Winemaking and the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Winemaking relies on proper technique to create a quality product. Being successful online also requires proper techniques as well.

What does Winemaking have to do with Wealthy Affiliate?


You are probably wondering about the title. Well bear with me and I think things will be clear by the end of this article.

I am an amateur winemaker. I have been making red wine for over 20 years, generally producing about 100 liters of finished wine each year. This wine is made from scratch. I learned the process first from a good friend of mine of Italian heritage supplemented by my own research.

The process begins early in September when bulk grapes shipped from California to Montreal are available. I go down to the seller and load up my Mazda 5 with 14 cases of grapes. That’s just over 500 pounds worth. I am usually making a 60 percent merlot and 40 percent cabernet sauvignon blend. (more…)

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