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25 Things America Does Better Than Any Other Nation

We all know that America’s the greatest country in the world, but have you ever stopped to think about just what makes our country so great? We’ve been leading the pack in several different ways, and we’ve got 25 of them for you here. Get ready to find out just why our nation takes the top spot.

Entertainment Industry

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Who doesn’t love Hollywood? It’s where all the best blockbusters are made, including superhero flicks and thrillers. Hollywood knows how to keep us entertained and coming back for more. Even if you’re not a movie fan, you can’t deny that our TV shows have also gone global and created fans in every corner of the world.

Movie Special Effects

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Speaking of movies, we’ve all seen a movie that’s blown us away because of the special effects. And usually, that’s some American magic at work because our hard-working Hollywood staff can turn impossible visions into on-screen reality. They’re able to make every frame and pixel look like a masterpiece.

Technological Inventions

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Whenever you think of a major tech company, chances are that it got its start in Silicon Valley. It’s like a magnet for tech geniuses. America’s tech companies are always dreaming up something new that’ll change the game for everyone, everywhere, like the smartphones we can’t live without or the apps that keep us connected.

Higher Education

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American colleges are pretty much the dream destination for students around the world. Places like Harvard and Stanford are famous for their campuses, but also for their top-notch education programs. They pull in the brightest minds and churn out ideas and inventions that will completely change the world.


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We’re known for having some pretty big hearts, and each year, people from all walks of life open their wallets to support causes they care about. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company or an everyday person because the spirit of giving is alive and well here. We love to help our local and global communities.

National Parks

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Our backyard is something else. With over 60 national parks, there’s no shortage of beautiful natural places, like the geysers of Yellowstone and the huge Zion canyons. Each of these spots is perfect for your next adventure, and there are so many different ones to visit that you’ll never get bored.

Food Makers

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America is at the forefront of the food game because we’re always making some crazy new snack flavors. Our food industry just loves to push boundaries in all the best ways. Plus, our melting pot of cultures means you can find pretty much any kind of dish here that people cook in ways you won’t see anywhere else.

Space Exploration

Editorial credit: NASA /Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

NASA was the first group to put a man on the moon, so it’s no wonder most people think of them when they think about space and stars. Now, they’re even talking about going to Mars and beyond. It’s this bold spirit of exploration that’s made America a leader in reaching new frontiers in the cosmos.

Music Industry

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We’ve got music down on lock, and we’ve created some of the most influential music genres known worldwide. Jazz, rock and roll, and hip-hop? They all came from here. Every corner of the globe has felt the influence of our music, and it’s become kind of like a global soundtrack, all thanks to the USA.

Startup Culture

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If you’re looking to start something new, there’s no greater place to do it than in the USA. It’s in our great nation that ideas flourish, like with new apps that make our lives easier or tech that simplifies things. Entrepreneurs here aren’t afraid to think big or fall hard because the only thing they need is bravery.

Agricultural Efficiency

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Our farms are pretty high-tech, too, and they’ve got all kinds of gadgets that help us grow more food with less land and water. We can keep our supermarket shelves stocked like no other, and it helps feed people beyond our borders. For most American farmers, agriculture is smart work, not just hard work.

Internet Business Models

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We’ve pretty much started the online shopping trend. Now, you can sit on your couch and click a few times to get something delivered to your door. American companies have made life a lot easier and more convenient for us all by creating a rulebook for e-commerce efficiency. It’s something that many other countries want to replicate.

Legal Creations

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Our legal system has come up with some pretty cool ideas, like letting groups of people work together for a lawsuit or have normal people serve as jurors. These new ways of doing things have caught on around the world and completely changed the way the world looks at justice. We’re making the law work for our modern world.

Military Technology

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A lot of the everyday technology we use today came from the US military, like GPS and the internet. They started as tools for defense and now, they’re essentials for just about everyone. Even today, these inventions are still inspiring commercial technologies that have changed our daily lives.

Craft Beer Movement

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Here in the USA, beer is a craft, and local brewers mix up everything from hoppy IPAs to dark stouts. It’s a brewing revolution that’s inspired beer lovers around the world to get creative with their suds. We’re big believers in celebrating those unique flavors and the community we get from brewing beer.

Disaster Response Techniques

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When things go south, like during a natural disaster, the USA knows how to bounce back. Our response plans and recovery operations are so on point that other countries usually look to us for tips. Can you blame them? We know just how to get things back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

Board Sports

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Skateboarding and snowboarding are pretty a big deal here, mostly because they were created in America. To some people, they’re just hobbies, but to those people in the know, these sports are a way of life that has changed street fashion and big-time competitions. We’ve got a real love for thrills and adventure.

Financial Markets

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Wall Street is where major money moves, and it’s at the center of global finance. It’s here that global economies change, and the economic wheels keep on turning. After all, data shows that Wall Street made profits of around $25.8 billion in 2022 alone, so it’s no surprise that we’ve got such a huge role in the world’s wallet.

Literary Contributions

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Our stories travel well, and that’s because American writers have written some of the most beloved books on shelves around the world. Even though they’re classically American, people across different cultures and continents can relate to our story. There’s a reason why characters like Huck Finn and Holly Golightly have become household names, for example.

Recycling Inventions

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We’re getting pretty good at turning waste into something useful, which makes sense since we’re one of the world’s biggest recyclers. We’re always finding new ways to reduce what ends up in landfills so our planet’s cleaner. Our recycling programs are so powerful that countries worldwide are looking to us for more sustainable practices.

Sports Entertainment

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There’s no denying that sports are big in America, like the NBA finals and the Super Bowl. But it’s so much more than that because sports are a cultural phenomenon that brings us together for some amazing moments. They’re competitions, but they’re also a time for us to celebrate our teamwork and community spirit.

Business Management Education

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If you’re looking to boss up, then getting an MBA from an American university is probably the best decision for you. Getting this degree can help you create a path to leadership and success because it’s been tried and tested here. Our business management courses give people knowledge and a network that covers the world.

Film Festivals

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When it comes to celebrating our movies, we know how to throw a movie party. Our film festivals, like Sundance and Tribeca, are the starting points for indie directors and playgrounds for movie buffs. It’s where they can see the raw talent before they hit the big screens and streaming services.

Theme Parks

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Nobody does theme parks bigger or better than the USA, and just think about the magic of Disney or the thrills of Universal Studios. These parks are places where you can see your favorite stories and characters come to life and get a taste of some truly epic adventures. They’re the perfect places for families and thrill-seekers.

Ahead in Healthcare

Editorial credit: Tinakorn Tankkanganasri / Shutterstock.

Finally, we’re great at making some pretty incredible healthcare inventions, like groundbreaking treatments for diseases and cutting-edge surgical technologies. We’re trying to save lives and improve the lives of people across the world through our medical procedures. After all, there’s a reason why our healthcare industry is worth around $808 billion.

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