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25 Modern Taboos That Used To Be Normal

Remember the days when asking personal questions at work was okay, or not wearing seatbelts was the norm? It’s weird to think about how some things we once saw as ordinary have become huge no-nos in our modern world. Today, we’re looking at 25 things that are complete social taboos today but used to be perfectly acceptable.

Discussing Salaries

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Back in the day, talking about how much money you made wasn’t a big deal. But today, asking someone about their paycheck in the break room can make things super awkward, super fast. It’s meant to help keep things a little more private, but we can’t help but wonder if it’s also stopping us from being paid fairly too. 

Asking Personal Questions at Work

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Speaking of work, asking someone, “Are you married?” or “Are you planning on kids?” used to feel like friendly chit-chat. Today, though, asking these same questions can land in some hot water. We’ve become a lot more careful about keeping our personal lives separate from our jobs so that everyone feels comfortable and respected.

Staying Disconnected

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To some people, the idea of telling another person that you’ll get back to their text tomorrow is utterly outrageous. But there was a time when being offline wasn’t just expected, it was the norm, unlike today’s world where everyone’s connected. Being hard to reach can really throw people for a loop these days.

Not Having a Cell Phone

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Similarly, there was a time when not having a cell phone was completely fine. If you haven’t got one now, then people think you’re basically from another planet. Being without a phone means you’re missing out on calls and out of the loop with lots of other things, which is why only 1% of Americans don’t have a cell phone.

Using Gendered Language

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Once upon a time, there was “he” and “she” and nothing else. Now, we’ve got plenty of more gender identities that many people insist on using, like “they” for singular people, among other ones. If you don’t, it can come off as rude or even disrespectful, which can cause all sorts of problems. 

Not Wearing Seatbelts

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There was a time when not wearing a seatbelt was both normal and legal. Back then, we didn’t have anywhere near as many safety requirements as we do today, so it was totally up to you if you wanted to wear your seatbelt. But both attitudes and the law have changed since then, meaning it’s now a legal requirement.

Ignoring Climate Change

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In the past, lots of people brushed off climate change as a “future problem” because it was just something for the next generation to worry about. But not anymore. Nowadays, being eco-conscious is the norm, and refusing to do your part is guaranteed to get you some angry looks, at best.

Eating Red Meat

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A big juicy steak used to be the centerpiece of every dinner table without a second thought. Although people still eat red meat, today, people are a lot more concerned about how eating it can affect both our health and the planet. Many people are also worried about animal rights and cutting down on it if they’re not part of the 10% skipping it completely.

Leaving Children Unsupervised

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Gone are the days when kids walked around the neighborhood alone until it got dark. Now, even letting your kids out of sight for too long can get you some funny looks or, worse, a call from a concerned neighbor. We’re much more aware of the dangers out there and are trying to be more proactive about child safety.

Using Disposable Plastics

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There used to be a time when nobody even questioned the idea of using plastic plates and cups for everything because they were just so darn handy. But times have changed quite a bit and even having those single-use plastics is enough to get you an earful. Lots of people are trying to get us to use reusable stuff to reduce our plastic footprints. 

Nonconsensual Touching

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If someone got a little too “handsy” in public, most people would expect you to just brush it off because it was just a bit of friendly banter. But today, people care a lot more about respecting personal space, and touching without asking is a huge red flag. You’ve got to ask the other person first, no matter who they are.

Cash Only

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It’s not too long ago that carrying a stack of cash was completely normal, especially since it was much faster than paying by check. Fast-forward to today’s world, and digital’s the way to go, making cash almost obsolete. Of course, stores still accept cash, but don’t be surprised if people start sighing when you whip out those dollar bills instead of a card.

Ignoring Mental Health

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Talking about mental health used to be a taboo topic and something that people just kept under wraps. Thankfully, things have changed, and many of us recognize that taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Ignoring what’s going on up there is a huge mistake that can cause you serious physical and mental problems.

Sending Unsolicited Job Applications 

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We used to think that sending your resume to every company under the sun was a way of taking initiative. But with LinkedIn and online job boards, mailing unsolicited applications can come across as desperate or even intrusive. Companies prefer that you follow their process, which makes things a lot simpler and shows that you can follow directions.

Letting Kids Walk Alone

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Walking to school by yourself as a kid was just a normal part of growing up. Although there are still some kids that do it, most people might be worried if you let your kid go by themselves. It doesn’t come from a bad place, though, as we’re just trying to make sure that our kids are a little safer.

Sunbathing Without Sunscreen

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It used to be completely normal to catch some rays without worrying about putting on some sunscreen. After all, how else would you get that sun-kissed glow? But now, we know all about the dangers of skin cancer and premature aging, so heading out without lathering up SPF is practically a sin.

Throwing Rice at Weddings

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One of the most popular wedding traditions around used to be tossing rice at the newlyweds as they ran to their getaway car. But it turns out that that’s not so great for the birds who start snacking on it afterward, so many people will go for bird-safe bubbles or biodegradable confetti instead.

Waiting a Week to Return a Call

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In the days of landlines, taking a week to return a call was not a big deal. After all, if it was important, you’d get back to them right away. Unfortunately, since everyone’s just a text away nowadays, waiting that long or not communicating instantly makes you seem rude or like you don’t care.

Drinking Coffee All Day

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Not too long ago, it was pretty normal to see someone drinking coffee all day long, refilling it whenever they could. But now, we’re a lot more aware of how too much caffeine can be bad for us, and we’re sticking to decaf or even herbal teas. Many people want to lower their caffeine intake so they can stay healthier.

Not Wearing a Helmet While Biking

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If there wasn’t a lot of traffic, we used to think that meant you didn’t need to wear a helmet when you were biking. Yet, with so many cars on the road now and more safety awareness, you could get some funny looks from not wearing a helmet. It doesn’t matter if you cycle regularly or just casually because you should always be strapped up when you’re on your bike.

Opening Doors for Others

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People used to think that holding the door open was a polite gesture that showed someone was the finest gentleman. While many people still appreciate it, some think it’s patronizing or even sexist because it suggests the other person can’t do it themselves. Don’t be surprised if someone gets mad when you do it.

Printing Everything

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In a time when you did everything on paper, printing our emails or documents was just a part of office life. But as people have started to become more eco-conscious, many of us would rather do things digitally instead of saving some paper. Plus, it’s a lot quicker to send a document to sign over via email than to print it out.

Bringing Up Politics at Family Gatherings

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Talking politics at family dinners wasn’t always so divisive because everyone had their team, and it was game on. But today, talking about politics is a quick way to start an argument, and it’s something you just don’t do anymore. These days, we’d rather keep the peace and focus on the things that bring us together.

Using Plastic Straws

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It’s weird to think that plastic straws aren’t really a thing anymore as they used to be so common. With everyone jumping on the eco-conscious bandwagon, plastic straws have been replaced by greener alternatives, like paper. But let’s be real, none of them are anywhere near as good as plastic and could actually be worse for the environment.

Not Voting in Elections

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Once upon a time, skipping out on voting in elections was completely your prerogative. If you didn’t want to do it, that was totally okay, but not anymore. People care a lot about civic duty and exercising their rights, so if you don’t show up, you might get some backlash from those around you.

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