The Essential SEO Guide for Beginners

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This article is originally posted on Galactic Fed.

If everyone has a calling, then one of Galactic Fed’s is SEO. Along with Paid Media, SEO is the bread and butter of Galactic Fed and some of what we do best. Our SEO teams are filled with self-proclaimed nerds who are obsessed with backlinks, content strategy, and above all, white hat practices. We like to think we have some of the best of the best when it comes to SEO gurus, and have put the time and effort into understanding the ins and outs of SEO, and how you can use it to see amazing success for your business. We have the results to prove it.

We’re compiling our expertise to provide the perfect tutorial for SEO beginners. Whether you’re a small startup or big business, this information can drastically change the visibility and ultimately the success of your brand. We’ll be going over some foundational knowledge and key concepts that will put you in a position to become your own SEO pro. (more…)

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