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25 Reasons Drivers Refuse to Embrace Electric Cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) seem like they’re all the rage at the moment, but they’re not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, quite a few people are refusing to get one. Why? That’s what we’re here to find out, as we’re looking at 25 reasons why people are choosing not to get an EV.

The Price Tag

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Electric cars feel more like electric gold when you look at those price tags. They say they’ll save you on gas, but that upfront cost is a pretty tough pill to swallow. And when you’re weighing the pros and cons at the dealership, those long-term savings might not seem so convincing anymore.

Extra Costs

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But it’s not just the up-front cost that’s expensive, as even charging it at home can be pricey given how costly electricity is now. If you’re relying on public chargers, the cost savings over gas soon start to wear thin. It’s hardly the incentive that people were hoping for, and it’s causing some of them to avoid making the big switch.

Where Do I Plug It In?

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It’s pretty annoying having to look around for an EV charging station, especially if you’re living somewhere with more cows than charging points. And when you’re planning a trip? Well, good luck because then you’ve got to plan your entire route according to where these charging stations are.

The Battery Life

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We’ve all had those times when we feel nervous that our phone’s going to die before we make it home. Imagine that’s your car. EV batteries are huge, and replacing them costs a pretty penny, so it’s no wonder that some people are wary. If you’re using your vehicle for long-haul drives, then this can be a real deal-breaker.

Watching Paint Dry

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Filling up your gas tank is pretty quick, but charging an EV? Let’s just say that watching some paint dry is probably faster, as sometimes it can take 30 minutes, while other times it can take more than 12 hours. This waiting game can be a serious buzzkill when you’re itching to get on the road.

Choices, Choices…Not Really

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Some people are into cars that stand out, and, unfortunately, the EV scene has got them feeling limited. With electric vehicles, the variety just isn’t there yet. If you’ve got a specific look or feature in mind, good luck because the options are a bit on the lean side. Maybe one day, there’ll be some better choices out there.

The Electricity

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Lots of people love EVs because they’re apparently cleaner, and they’re not wrong. According to the New York Times, they usually make fewer emissions that are bad for our planet, but there’s a bit of a catch. If the power charging your car comes from fossil fuels, well, that’s not exactly clean and makes the apparent greenness of it all seem a little pointless. 

What About Mother Earth?

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Similarly, an EV’s batteries aren’t what we’d call green either because disposing of or recycling them is quite difficult. Some EV companies will try to reuse the batteries, but since the technology’s still very early, the ways of doing this aren’t perfect. Sadly, sometimes, the batteries just get dumped in a landfill.

Cold Feet

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Have doubts about EVs handling extreme weather? You’re not alone. Despite being powerful, some people are worried they won’t keep up when it gets too hot or cold, which can put a bit of a chill on the excitement of it all. If your hometown’s weather likes to keep you on your toes, you’re probably going to avoid getting one of these.

The Cost of Insurance

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Getting your EV covered might take more out of your pocket than you thought because those high-tech parts come with a hefty price tag. And when they need fixing? Good luck. At first glance, EVs seem like they’ll save you money from not paying for gas, but there are a ton of hidden costs you’ve got to think about.

Seldom Second Hand

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If you’re looking for a deal on a used electric car, then keep dreaming. There aren’t many out there, and this makes it pretty hard to get one at a good price. Anyone who’s on a budget and looking to get an EV is going to struggle unless they’re prepared to empty their wallets at the same time.

Misunderstanding Maintenance

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Here’s one that’s more of a misunderstanding than anything. Some people think EVs are high maintenance, which technically isn’t true because they’re a lot easier to look after than your old gas guzzler. Unfortunately, some people still believe this myth and avoid buying one because they’re worried there’ll be too many tech troubles.

New Tech, Who Dis?

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Speaking of tech, it can be pretty overwhelming when you first step foot into the EV world because all that technology isn’t for everyone. Unless you’re someone who keeps up to date with it all, switching to something so modern might not appeal to you. It’s no surprise so many people would rather stick to the familiar.

Changing Your Routine

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Getting an electric car means you’ve got to change how you refuel. Forget about those last-minute dashes to the gas station because you’ve now got to plan your charging sessions ahead of time. This might not sit well with everyone, especially if you’re someone who’s used to being a little more spontaneous.

Tax Breaks

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Some people think the tax breaks from EVs will make them more affordable and they’re not wrong. But the rules are always changing, so while you’re saving a lot one year, the tax break might not be so big the next year. This flip-flopping doesn’t make the switch to electric seem any more tempting.

Power Grid Paranoia

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Other people are worried about what might happen if too many of us get an EV, as they fear it could overwhelm the power grid. Could our current setup handle it, or would it cause blackouts and other issues? It’s questions like these that are making some people wonder if our grid really is ready for an electric future.

Aging Like…What?

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It’s all well and good thinking about how great EVs could be right now, but what about in a few years? Technology changes all the time, and today’s hot new EV could be a dinosaur by tomorrow. Some people aren’t sure if they can future-proof these investments, which is making them avoid EVs altogether.

Finding a Mechanic

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It’s difficult enough to find a good mechanic who’s not going to overcharge you for a gas vehicle, but finding someone who can do the same for an EV is even harder. And if you’re living in a more rural area, car maintenance goes from routine to stressful. Add in the fear of being left on an empty road with a malfunctioning EV, and it’s no wonder people are unsure.

Too Quiet

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Sure, EVs are a lot quieter than gas cars, but that’s not always a good thing. Since they’re so quiet, this can catch pedestrians and cyclists off guard, leading to all kinds of accidents. Some people are asking if companies should add artificial noise to EVs to let anyone nearby know they’re there, but that kind of defeats the whole point of them being quiet.

Fears of the Electromagnetic Field

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It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but some people are genuinely worried about EVs creating electromagnetic fields. The research shows that it can affect people in EVs and their tech, although the jury’s out on the dangers of this. Either way, it’s enough to make people back out from buying one.

Home Charging 

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One of the biggest hurdles is having to charge your EV at home, which is much more difficult if you’re living in an older building or somewhere without dedicated parking. Now, charging your car while you sleep is more of a headache than a convenience. If we’re going to make EVs more accessible, we need to start by marking at-home charging points more common.

The Love for Gas

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Of course, for some people, there’s no real reason why they don’t want to get an EV other than that they simply prefer gas vehicles. After all, the experience of driving a traditional car is very different from an EV, and this emotional attachment stops some people from switching over. Sometimes, familiar things have something we just can’t explain.

Come and Go

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Lots of EV companies come and go pretty quickly, which makes it tough to know who’ll still be around in a few years. For some buyers, this gives them cold feet because they’re not sure if the brand will last long enough to support their vehicle. After all, do you want to have a car that nobody knows how to fix?

The Supply Chain Situation

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Global supply chain problems can cause major issues for EV production, and delays in getting the latest model can cause some people to lose interest in getting one. For others, it can become a major roadblock. Sometimes, it can even push buyers back toward traditional cars since the gas car industry is a little more reliable. 

No Standard

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Even charging an EV is difficult because there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to DC fast-charging ports. It’s even worse when you need to charge your car ASAP, and the only station around doesn’t fit your car. This is a major cause of “range anxiety” and why some people are thinking twice about ditching their gas guzzlers.

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