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Outdated Oracles – 19 Boomerisms That Fail to Resonate in Today’s Fast-Changing World

We were raised to respect our elders, which often meant listening to their wisdom and nodding our heads. As we grow, however, we soon realize that Boomers do not get everything right. We take a look at 19 pieces of advice that older people give out that Millennials think is useless:

“Go to College and Get a Good Job With Benefits”

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While a degree was often seen as a guaranteed path to stability in the past, the rising cost of education and changing job market realities can make this seem less viable for some millennials. For some Millennials, entering the world of work straight out of school was the better option. 

“Work Hard and You’ll Get Promoted”

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The traditional corporate ladder may appeal differently to millennials who value work-life balance, flexibility, and purpose-driven careers. Additionally, many organizations now consider additional factors like collaboration, innovation, and alignment with company values alongside individual effort when making promotion decisions.

“Buy a House and Invest in the Stock Market Early”

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The housing market and financial landscape have become more complex and less accessible for many young adults compared to previous generations. Boomer advice to buy a house and invest assumes a stable financial situation with enough savings for a down payment and investment capital. Only some have this privilege due to factors like income, student loan debt, or unexpected expenses.

“Delay Gratification and Save for the Future”

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The immediate concerns of rising living costs and economic uncertainty can make long-term planning difficult for some millennials. For individuals living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to afford necessities, saving might seem unrealistic or unattainable. Of course, some Boomers may think Millennials waste too much money on treats such as dinner out or new shoes, but when people work hard, they feel a treat is deserved from time to time. 

“Material Possessions and Financial Security Are the Keys to Happiness”

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What brings happiness varies significantly across individuals. Some may find joy in material possessions and experiences they facilitate, while others prioritize strong relationships, personal growth, contributing to society, or pursuing passions. 

“Work Comes Before Everything Else”

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The emphasis on work-life balance and personal well-being is more pronounced among millennials, who may prioritize leisure time and mental health alongside career pursuits. 

“Find a Good Partner and Settle Down.”

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Changing societal norms and delayed life stages can make traditional family structures less appealing to some Millennials who prioritize personal exploration and independence. The average age of Millennial men when they are married is 30 and Millennial women 28, compared to getting married in their early 20s as Boomers did. 

“Face-To-Face Communication Is Always Best.”

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Millennials who grew up with technology see digital communication as a natural and efficient way to stay connected, even if it replaces some in-person interactions. Physical limitations, geographical distance, or scheduling conflicts can make face-to-face meetings impractical or impossible for some, something Boomers didn’t have to contend with back in the day. 

“Respect Your Elders and Authority Figures Unquestioningly.”

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Unquestioningly accepting the authority of elders or figures of power can perpetuate harmful traditions, discriminatory practices, or outdated ideas. Questioning and challenging unjust systems is crucial for progress and social change.

“Technology Is a Distraction and Will Ruin Your Attention Span.”

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Technology offers access to information, learning opportunities, communication tools, and entertainment, potentially enhancing focus and cognitive skills when used effectively. Boomers must understand that, like any tool, technology’s impact depends on how you use it.

“Climate Change and Social Justice Issues Are Not Urgent Concerns.”

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There’s overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real, human-caused, and poses a significant threat to the planet and humanity. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and rising sea levels have already begun impacting communities worldwide.

“Globalisation and Free Trade Are Always Beneficial.”

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Globalization can exacerbate existing inequalities, with developed nations often reaping a larger share of the benefits through increased trade and access to cheaper labor in developing countries.

 “Do Something You Love”

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Many people struggle to pinpoint their “passion,” especially early in their careers. What excites you might change over time, making defining a single love a moving target. The idea of a passion project can be romanticized, overlooking the realities of hard work, challenges, and potential frustrations involved in any job.

“Show Up Unannounced”

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Ignore Boomer’s advice of just showing up to visit people; these days, a courtesy call is always best. The person you’re visiting might be busy, in the middle of something private, or simply unprepared for company. Your unexpected arrival could disrupt their schedule and cause inconvenience.

“Work For Free”

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Working for free can undervalue the skills and experience individuals bring to the table, perpetuating a cycle of exploitation and hindering fair compensation. Older generations would have been used to working for free to help people get a foot on the work ladder, but most Monlyennials can’t get a paycheck.

 “Be Loyal To Your Employer”

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 The power dynamic between employers and employees has shifted. Job security is less guaranteed, and companies prioritize flexibility and profitability over long-term employee loyalty. Unquestioning loyalty might limit your career growth and earning potential. Exploring new opportunities and advocating for your worth can be crucial for advancement.

 “Learn How To Use A Phone Book”

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Phone books have become significantly less common in recent years, with many households and businesses opting for online directories or relying solely on mobile phone contacts.

 “Send Five Dollars If You Can’t Pay a Bill”

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Financial difficulties are often complex and require more comprehensive solutions than just sending a small amount. Ignoring the root causes and suggesting a minimal contribution can be dismissive and unhelpful.

“Pay For College With a Part-Time Job”

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The cost of attending college has significantly increased over the past few decades, making it much harder to cover expenses entirely through part-time work, especially considering living costs.

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