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21 Ways Gen Z Is Transforming the American Political Scene

Gen Z is stepping onto the political stage with an entirely new perspective! Using their smartphones and social media skills, this generation is going to rewrite the rulebook on politics, according to a Tufts research paper. Let’s look at 21 ways that Gen Z is changing American politics, one TikTok at a time.

Digital Platforms for Activism

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Forget town halls – Gen Z’s making their protests happen on TikTok and Instagram. You might think they just use social media for selfies, but it’s so much more than that. It’s also a powerful tool for activism, spreading awareness about issues from climate change to social justice faster than any news outlet could.

Prioritizing Climate Change

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For Gen Z, climate change is an urgent call to action. They’re pushing politicians to adopt greener policies, and they’re making personal lifestyle choices to help the planet. They’re also the ones turning thrift shopping into a trendy art, proving that sustainability can also be about rocking vintage styles better than your grandparents ever did.

Investing in Renewable Energy

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But they’re not just talking about saving the planet – they’re putting their money where their mouth is. This generation believes in renewable energy sources like solar and wind. They’re leading the charge toward a sustainable future by trying to make governments and corporations follow suit.

Championing Mental Health

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Gen Z is loud and proud about mental health. They’re breaking down stigmas and supporting mental health policies. Gen Z knows it’s okay not to be okay, and they want the political world to listen. They’re the generation that will happily share their therapy wins on social media and are trying to make personal growth into a community achievement.

Diverse Representation Matters

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This generation values diversity as a fundamental principle. Many Gen-Zers support more inclusive representation in politics so that everyone’s voice, regardless of their race, gender, or sexuality, is heard. It makes sense they feel this way – research from the Pew Research Center shows that they’re more diverse than any other generation before them.

Pushing for Gun Control

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Gen Z has grown up in a time of frequent school shootings, and they’re fed up. Many of them support stricter gun control laws and don’t want to accept school shootings as a normal part of American life. They’d rather learn algebra than how to hide under a desk, and they’re not shy about telling that to anyone who’ll listen.

Rethinking Higher Education

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Skyrocketing tuition costs? Gen Z says ‘no thanks.’ Many of them are questioning the value of traditional four-year colleges. Instead, they’re exploring alternatives like trade schools, online courses, and gap years. Don’t be surprised if they make backpacking or coding boot camps the new ivy-covered halls of wisdom.

Student Loan Reform

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Plus, those who do decide to go to college aren’t fans of drowning in student debt. Lots of them support significant reforms in student loan policies, including forgiveness programs and lower interest rates. At the same time, they’re also trying to make their peers more financially literate so they understand the consequences of debt first.

Economic Reform on the Horizon

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Tired of watching the rich get richer, Gen Z supports economic reforms for a fairer distribution of wealth. They’re supporting policies that address income inequality and provide greater opportunities for everyone. Despite what people say, Gen Z knows that avocado toast isn’t the reason they can’t afford a house, and they’re ready to make a change.

Healthcare for All

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Gen Z sees healthcare as a right, not a privilege. Lots of them support universal healthcare systems so that everyone, no matter their financial situation, has access to the medical care they need. Research from the World Economic Forum shows that they’re healthier than other generations, but they’re also not getting the healthcare services they want.

Taking Tech Companies to Task

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Gen Z might have grown up on tech, but they’re also worried about privacy breaches and misinformation. They demand transparency and accountability from these tech companies. They’re the digital natives who will put a company on blast over their unethical practices in one moment while posting a selfie in the next!

Supporting Immigrant Rights

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Gen Z also supports immigrant rights, and they’re pushing for policies that give protection and support to those seeking a better life in the U.S. Unlike other generations, they believe in building bridges, not walls. This is the generation that understands the idea of a melting pot, and they believe the recipe is better with more flavors in it.

A New Take on National Security

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For Gen Z, national security goes beyond military might. It also includes cybersecurity, climate change, and pandemics. They’re calling on leaders to adapt to the new challenges of the 21st century. Gen Z knows you can’t win a cyber war with tanks and that climate change is the real “enemy” that knows no borders.

Breaking the Two-Party Mold

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Fed up with the limitations of a two-party system, Gen Z is exploring third-party candidates and other movements. They’re not afraid to challenge the status quo to get what they want. Many members of this generation support electoral reforms like ranked-choice voting to give third-party candidates a fair chance. 

LGBTQ+ Rights Front and Center

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Gen Z is a fierce supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, fighting for equality and acceptance in all areas of society. Love is love, and they’re making sure the laws reflect that. They’re also pushing for more comprehensive anti-discrimination laws and policies to address the needs of the transgender community so that everyone can live without fear.

Racial Justice Is Non-Negotiable

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Likewise, this generation has no patience for racism. They’re using their platforms to support Black Lives Matter to address systemic racism and ensure justice for all. Of course, it isn’t just social media – Gen Z knows they need more than hashtags to make a change. They also need to have deep, sometimes uncomfortable conversations.

Diplomacy Over Warfare

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Gen Z prefers diplomacy and dialogue over conflict and war. They’ve consistently supported peaceful solutions to international disputes, believing in the power of conversation to resolve differences. Instead of military spending, this generation would prefer for governments to reallocate resources towards education, healthcare, and environmental protection.

The Power of Youth Leadership

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Gen Z isn’t waiting for an invitation to the political table. They’re running for office, starting nonprofits, and leading campaigns to bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to some of America’s most pressing issues. It’s pretty clear – age is just a number when it comes to making a difference.

Challenges in Voting

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However, unlike Millennials, Gen Z has some unique hurdles when it comes to voting. A large number of them haven’t registered to vote because they don’t know how to – or because they’ve had issues with registration. It seems there needs to be a lot of work to make voter education and support more accessible.

The Battle Against Time and Forgetfulness

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Speaking of voting, almost half of Gen-Zers said they either forgot or were too busy to vote! It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they’re not good at remembering to vote. Can you blame them? They are the youngest generation of eligible voters, after all! Maybe there needs to be more reminders for them.

A Different Kind of Political Engagement

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Even with these challenges, Gen Z still cares a lot about voting. In fact, it seems they believe in it more than other generations – a lot fewer Gen-Zers feel their votes don’t matter compared to Millennials. They’re also less likely to make their political beliefs part of their political identity. Instead, they just see it as a way to make a change.

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