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Loneliness by Choice – 25 Reasons Older Women Reject Society’s Norms for Alone Time

It seems like more and more older women are living alone these days, and, honestly, they’re loving it. So what’s going on? That’s what we’re here to find out, with 25 reasons why older women are choosing to fly solo.

Loving the Freedom

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Who doesn’t love being the boss? Many older women are saying yes to living alone because they can do what they want when they want since they don’t need to wait up for someone else or rush home. Want to start gardening at sunrise? They can do it. Want to binge-watch your favorite show until midnight? Go for it. They’ve got the freedom to set their own rules.

The Quiet Life

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There’s something special about the silence that comes from having the place to yourself. After years of juggling family and work, a lot of women are enjoying the peace and quiet. They’d much rather kick back with a good book or meditate than have to deal with all the noise of being around other people.

Financial Control

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For many people, retirement means gaining a sense of financial stability. These ladies have worked and saved up, so now they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor on their own terms. Living alone lets them manage their budgets in their own way, whether it’s by splurging on luxuries or saving for a dream vacation.

Less Social Duties

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As time goes on, big social gatherings lose their charm. Many older women start cherishing quality time with just a few close friends or even by themselves. They understand the importance of quality over quantity, and let’s be honest, it means less small talk and more meaningful conversations.

Space Just For Me

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Having a whole place to yourself that you can decorate however you like or leave as messy as you want is a huge perk. It doesn’t matter if they set up an art studio or have a special place for knitting because having some personal space is pretty important. Older women appreciate the chance to finally have their environment exactly as they want.

No More Compromises

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When you live alone, you get to make every choice, and you don’t have to compromise on what to watch on TV or what to cook for dinner. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. This sense of freedom can be pretty appealing, and it’s something you get to feel throughout the day. It’s no wonder so many older women do it.

Health and Routine

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For some, their health needs make living alone more practical because it’s easier to maintain things if you don’t have to match someone else’s lifestyle. They can stick to a diet or follow an exercise routine without the stress of somebody else. It’s a great way to prioritize your well-being and personal care.

Time to Heal

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Some older women choose to live alone for sadder reasons. They might’ve lost a partner or gone through a difficult breakup, and living alone can be an important part of the healing process. It’s a time for them to process their feelings and work through the grief at their own pace, surrounded by memories.

Past Relationship Baggage

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Speaking of relationships, after a storm comes a calm, right? For some older women, choosing to live alone gives them some peace after years of relationship highs and lows. There’s no more drama, just sweet freedom, where they get to make all the little decisions themselves. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Discovering Themselves

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Getting older is the perfect time to figure out what you really enjoy, and a lot of older women start doing new hobbies, or they dust off some old passions. They’ve got the time and space to ask themselves what they like without anyone else chiming in. They can do things that make them happy just because they can.

Keeping Family Ties Strong

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Having your own space doesn’t mean family is any less important. It’s usually the opposite. When older women live alone, they can invite family over on their own terms, and this makes the get-togethers even more special. They can catch up without stepping on each others’ toes.

Using Tech

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Who knew that technology could make living alone feel so connected? Older women can use FaceTime to keep up with their grandkids or use apps to do grocery shopping so they’re never truly alone. And let’s not forget those smart home gadgets, which can make living alone feel like you’re living in the future.

Group Activities

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Living alone doesn’t mean shutting the world out, and loads of women are making the most of this time to be part of different groups. They’re joining clubs and volunteering to make a difference in their local communities, which makes them feel more connected than ever. They know that even later in life, you can make new friends.

The Travel Bug

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There’s no greater thrill than deciding on a Thursday to jet off on a weekend adventure by Sunday. Living alone means there’s no need to wait around for someone else to pack their bags, so it’s no wonder many older women are choosing to do it. The world is your oyster when you’re flying solo.

The Simple Life

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Cutting down the clutter and just keeping what you need can be really freeing, and living alone is the perfect time for this. You can keep things simple and exactly how you like them. There’s no more stumbling over someone else’s shoes in the hallway, or dealing with forgotten dishes in the sink.

Never Too Old to Learn

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We all have things that we’d like to learn, like French cooking or salsa dancing. Being by yourself means you’ve got all the time in the world to learn all those cool things you’ve put off for years. With nobody else around to rush them, it’s never too late for older women to start a new chapter of learning and have fun while they’re at it.

Pet Pals

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Let’s be honest, pets are the best roommates. They’re always glad to see you, and they’ll never borrow your clothes. And best of all? They’re great at keeping secrets. For any older woman, having a furry around can make each day a little brighter and a lot less lonely without the hassle of someone else.

The Artists Within

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If you’ve got an empty room, living alone is when you can turn that into a painting studio or a place to sculpt and create. There’s nobody to bother you about the mess or the noise because it’s just you and your art. Lots of older women enjoy having this freedom to splash wherever it feels right.

Changing Lifestyle Needs

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As we get older, our needs change, and what seemed essential a couple of decades ago might not matter anymore. Many older women are enjoying the change to a quieter life. The only schedule they have to worry about is their own, and they can live at a slower pace without compromising for other people.

Nature As a Neighbor

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Living alone can change your relationship with the great outdoors, like tending to a garden or just enjoying the birds from your window. When nature is your closet neighbor, peace becomes an everyday reality. Honestly, there’s something magical about having the freedom to connect with nature whenever you want.

Safety First

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One of the best perks of living alone is the added sense of security you get because you decide who comes over and who doesn’t. It’s a big deal for many women because they don’t have to worry about unexpected gates. Instead, they have their own safe space that feels secure, exactly the way they want it.

Planning For the Future

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When it’s just you and your thoughts, you get a greater sense of clarity about the future. It’s the perfect opportunity for older women to sort out their financial planning or decide who gets their heirlooms. They can make decisions as quickly or slowly as they want so that everything’s lined up just right for the years ahead.

Customized Comfort

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Living by yourself gives you the freedom to set your thermostat to whatever you want it to be without debate. If you’re hot, you can crank up the AC, and if you’re cold, you can turn the heat up. Personal comfort seems like something small, but it becomes a big deal when you get older. 

Dietary Freedom

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Being by yourself means you can finally eat what you want without having to cater to different tastes or restrictions. Older women can eat fancy fish for breakfast if they want or even skip dinner and just have dessert. It’s really quite freeing to be able to cook meals that are suited just to your taste.

Late-Life Romance

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For some older women, living alone doesn’t mean they’re swearing off romance, they might just have a relationship on their own terms. They can enjoy a partner’s company when it suits them and without needing to share their living space. They don’t need to compromise their independence for a romantic connection.

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