CR-V

Editorial credit: FeelGoodLuck / Shutterstock.

Honda CR-V is a pretty popular model on the parking lot, but it’s also got plenty of fans on the black market. It doesn’t matter if it’s the whole car or just bits and pieces because thieves are always looking to get their hands on one. Why is it so popular? It’s mostly because it’s so reliable, especially for families.

Infiniti Q50

Editorial credit: Kinyakinph / Shutterstock.

The Infiniti Q50 is definitely a luxury car, so it’s no surprise so many thieves snatch it up for its fancy tech and smooth ride. Its advanced engine parts are an absolute goldmine for them because they can sell these parts at a pretty high price. If you’ve got one, you’ll need to take extra care to keep it away from any high-tech theft rings.

Ram 3500 Crew Cab Long-wheelbase 4WD

Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

The Ram 3500 Crew Cab Long-wheelbase 4WD is powerful, but it’s also very profitable. The truck is an absolute beast, and many car thieves know they can get a good price for its massive parts, like its engine and transmission. Even if they don’t get their hands on the full thing, just getting one of these parts is enough to turn a huge profit.

Ford F-250 SuperCrew 4WD

Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

Like its bigger brother, the Ford F-250 SuperCrew 4WD is a hot one for car thieves because it looks tough and has some pretty valuable parts. They love the fact it’s got so much to offer in resales, especially since it’s so big and pricey. They’ll often strip its heavy-duty parts and sell them in the automobile black market where the demand is always high.

Land Rover Ranger Rover 4WD

Editorial credit: Brandon Woyshnis / Shutterstock.

Nothing says “steal me” like a luxury SUV, and the Land Rover Ranger Rover 4WD is perfect for a high-class heist. But that’s not the only thing that catches a criminal’s eye, as they can get some good money from reselling its parts, too. It’s no wonder this model is a favorite for luxury car thieves.


Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

What do you get when you pack a huge SUV with the latest technology? You get the BMX X7 4WD, of course, and it’s a big hit with the wrong crowd as well. Many thieves steal it because those fancy parts will bring in some serious cash, and this car’s a beast both on the road and in the resale market.

Honda Accord

Editorial credit: ANAID studio / Shutterstock.

If you’re a car fan, you’ll probably know that the Honda Accord is one of the most reliable cars around, which is probably why it’s got a target on its back, too. Thieves are always after it because there’s always someone looking for parts. It’s a car that’s easy to sell on and, unfortunately, just as easy to steal.

Kia Sportage

Editorial credit: Gabriel Nica / Shutterstock.

Thieves have a soft spot for the Kia Sportage because it’s a reliable, valuable car that often flies under the radar. It’s also pretty profitable to steal because its parts sell like hotcakes on the black market. For these thieves, it’s the perfect crime vehicle because it’s easy to snatch and easier to sell.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 4WD

Editorial credit: SS 360 / Shutterstock.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport 4WD is a mix of luxury and high performance, making it a real favorite for car thieves. They can strip its luxury parts on the underground market for some big money, especially since it’s such a sophisticated ride. Anyone who steals it knows they’ll make some pretty high returns.

Infiniti Q50 4W

Editorial credit: Kazick / Shutterstock.

The Infiniti Q50 4W is a vehicle that attracts thieves like bees to honey. It’s an all-wheel drive with a slick performance that’s a real joy to drive which is why it’s such a hit in the world of car criminals. They know people are always looking to buy its high-performance parts, and they get a good price for it.

Kia Rio

Editorial credit: DVector / Shutterstock.

Most people probably think the Kia Rio doesn’t look like much, but it’s an absolute superstar in the grand world of car theft. Most people don’t usually guard it very well, even though it’s affordable and popular, so it’s a go-to for any thief who wants a quick and easy job. And since it’s so small, they can offload it pretty quickly, too.

Dodge Charger HEMI

Editorial credit: Kirill_ak_ white / Shutterstock.

If there’s a Dodge Charger HEMI in your neighborhood, then you can bet thieves are eyeing it up. Why? Because it’s got some serious muscle and might, making it a favorite for thrill rides and anyone looking to sell some pricey parts. Just its engine alone is something that can make them some good money in the chop shop.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

Thieves are all over the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, and it’s not really that surprising since it’s built so tough. Its parts last a long time, and they bring in some serious dollars on the resale market. Forget this car’s rugged charm because criminals are in love with the strength of its parts.

Toyota Camry

Editorial credit: Brylynskyi / Shutterstock.

The Toyota Camry is a reliable car, but unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing. Since it’s the bestselling passenger car in the country, people are always looking to buy parts for it, which means it’s attractive to thieves. Quick flips in the parts market mean this car’s always getting the wrong kind of attention.

Subaru Forester

Editorial credit: Valdis Skudre / Shutterstock.

If you’ve got a Subaru Forester, you need to make sure you keep it locked up tight because thieves are on the lookout for this one. It’s one of those cars where you know you’re getting something that’ll last, and that includes its parts. Its all-wheel-drive system, for example, turns heads in the black market, and that’s why it’s a hot pick for turning a quick profit.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

Is it really that surprising that a Chevy is on this list? The Chevrolet Tahoe has a lot going for it, such as its size and power. But they’re not the only things thieves love, as they’re also looking to steal its stash of valuable parts. Once they get their hands on it, they’ll likely get a good profit from the parts.

Ford Mustang

Editorial credit: Tupungato / Shutterstock.

The Ford Mustang is probably the ultimate American muscle car, which is why it’s on so many thieves’s lists. They love its powerful engines because they’ve got such good performance and resale value. But that’s not all, as the car’s iconic hood and spoiler are also big hits on the chop shop.

Volkswagen Jetta

Editorial credit: Darren Brode / Shutterstock.

People around the world love the Volkswagen Jetta, including criminals, and that’s mostly because it has some pretty efficient engines. They also want to get their hands on its high-tech infotainment systems and transmission components because they can put them in a bunch of different VW models. If they steal it in America, they can quickly sell it in any international market.

GMC Sierra 1500

Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a handsome truck, and it’s become popular for its powerful V8 engines and transmission. Even its aluminum wheels are pretty valuable, which is why it’s such a target for thieves. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the suburbs or a rural area because this car’s a huge victim of vehicle theft.

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