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18 Phrases You Should Avoid Saying to Legal Gun Owners

Debates around gun ownership in the United States can become heated very quickly, with people with opposing views passionate about their views on gun law. While it is good to listen to differing views, there are certain things that no legal gun owner wants to hear, including these 18 phrases:

“Guns are The Problem”

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One hundred seventeen thousand three hundred forty-five people are shot in the US every year, which indicates a significant problem with gun crime. Gun owners acknowledge that there is an issue but can’t engage in the argument that it is the gun that is the issue as it is an inanimate object. Instead, gun owners believe that mental health problems and poor socioeconomic status are driving people to misuse guns. 

“We Need Gun Free Zones”

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While a “gun-free zone” is ideal on paper, the truth is that most shootings happen in so-called “gun-free zones.” People who want to misuse guns to threaten and hurt people are not going to check for signs to see if they have permission to use a gun. 

“You’re Paranoid.”

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Many gun owners are accused of being paranoid, but they take extreme offense at this statement. Not all gun owners are looking out of their windows every five minutes; most want to have protection in their homes if anything were to threaten them.

“Why Do You Need a Gun?”

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To ask a gun owner why they need a gun is to ask them why you believe in free speech, according to proponents of firearms. There are a multitude of reasons people own a gun, and when they are legally allowed to do so, they feel they don’t need to explain to anyone who asks. 

“The Second Amendment is Outdated”

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Accusing the Constitution of being “outdated” can lead to an argument that every other bill is outdated. Proponents of gun law feel that people who take a stab at the Second Amendment are being dismissive and unpatriotic. 

“Only the Police Should Have Guns”

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Not all gun owners have faith in the police to protect them and their homes, and others believe that police themselves can misuse weapons. Instead, families who have had guns in their homes for centuries put faith in their abilities. 

“Assault Weapon Bans Work”

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Gun owners argue that it is not always easy to define an assault weapon, which could lead to the wrong guns being banned. Owners also point out that there is little evidence that banning assault weapons makes a difference in gun crime rates. 

“You Shouldn’t Have a Gun if You Have Kids”

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If one sentence makes gun owners explode with rage, it is the accusation that they willingly give their child a gun to hold. While there will be some gun owners who teach their young children to use a gun, they take care to do it safely and monitor access to their guns at all times. 

“Only Criminals Have Guns”

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Many gun owners have not even fired their gun, never mind using it for criminality. They argue that if all gun owners were criminals, then the high shooting rate would well exceed the current numbers, and prisons would be packed to the brim. 

“You Must Be Obsessed”

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Not all gun owners are nuts about their guns; some purchase them for security and lock them away without further thought. Others own guns for their work and are pretty happy to leave talk of guns behind when they get home. 

“You’re Part of the Problem.”

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To be accused of being complicit in the high gun crime rates and deaths by shooting is insulting to many gun owners. They say that they abide by the law and use their guns responsibly, so they should not have to listen to such outlandish statements. 

“’Guns Kill People.”

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It is, of course, true that firearms can kill, but it is not all they are used for. While criminals are actively looking to harm with their guns, most gun owners are using them as a deterrent for crime and work purposes, such as farming. 

“It’s Too Easy to Get a Gun”

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Legal gun owners stress how important it is for them to provide the correct documentation before being allowed to take a gun home. Background checks and waiting periods are essential under federal and state laws. 

“ You Want to Hurt People”

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Gun owners do not actively want to hurt people; they do not want people to hurt them. Research has found that 72% of people own a gun to protect themselves and do not consciously want to hurt people. 

“’You must be a Republican.”

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While 45% of Republicans own guns compared to 25% of Democrats, not all Republicans do so. Gun ownership is apparent across the political sphere, so people should not make assumptions. 

“You’re Compensating for Something”

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Telling a gun owner that they are trying to make up for other areas of their life they are insecure with is seen as petty. Gun owners argue that people need to bring more to the table if they are to win any argument on gun control. 

“You Are Just Showing Off”

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When gun owners are accused of showing off, they have only one answer, “I am just trying to protect my family.” In reality, guns have to be locked safely away, and most owners do not get them out often.

“They Are a Waste of Money”

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People who buy expensive, high-quality guns are accused of being frivolous with their money. Gin owners say they are doing their best to protect themselves and want a reliable gun of good quality. 

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